“I Stand Before You”

Below is the speech given at the rally in London today by the English Defence League leader Guramit Singh. Many thanks to Gaia for sending the text:

I Stand Before You
by Guramit Singh, EDL

I stand before you today as a British citizen, a man has who has the right to freedom of speech, a man who accepts people’s comments, and even though I may not agree with them, I will humbly recognize their right to air their opinions.

So, as a British citizen, I will now exercise my right to freedom of speech. I will not accept your hate preaching, murdering, terrorising, raping, racist paedophilic interpretation of Islam in this country. I will not accept that you are allowed to walk the same streets as all the other colours, creeds, cultures and religions of this land. I will not accept that you to have a right to hold signs such as ‘God bless Hitler’ and ‘get ready for the real Holocaust’, and then have the nerve to criticise Geert Wilders for pointing out resemblances between the Quran and Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf.

Geert Wilders has made two attempts to enter the UK to educate this government and this country about the evil goings-on in this world. The first time, Lord Pearson unfortunately had to cancel, due to the mafia-style threats being made against Mr. Geert Wilders, and also because of the threats that Lord Ahmed had made to gather 10,000 Muslims to demonstrate against Mr. Wilders’ arrival — and this is the so called “religion of peace”!

On the second occasion he was stopped at Heathrow and not allowed into the UK, another example of the government’s appeasing militant Islam once again. Fitna is Geert Wilders’ way of expressing his human right to freedom of speech.

This world stood and watched the Twin Towers burn due to radical Muslims. We stood and watched trains and buses blown up in London. We’ve stood by and watched hostage videos produced by the Taliban. And Lord Ahmed has the audacity to threaten and stop Parliament from watching a factual video showing why these acts of terrorism are happening. I’m disgusted, and this man is a Lord! They should demote him to director of Woolworth’s.

I now stand in front of you as one of the twelve leaders of the English Defence League. I call on all religions — Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, Catholics, Jews, moderate Muslims, Buddhists and all others — to stand and exercise your freedom of speech, and make your communities and this government aware of this threat we are fighting. We will soon be marching at the House of Commons, where stands a statue of Sir Winston Churchill, who led this country to victory in a war against the Nazi ideology.

Today, in this country’s capital, we the English Defence League will spark the fire that will ignite this country to wake up and join our cause, and start the revolution to eradicate militant Islam.

– – – – – – – –

I now stand in front of you as a son and a grandson of two of the strongest loving Sikh women I have ever met. I was mostly raised by my grandmother and mother, and during times of trouble and strife fully had their loving support. Although they never knew the outcome of the future, one comment they would always say to me was, “Don’t worry, it will be OK; we are here for you.”

Recently in Pakistan three Sikh men were beheaded because they refused to convert to Islam. The Muslims involved in this attack then took their heads and disposed of them at the nearest Sikh temple. I don’t want that to have the slightest possibility of ever happening in this country.

If the government today do not wake up and heed Fitna, then this could be the future of England.

I stand before you today as your brother, your son, your grandson, and say “Don’t worry, it will be OK; the English Defence League is here for you”!!!

God bless every single person in this country, even the militant Muslims — you’ll need it for when you’re burning in Hell!!

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  1. Readers should be reminded that this “stand” was brought on by the Islamists’ intolerance, belligerence, and refusal to assimilate into British society. There was an inscription in the Ka’ba before Muhammad arrived on the scene which said, “He that soweth good shall reap joy; he that soweth evil shall reap sorrow; can you do evil and be rewarded with good? Nay, as grapes cannot be gathered from thorns.” (Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad, para. 125)

    If Muslims insist on blindly following the ideology of the Quran, they will become pariahs wherever they migrate.

  2. Now those are the values and that is the powerful intelligent speech of the Englishmen I read about in school and came to admire. Hope is a slender reed, but perhaps, still, a strong one.

  3. “God bless every single person in this country, even the militant Muslims — you’ll need it for when you’re burning in Hell!!”


  4. Except he didn’t say “even the militant Muslims”, he said “even god bless the Muslims”, as you can hear in this video at 03:02

    Don’t pretend not to be racist and islamophobic.

  5. “I will not accept your hate preaching, murdering, terrorising, raping, racist paedophilic interpretation of Islam in this country.”

    Wrong. Its not their “interpretation”, its mainstream Islam. How come that is still not understood?

  6. In hoc signo vinces

    All quiet on the western front, the danger is of the counter-jihad movement and the EDL marching into empty space and being corralled on to barren political ground. Where the debate is not engaged and the movement does not advance other than by the occasional bulge caused by incidents on the opposition controlled outer boundary.

  7. LOOL, this is deep irony, a brown guy is leading a racist group against ‘pakis’ and hate towards Islam, Muslim brothers and sisters, do not insult his religion, cos’ he is not following it, Sikhs don’t promote hate. EDL are full of illiterate, chavy, white people who dropped out of school to early and lead by the BNP, and other powerful people, who carry their own sentiments, leading these brainless fools like children. EDL followers want a sense of belonging and are jumping on to this bandwagon because they have never been on a political agenda, or because, a ‘paki’ has taken their job, because its only ‘pakis’ who take jobs right?. isn’t it the person with the better qualification who would get the job?, hence, they are illiterate. its a joke, these people are going nowhere, they will be turned down and spat at by the general public, just like the BNP. Just because they turn up in increasing numbers doesn’t intimidate me, when they insult Islam, only the worlds largest religion- i think its them who should begin to worry. Proud to be Muslim.

    its funny how the stuff on the left side of this page is directly symbols of satan

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