Are Virginia Democrats Dumbed-Down Dhimmis?

The video below examines the reactions of various state Democrats to the exposure of their support for Dar al Hijrah “Islamic Institute” in Northern Virginia. That support took the form of being listed on the poster for the Center’s fundraising dinner to be held on April 3rd.

These dhimmis are obviously cool with the idea of promoting the Islamization of Virginia. Dar al Hijrah is attempting to raise the money to buy their building (currently rented). The whole project will cost about ten million dollars. It will include the mosque, an Islamic academy, and a youth center.

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These lovely people are part and parcel of the Virginia Jihad, which is far larger than this wiki acknowledges.
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In this investigative report (I suggest you follow the links they have), a previous fund-raiser in February at was specifically designated to help with the legal fees accrued by Sabri Benkahla. For fun, google his name and see all the usual suspect organizations pop up, including our beloved ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

Benkahla was part of this group of convicted terrorists whose links to Lashkar-e-Taiba were successfully established when they were convicted[pdf] in 2005, back when CNN was still putting scare quotes around “terrorist”.

David Headley, the American terrorist arrested by the FBI in Chicago is also heavily connected to LeT. Five years on, this CNN background video on Headley is no longer putting those scare quotes around “terrorist”, at least not when it comes to the American Mumbai plotter who agreed to ‘cooperate’ and give information to avoid being executed for the capital crimes that occurred in India.

Interestingly, the CNN video doesn’t even mention Headley’s aborted plans to kill Kurt Westagaard and Fleming Rose before moving on to behead the employees of Jyllands-Posten, throwing his bloody Jihad prizes out the windows and finishing it all off by blowing himself up. As the imam says, he wasn’t going to be a murderer, nor was he a murderer in helping plan for Mumbai. No, Headley was to be a martyr, busy restoring Islam’s honor. So now he’s squealing on his connections in exchange for his life. Some honor, Doodad.

As the video feature shows, there are many links between American terrorists and Dar al Hijrah. These links are well-known to anyone who bothers to look at the progress terrorist groups are making in the U.S. It is crucial that any politician be conversant with what Islam is doing in his area of governance.

This particularly applies to Democrat National Chairman and ex-governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine. He has been burned by his ignorance in this area while serving as governor. His behavior in this endorsement of Dar al Hijrah could be considered dereliction by those willing to cut him a break. I think ex-Governor Tim “Judas” Kaine’s commissions are far worse than mere dereliciton.

It’s well past time for these information-impaired politicians to wise up. They ought to be in the front lines of the fight against the inroads Islam is making in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Instead, they’re busy trading votes and using our safety as their currency.

They have no shame.

It just goes to show what politicians are willing to do in exchange for a few votes.

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