Maybe His Wings Melted?

It’s hard to blog when you’re on drugs. Amend that: the blogging is easy. Making sense is difficult. With this proviso in mind, let me say I sat down to assemble some prefatory notes on two subjects I’ve been thinking about: Tiger Woods’ unfortunate run-in with his wife was the first topic, and the second was…was…umm…the second one had disappeared into the fog of misfiring neurons.

I looked on Memeorandum; surely someone would be posting on the lost idea and seeing the category would bring the contents of my subject floating up to the top like a message inside an eight ball. Nope. Nada.

Nothing on offer gave off the pheromone warning; there was no sudden ah-ha! “I-was-going-to-post-on-that” feel to any of the stories.

I noticed they were still carrying the Charles Johnson manifesto from the other day. Wasn’t that fish wrap by now? Then I saw one of the lede captions went directly to Jules Crittenden’s post. I like Crittenden’s style. He’s succinct, a witty writer.

Cycling Left

Titling his take on the matter “Charles Johnson Explains The Crazy Hating” was cleverly ambiguous. You’re left wondering who was expending the energy on crazed vitriol. Was it Chazzer slinging mud from his high dudgeon or had one of his numerous victims/enemies decided to go after him? And that is Mr. Crittenden’s intention – to leave you wondering – as Chazzer’s readers are often left when he goes predictably postal over whatever latest outrage has him spittering into the dark.

My favorite snip:
– – – – – – – –

I would have preferred a detailed description of the moment when all that inclusive thoughtful concern hit him like a silver bullet, when the switch flipped on the bright shining light on the road to Damascus, when … enveloped by its warm, mentally balanced, nurturing embrace … he started frothing about the hateful craziness. Also, how the crazy hating on his new side of the aisle fits into his new anti-hate/crazy world view.

Now is that adept or what? Better footwork than Fred Astaire. And notice the nudge about the road to Damascus. Just a sprinkle of Biblical metaphor to get CJ’s juices flowing.

Speaking of metaphors, earlier today the Baron pointed something out about Chaz. I had noted back in 2007, when he first went off the track, that he’d begun using smell metaphors when he was sounding particularly regressed. If you have the time or interest I suppose you could dig through the late 2007 threads when he began expressing disgust by referring to his olfactory nerves. Things smelled bad or good. And now it seemed he was back to his bloodhound tricks.

This example today was an attack on some ad which ran in the paper. CJ complains about the noxious smell emanating from this ad. Originally I’d planned to just use his nose, but if you read the whole passage, you can observe both his deep sense of persecution and how invaded he feels. This is the full quote the Baron sent me:

The racism at the Washington Times (former employer of white supremacist blogger Robert Stacy McCain) is bubbling to the surface for all to smell, like noxious sewer gas. Today they ran the following advertisement, a lunatic Birther ad featuring images of monkeys. This isn’t even “dog whistle” racism. It’s right in your face, poking you in the eye.

This is fascinating. His sense of smell is assaulted, even his eyes are in danger of being “poked”. I tell you, Charles is a walking, talking (and biking) Freudian slip (if you want to read the whole thing, Google is your friend. I don’t link to his site anymore).

Sometimes when I see this Icarus figure lying in the withered grass, staring sightlessly at the stars, I wonder if his fall could have been avoided. At other times I simply don’t give a fig beyond wondering how much farther he has to go before he’s finally finished falling.

I guess that point will be when Memeorandum says, “Charles Who?” “Little Green What?”

25 thoughts on “Maybe His Wings Melted?

  1. What a jackass!
    What is interesting is that some (The Strata-sphere and Pink Flamingo) are going off the cliff with him.

