Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/22/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/22/2010The attorneys general from at least twelve states are ready to file lawsuits against the federal government over the new health care bill, on the grounds that it violates the U.S. Constitution. And, speaking of throwing the rascals out, check out the PJM interview with LTC (ret.) Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida.

Across the pond, Serbia’s Central Bank has decided to reduce its obligatory minimum reserves for credit institutes, allowing the percentage of reserves to drop from 10% to 5%. Meanwhile, the Danish branch of Hells Angels has a established a kids’ club for those who are interested, but are too young to join AK81.

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  1. And, speaking of throwing the rascals out, check out the PJM interview with LTC (ret.) Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida.

    The more I hear from LTC (ret.) Allen West, the more I am convinced that the wrong man of color is in the White House. In a paragraph of three short sentences (from the link), West manages to sum up a huge portion of the dangers that currently confront America and Europe:

    Also, how do we move ahead to taper our force to combat this enemy – a non-state, non-uniformed belligerent on the battlefield. And pay attention to future threats. China continues to build what may be the largest naval force that we will ever know.

    We do not need “hope and change”, what we need is real vision and West is one of the few political candidates to exhibit even a shred of it.

  2. Wilders is attending a premier of a film about him made by a Christian group called Islam Rising: Geert Wilders Warning to the West.

    Several Dutch new sources are now saying he is in league with ‘homophobes’ because the group opposes gay marriage.

    Just look at this headline from ‘Dutch News’.

    When Wilders works with Christians he is ‘anti-gay’. When leftists cuddle up to Islamic militants who want to kill or expel gays they are ‘tolerant’.

    Typical leftist logic.

    BTW, Wilders has called for the only sensible solution to the Netherlands current budget crisis.

  3. Clarification re the Israeli journalist released by Egypt. He reportedly said:

    “I went to the Sinai to write about people who are forced to do the most heroic, least probable acts in order to maintain a sense of humanity, of people who run to the borders (of Israel, editor’s note) even when soldiers are shooting at them, even when most of those who are caught are lynched to brink of death,”

    The soldiers killing the Sudanese refugees as they try to cross the border from Egypt to Israel are Egyptian soldiers, not Israeli soldiers. There are thousands of Sudanese refugees in Israel.

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