Humanitarian Racism

The Oxford historian Avi Shlaim gave a lecture on Israeli history yesterday at the University of Helsinki. Prof. Shlaim is a “New Historian”, and purports to shine a light on a different version of history — i.e., one that just happens to make the state of Israel look bad.

The Israeli ambassador to Finland and Estonia, Avi Granot, was present at the lecture, and took exception to Dr. Shlaim’s view of history.

KGS from Tundra Tabloids was also there last night, and brought along a video recorder. He confronted Prof. Shlaim about the lecturer’s humanitarian racism, defined as: “a bigoted, patronizing attitude exhibited by well-meaning humanitarians, that assumes certain non-western recipients of aid cannot be expected to live up to western ethical or moral standards.”

Here’s a video clip of the exchange between the professor and the blogger:

KGS has several other videos of the lecture, including the portions during which the speaker was confronted by the Israeli ambassador.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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5 thoughts on “Humanitarian Racism

  1. Well it was a nice try, pinning bias and racism (of low expectations) onto the Teflon Left.

    Let us arm ourselves against the constant barrage of racism cat calls FROM the Left “You didn’t vote for Obama – racist! You don’t agree with his (communist) policies – racist! You went to a tea party that was overwhelmingly white (because concerned net tax PAYERS are mostly white) – racist!”

    Let us counter the Left’s increasingly wild-eyed accusations of racism with Prof. Shlaim’s blocking strategy instead of listing your black relatives, friends, people you’d vote for etc. i.e. wasting time defending yourself. Just say: “Your accusation is beneath contempt and therefore deserves no answer”.

  2. Wow, I always wondered what KGS looked like (not just him–I wonder what a lot of you in the counterjihad movement look like, being that I haven’t met most of you in person). KGS, you speak very excellent English. And that’s quite an excellent video.

  3. Thanks Natalie, I had a fun time sitting there needling the professor, he was indeed very agitated.

    Also, many thanks to the Baron for putting it up as well as to Vlad Tepes for handling the editing.

  4. Costin, thanks for pointing that all out. Just a little word though, the UN didn’t give Israel anything, but merely recognized the reality on the ground:

    1.) Jewish development of the land they legally bought, and settled which ironically drew in more Arabs on to Jewish land to help take part in the prosperity.

    2.) A highly functioning government-in-waiting that just needed recognition.

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