The Curious Biography of Mohammed the Pig

Mohammed the Pig

I posted earlier today about a cartoon of a pig named “Mohamed” that recently caused great outrage among the Muslim taxi drivers of Norway.

In the comments section on the post, a reader named Jewel has explained the true (and surprising) story behind Mohammed the Pig:

This is the story behind the actual drawing of the illustration used in Dagbladet, from

Tatiana SoskinTatiana Soskin was a resident of Hebron, the Jewish city divided UN-equally between Jews and Arabs. The Jewish community in Hebron consists of 500 Jews of which 350 are children while the Arab population is 80,000. In other words, the Arabs out-number the Jews 160 to one! So much for the myth of Jewish “settlers” taking over Hebron!

Tatiana was a young woman who decided to express some of her frustration and anger at the war of terrorism the Palestinians were waging against her fellow Jews. In June of 1997, she drew several pictures of a pig she called “Mohamed.” She attempted to post these drawings on Arab-owned stores in Hebron… not unlike some of the distasteful pictures Arabs posted on Jewish stores and buildings all the time. Unfortunately, Tatiana’s budding art career was cut short for she was apprehended by the Israeli authorities and brought to the Jerusalem Police station. Tatiana was arrested and later put on trial. Judge Zvi Seagal presided over this case. The judge compared her drawing to the atrocities committed by the Nazis, and said she had no respect for humanity and human rights.

– – – – – – – –

In the judge’s view she was guilty of incitement, racism and perhaps even endangering world peace! He even went so far as to compare her childish “pig poster” to the most evil anti-Semitic forgery ever conceived — the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion!” And on January 8, 1998, twenty-six year-old Tatiana Soskin was sentenced by the Jerusalem District Court to two years in prison plus a one-year suspended sentence for ATTEMPTING to post drawings of a pig named “Mohamed.” She was convicted of committing a racist act, supporting a terrorist organization, attempting to give religious offense and attempted vandalism. Tatiana’s appeal to the High Court was heard on March 30, 1998. A verdict from the High Court was given on July 8, 1998, totally rejecting the arguments. Tatiana served more than 16 months in prison FOR DRAWING A CARICATURE. This happened in “the only democracy in the Middle East.” Sadly, Arab-Israeli citizens are cut a lot more slack on matters of freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom of expression AND the freedom to draw insulting pictures! The prosecutors decided to be tougher on her than they were on some Arab terrorists. No “revolving door” justice for this gutsy Jewish chick!

Now flash forward to today. The prestigious Israel Prize for sculpture has been awarded to Yigal Tumarkin has fashioned a pig wearing phylacteries, and on November 4, 1988 told Tel Aviv Magazine that when seeing haredi Jews he can understand the Nazis. He once said he wished he had gunned down Raphael Eitan and Rehavam Ze’evi. He branded then Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat “Papa Doc” for proposing to relocate Tumarkin’s upside-down glass pyramid Holocaust memorial from outside city hall. He published a “retraction” in an op-ed in Hadashot 10 days later, writing that, “The outward strangeness of the Jew and the pretentiousness of the notion that God chose us… caused violent surrounding cultures to clash… with this arrogant minority… The image of the cunning, ambitious scoundrel, lending money at exorbitant interest, turned the bent, hook-nosed bearded Jew into the enemy of civilization… which didn’t help belatedly enlightened Jews.”

Where is Ambassador Zvi Mazel when we need him?

If Dagbladet had published the story of the illustration, it would have been quite relevant and revealing in light of what is now happening in Europe. That is the story. Not whether this illustration offends Muslims.

Muslims are offended by everything, that much we get. It’s how far we go to try to keep from offending them that is the issue.

19 thoughts on “The Curious Biography of Mohammed the Pig

  1. A girl insults the enemies of the Jews and the Jewish state puts her in prison. It’s almost as if the Jews want to be killed, which would ok with me if they weren’t so eager to assist the white race in commiting suicide.

