2 thoughts on “Fjordman: “Eurabien besiegen”

  1. Thank you for posting. The German language book is shorter and is not identical to the English one, but it overlaps thematically to a very large extent. I should especially thank the blogger Eisvogel and the good people over at the German language Counterjihad website for their fine translations of many essays by me or other writers.

  2. …sometime Andreas Malm (1977), one of Sweden’s worst and most untruthful journalists, happens (seldom)to write the truth: in the Expressen 20 Feb 2008
    “A frequent and recurring mode of thought in the Eurabien litterature is just that the socialistic (socialdemocratic) wellfare state has deprived it’s citizens of their drive, ability to take action and vigilance. They have become lacy, listless, passivated, drowsily incapable of taking care of their own good and free themself of the “unbeareble weight of the muslim immigration”.”

    Andreas Malm logic:
    Searching “Eurabien” on Google gives 40.400 hits — searching “Eurabia” gives 1.310.000 hits — ERGO “Eurabien/Eurabia must be some insignificant triviality”.

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