Live Feed for the EDL Demo

Our satellite connection is not adequate for me to use this, but I’m told that the live streaming link for today’s EDL rally in London is now active, and that crowds of police are visible on the scene.

I don’t have any live reports from the demo or from Geert Wilders’ press conference. When they come in, I will post them here.

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One thought on “Live Feed for the EDL Demo

  1. hello baron! ive been reading gov for about 7 months now this is my first comment. today i went on the E.D.L. march in london (my 1st) here is what happened. i arrived at the morpeth arms pub around 12.30 ish where i met up with the E.D.L. being hungover i didnt drink. we set of for the tate britain at 1pm where we were met by large numbers of plod, some on horseback. at 2pm we set of for parliament chanting on the way. walking past millbank (labour party hq) we chanted “you f****d our country up!”, priceless! soon the united association of facists made an apperance causing chants of “get a job!” and “have a bath you soap dodgers”. missiles were thrown by the u.a.f. to provoke none responded. outside the house of parliament about 20 to 30 u.a.f. and a trade union were waiting hurling eggs etc. they accused us of being waysists untill 1 black lad climbed on his white mates shoulders and shut them swine up! we and the uaf traded insults for anhour and a half. then we were kettled by the police to the tube. what a great day! the doc.

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