  2. An equivalent act in Scotland would probably attract the same sentence if not more with the Sheriff (judge) making the same dumb remarks.

    Now where did I put that eraser.

  3. Mohammad was hardly as clean, intelligent, honest, tasteful or delightful as a pig.

    The plagiarist pedophile “prophet” of the Global Death Cult of Submission was more like a humanoid tapeworm.

    Parasitical, burrowing, slimy and invasive, living in the dark and breeding nothing but more and more brainless parasites.

    As a reading of the Koran, Hadiths, et al, easily demonstrates.

    His own words and commands indict his and his deity’s inhumanity, cruelty, stupidity, terroristic dogmatism and endless self-deception.

  4. Because of what happened in WWII the Jewish State has often gone the extra mile to show their tolerance, but is an extreme of that noble attempt and should be condemned.

  5. Now I understand why the israelis haven’t tried to stop the iranians nuclear ambition and I doubt they ever will. They are as much as mahoundian appeasers as us in the west.

  6. Jews are the worst enemies of Jews. To show their “moral superiority,” they will go to great lengths to prove to the world that they can be harder on fellow co-religionists than the most dedicated European antisemites.

    There are Jews–in Israel and out–Jews that have power and those who have only a voice, who pounce on a Jew (male or female) who expresses the same sentiment about the sons and daughters of Islam as the most vile of those express.

    The worst that the most militant Jew will express about Islam is disgust and aversion. This hardly compares with the howls for Jewish blood of the jihadist.

    Throughout their history, Jews have never stood unified against their enemies. It took such as Judah and the Maccabees to violently oppose and defeat an enemy.

    There are Jews who will take the side of the enemy, betray other Jews, and feel they are thusly taking the “moral high road.”

    Jewish survival depends on those Jews willing to stand up to their enemies, to remove the attitude of the millenia of defeats, enslavement, and forceful “conversions,” and emulate the actions of some of their biblical and post-biblical forebears.

    Although the biblical Israelites followed instructions from on High, later those commands were not forthcoming, and the descendants of the biblicals had to take full responsibility for their actions if they wanted to survive.

    Staying whole could at times depend on accepting conditions such as submission and conversion. Often that separated the Jews that would rather die if they must from those who joined the enemy, if that one would accept them.

    The Nazis were an enemy that would not.

    Neither are the raving Islamics on jihad. Whether these be of the “Palestinian” Arab, Hizbullah shi’ite or Iranian mullah-driven persuasion.

  7. I am a citizen of Israel since 1990 and I have to admit that I was totally unaware of this this story until a few months ago..As I was unaware of the true story of Islam,progressive socialism,”global warming” to state a few.Since I had seen “Muslim Demographics” clip on YouTube and started researching facts stated there, my eyes are wide-open and the truth is very alarming.I have a 16-year old daughter, who is taught in school that Islam is a religion of peace, who is constantly bombarded through mainstream media that Israel has to give up its territories for peace, that Rabin is a hero and Jerusalem has to be divided.She will be an IDF soldier in two years time and maybe will have to participate in driving fellow Jews from their homeland as a way to achieve that peace.We had countless arguments on the subject – I do not want her to be another useless idiot – and I know that those devastating lies are giving way to the truth of facts in her mind.Maybe the best way to fight is through teaching our children to be independent thinkers.

  8. DarLin,

    Yes, teaching her to take what they teach her in school and what she reads and hears and sees in the media with a huge scoop of salt, and as you say to think for herself.

    And teach her what it took and will take for Jews in Israel and without to survive.

    . . . and that appeasing the enemy never works.

  9. “Muslims are offended by everything, that much we get. It’s how far we go to try to keep from offending them that is the issue.”
    And the answer is: we don’t go anywhere at all.
    They need to learn that You Can Only Blaspheme That Which You Already Believe In – anything else is fair comment. And if they don’t like it, they should live in a Muslim country.