  2. Watching his descent into madness, usually from as great a distance as I can find, has been disturbing.
    I now know that it was because he is so deeply disturbed.
    Really a pity. He had built something that was valuable and helped connect many like minded people from around the globe in a flourishing online community. Then he snapped, and he is now closer aligned with those we once derided and ridiculed, and his traffic count is barely a blip in the blogosphere.
    I, like you, will not give his site one click.
    Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of his latest incoherent rambling post is that I encountered a Paulian copying and pasting his rant, as though he had written it himself, since he gave no attribution.
    Don’t tell CJ, though. That might just be the final aroma that completely shuts down any higher cortical functioning he has remaining.

  3. @no2liberals-

    Don’t tell CJ, though

    Surely you jest? I wouldn’t tell Chaz if his pants were on fire, out of concern that he’s be sure I’d lit them…


    That is interesting. At least he hasn’t been totally shunned. At this point in his trajectory it’s moot anyway. He did some harm to Vlaams Belang but they’ll recover. He, however, seems to have been eaten away by whatever toxic dust he may have ingested.

    I hope it’s of some comfort to him that he’ll go down in the history of the blogosphere pioheers as one of a kind. That’s Charles: a city of one.

  4. Charles Who..?

    OK, I know who we’re talking about. He has pretended to be a Conservative for a while, but simply doesn’t get what Conservative is about. He frets when he sees stuff he can’t understand, and he’s sure seen a lot of that over the past 2-3 years.

    The share of Interesting posts vs. Boring (yet another bicycle picture?) or Rant (yet another ‘demented’ blogger who says something CJ doesn’t get?) has been falling – off a cliff. CJ doesn’t get that auditing the Fed is a Good Idea, nor does he get that people like the Flemish want to run their country as they see fit.

    Don’t link, don’t bother…

  5. I used to view LGF as valuable. The value rested in the community of commenters there, and once Chaz banned all those who didn’t parrot him…the site became useless.

  6. Ex-Dissident–

    Exactly and economically put.

    B.O. doesn’t get that success is driven from the bottom either.

    Maybe they’re just too contaminated by the tinge of communism that casts a pall on every mode of discussion.

    “Value rests in the community” is certainly a Dem mantra. But even though they repeat it, they have no clue how to live that way.

    The best ol’ Jimmah could do when it was his turn was to carry his own suitcase. That was as deep as it went,too.

  7. Nodrog, believe it or not, but name-calling –even when directed at Chazzer– is not within the realm of political discourse.

    Perhaps you could contact a home-schooling parent for some remedial English tutoring. For sure the idea of “cementing” a “laundry list” seems…well, strange. That’s a disturbing metaphor, eh what?

    Those folks are so nice they’d probably be willing to provide a few lessons free of charge. After all, they don’t have to answer to any union supervisor and many of them are –gasp!– Christians so they do charity work as a matter of course.

  8. Nodrog–

    I don’t believe you anymore. You always show up eventually, despite your promises. Face it, son, you love Gates of Vienna so much you can’t stay away.

    As for Cobra, I did notice that ad hominem, but was distracted by the further news that other bloggers have come to Chazzer’s defense. In my surprise, I overlooked that first sentence.

    Then you showed up in your swamp boots, leaving tracks on my clean rug once again. After I cleaned up your mess, I simply forgot to look furthter.

    Besides, if anyone deserves a double standard apllied to his gluteus maximus,’tis you, dear Gordon.

  9. I meant it was my last attempt on this particular post to get you to admit to a double standard. Which you did, proudly.

    My argument, minus the offending comment, remains – the American Republican party has dug itself a deep far-right hole, and it will be at least 10 years before it decides to follow its British counterpart, move back to the center, and provide an electable David Cameron-ish front man.

    And, much to your disappointment, Barack Obama is no Gordon Brown. He is America’s Tony Blair. You will need to wait for his successor to find incompetence in the Democratic party to equal Gordo’s.

  10. Hmm. Dymphna, this is kind of tangential to the OP, and indeed I intend to abide by the rules of your blog, but I take exception to your wording that ‘name-calling is not within the realm of political discourse’, which is balderdash as it applies to the real world.

