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R.I.P. Europe

Today, December 1st, 2009, is the day that twenty-seven independent sovereign European nations ceased to exist.

The Constitution of European Union, a.k.a. the Lisbon Treaty, officially goes into effect today, and its member states are now completely subordinate to the unelected authoritarian regime in Brussels.

All the available evidence indicates that the overwhelming majority of the population of the EU opposes the Lisbon Treaty, and if they had ever been allowed to vote on the issue, they would have rejected it. But the “ever-closer union” is profoundly undemocratic, and doesn’t care a fig for the will of the people it pretends to represent.

The next few months will almost certainly bring a set of new laws and regulations designed to tighten the screws on any pockets of resistance, especially where “hate speech” and Multiculturalism are involved.

With their recently-acquired aversion for minarets, the Swiss are bucking the trend. For the rest of the continent, however, it is now too late.

Auf wiedersehen, au revoir, and good-bye to all that. So long, Europe; it was nice knowing you.

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10 thoughts on “Just a Reminder

  1. Baron,

    As an Australian,I don’t have any particular opinion on the EU one way or the other, however what amazes me is that the citizens of many European countries never got the chance to vote on a treaty that leads to the eventual extinction of their nation states, it’s all rather sinister.No Australian politician would dare sign such a treaty without the approval of a national referendum,I’m sure Americans would have the same attitude.

  2. And the EU STILL does not have standardized phone jacks. Wasn’t that the rationale for it in the first place? Efficiency in areas that actually make sense, but never got done?

  3. Indeed, a sad day for Rurope.
    The EU will rule without regard
    to the citizens of Europe.
    As one who cherishes his right
    to vote, Europeans
    never really got that
    chance. Europe will
    never be the same, always
    looking back over her
    shoulder as what was thrown away.

    Baron, you are spot on when you
    mentioned the future trampling
    of anything deemed hate speech
    and or resistence. The poisons
    of diversity and multiculturalism
    have now been completely embraced
    by a select few who ruin what was
    once Europe, forever.

    Hope everyone is feeling a bit
    better and are on the mend!

  4. Like many here, my family origins are in Europe, so I look on this like a death in the family, a queer pod person kind of death. Talk about ending “not with a bang but a whimper”.

    In Mark Steyn’s phrasing, the lights are going out all over Europe. The Swiss minaret defiance is a match flaring up just before it gutters out. The EU apparatchniks and Swiss Supreme Court are running with their fire extinguishers to extinguish this act of defiance.

    If the communist conquerors had come in flying their red flags, they would have been repelled. They came in their grey suits with thousands of words and regulations and conducted a slow motion coup.

    The same infection is already loose on these shores, going viral through Obama spread.

    Most Europeans are so clueless they still don’t know what’s hit them. They are citizen drones who sold their liberty for the security of cradle to grave nanny care. How ironic that their security as in the ability to live unmolested under impartial rule of law is being taken from them as well. Their molesters and bloodsuckers are being imported by the thousands.

    Even from the aware Europe, there’s just a gallic shrug and an “apres moi, le deluge” attitude.

    It’s like witnessing the Fall of Rome. Apparently great civilizations die from corruption within, allowing infestation by parasites. But first the body is drugged into submission through public education and media.

    Adieu, Europe, adieu. You’ll have need of the God you rejected before this is over.

  5. @ mace

    I understand where you’re coming from mate, but here in the UK we were promised a referendum, in fact it was part of the manifesto of the ruling Labour party, but they lied.

    So too, did the so-called opposition.

    It’s no different anywhere now mate; I know from experience that many Australian cities are being rapidly enriched with the Sudanese and Somalian’s despite the massive problems and crime waves they produce.

    Already your politicians are doing things that you wouldn’t have thought they would have dared to do just a relative few years ago.

    We are all in the same boat fella, and whilst Europe’s EEC has fully developed successfully into the federal EU, the North Americans NAFTA and the Australian and NZ ASEAN is coming along nicely too.

    I think the EU was just a pilot scheme.

  6. @ The Sentinel,

    You’re probably correct(very depressing)I still can’t believe it’s too late to do anything.
    I’d agree that indiscriminate mass immigration is ruining Oz,unfortunately, most voters here accept it without any thought to the consequences,apathy is an effective weapon against democracy.

  7. 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the new Evil Empire has come into existence – the empire where the elite are at war with their own people. It’s just a matter of time before the first dissidents will be imprisoned and killed. I wonder what place of refuge some of these dissidents will find – Russia? (the irony…)

  8. Has anybody actually read the entire Lisbon Treaty? It wouldn’t surprise me if it explicitly contemplates becoming a Sharia state (but not in so few words).

    Even if not, the socialists are fools if they think they can use Muslims to eliminate the Christians and the capitalists without being conquered by them.

  9. Randian, I would not be surprised if that is exactly what they are thinking. And yes, they are fools. I’ve been calling it the EUSSR for years, but now it’s official.

  10. Has anybody actually read the entire Lisbon Treaty?

    Unfortunately I never got around to reading the full thing, though I always meant to. It’s too long and it makes reference to previous treaties so that you’d have to sit down at a desk with not just the Lisbon Treaty but also the Treaty of Rome, the Treaty of Amsterdam, Maastricht etc. and go at it for a week. The whole thing is as confusing as the Koran and just as edifying.

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