  10. Sorry to disagree, but I think the cartoon IS highly offensive.

    Anyone publishing such a disgraceful example of bigotry should be prosecuted under every piece of hate crime legislation there is.



  11. Yes, D. Whitley, the cartoon indeed IS highly offensive… to pigs.

    But you see, the pigs don’t care, as being offended is a choice, a conscious choice. And many times, a very selective on.

    As a rule, offended people recognize an inconvenient truth. Because if it weren’t truth, why should they care?

    Beware of offended people, and find the real reason for their outrage. It will be enlightening.

  12. The Baron said:

    “Muslims are offended by everything, that much we get. It’s how far we go to try to keep from offending them that is the issue.”

    That is exactly the problem, our own weakness in the face of the hysterics of Muslims. Whether it’s Europe, the USA or Israel, appeasement comes way too easy.

    Thank you for posting this eye opening story. And let’s stop slandering pigs by comparing them to Mohammad, OK? 😉

  13. I must admit I am puzzled. Arresting that girl for trying to start a riot with her “free speech” seems to be perfectly in line with the Jewish-supported laws in the USA against “hate speech”.

    The ADL prides itself on having gotten hate speech laws passed all over the USA. They pride themselves on making sure US judges and police officers go through mandatory “hate speech” and other hate crime training every ouple years. They pride themsevles on sending “ahte speech” training materials out to high schools and grade schools and providing speakers to train our chindren on the evils of hate speech.

    Likewise with their active and fundamental support laws have been created all over Europe supporessing “Holocaust revisionism” and other “hate speech”.

    I applaud their consistency in getting “hate speech
    ” laws passed all over Europe, America, Canada, Australia and not leaving Israel out, just because they are in charge.

    It suggests a unified international Jewish front to keep hate speech and nasty views in check and (Jews would certainly argue) absolutely essential in a multicultural country such as Israel is and Europe, America and the Anglosphere are becoming.

    Really, I don’t get it. What is your beef again? Are you saying that American Jewry is somehow wrong or corrupting of American principles by getting hate speeh laws passed and our police, judges and children re-educated? Isn’t that awfully anti-Semitic of you?

  14. “The worst that the most militant Jew will express about Islam is disgust and aversion.”

    But isn’t that aversion the whole problem to begin with? I remember reading about this girl a few years ago and she stuck in my mind because it is very unusual for an Israeli to go after Islam itself, and get at the heart of the matter.

    Most people believe that the greatest impediment to Israeli-Palestinian peace is the existence of the settlements. Most of us here know that really the greatest impediment to Israeli-Palestinian peace is the Koran and the Hadith.

    It’s really quite amazing how many Zionists, even the most militant Jews and dispensationalists, draw a blank when it comes to the alleged divine inspiration underpinning the actions of Israel’s jihadist enemies. This is after fifty-plus years living smack-dab in the middle of the MENA?

    That can’t be an accident. They must be carefully avoiding the truth on purpose. Even Caroline Glick, who has a reputation for clear-mindedness, wrote dismissively of the PA’s “jihad-talk” as an irrelevance in one of her columns last year.

    I don’t think that all the warning about appeasement will have any effect until the Israelis develop a coherent grasp of the real motivations of their enemies.

  15. Sean —

    I think the Israeli aversion to recognizing the true nature of the jihad against them is completely understandable.

    If they were to fully and consciously recognize that they face an enemy with a sacred duty to kill them, it would tend to induce a kind of existential despair — they would realize that they must either accept their own destruction, or kill millions of Arabs in neighboring countries to preserve their security.

    This must be difficult to come to grips with.

  16. No state or religion has sovereign power to suppress freedom of speech, though many of them think they do. See how the Prophets of the Old Testament argued and threw tantrums with Our Father. They did not intend disrespect but their attitudes were none the less childish on occasion, just like ours today. The point is, if the Holy Creator does not blast us to pieces for asking questions when the pain hurts, why do the Father’s children regard the religious tenets of men or states as having supremacy? Hogwash. Fear the Lord and speak rightly.

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