    Political discourse runs the gamut from “My esteemed opponent” to “You nitwit, I spit at your face!”, followed by said action. And then it breaks down to parliamentarians throwing chairs at each other.

    Of course, polite political discourse omits such behaviour, but it’s part and parcel of political process. Why, politicians called each other rascals and scoundrels all the time, and there was an era when being called a bastard would have been grounds for a duel of honour. The very shape of Parliament in the UK is two sword lengths so that people don’t just lop off each other’s heads.

    As for CJ, well, maybe he’s got early-onset. Alzheimer’s, I mean.

  11. Mr. Kong–

    Point taken.

    I never knew that about the shape of Parliament. Politicians still call one another names, but it’s different strokes for different folks. None may call Obama anything or he’ll sic the dogs of law on the miscreant.

    That theory about Charles has been mentioned before. Y’all could be right. It has the advantage of simplicity.

  12. Can’t stop laughing at Nodrog’s bizarre fancies whenever he returns after his repeated vows never to return: e.g. that Obama is not incompetent.

    And…calling Obama Tony Blair. Apparently Nodrog hasn’t kept up with current events and realized that even Tony Blair isn’t Tony Blair.

  13. Re: CJ

    For those who believe liberalism is a mental illness or a progressive neurological degenerative disorder, Charles Johnson would make an interesting case study.

    Some Alzheimer patients show a striking phenomenon which is a brief shining period with lucidity and memory restored. Unfortunately, it is always temporary and therefore tragic when the mists return thicker than ever. This has been dramatized in the movie “The Notebook” and on the TV show “Gray’s Anatomy” in the main character’s mother.

    An analogy can be drawn to CJ as a liberal who had a temporary return to rationality after 9/11 but has been showing steady degeneration and now complete reversion to the leftist fog.

    What a steep fall from helping expose Rathergate (doing actual evidence based reporting) to being tutored by communists to see nazis everywhere while developing leftist blindness for Muslim atrocities.

  14. Is cj(d) Scottish or of the Scots gene as he is displaying symptoms of a political schizophrenia that is prevelant in the Scottish political psyche.

  15. As for my assigned tag to this a$$h*%@, it is well deserved for the way he treated and disparaged so many people and patriots (including this wonderful blog, thank you Baron and Dymphna).
    How can you defend him?
    This is not repubics vs. demsheviks, it is about (in)sanity.
    ‘nough said about this nobody…

  16. Cameron? Electable? You’re having a laugh! He’s managed to turn a double-digit poll lead into just the bare possibility of scraping a hung parliament despite having one of the most incompetent and hated Prime Ministers to tread on since the Napoleonic Wars. If he gets into power it won’t be because he’s a good electable prime minister, it’ll be because enough Labour voters hated Brown just enough to not vote.

    He’ll probably barely win with the lowest election turnout ever the way things are going.

    And, centre? Hardly, mate. There’s a reason the Tories have been nicknamed Blue Labour under his leadership; to wit, being somewhere to the left of the old, socialist labour party on most issues, completely supporting the climate scam, completely supporting the EU and making generally left-wing noises so much that even some traditional labour voters are asking if they’re being a bit ott with the marxism. If they’re centrists I’m genghis f*ing khan.

  17. I worked for some years in the Probation and Parole office in my home state, largely with mental health cases. A key that I found with paranoid schizophrenics was the use of the phrase “bad air”. Invisible gasses that could not be proved or disproved by others, often become a fixation.

  18. Gordon, you know very little about our politics if you think Cameron is “centrist”, and even less if you think that electability is what will bring him to power. He will be brought to power by the fact that he isn’t Gordon Brown.

    Of course, as I pointed out, he’s damaged even that chance with his fatuous stance on green issues and the EU. He made a promise he knew he couldn’t keep, to hold a referendum on the EU lisbon treaty, and then reversed on it thinking he could count on the unpopularity of Brown to propel him into Number 10. That little trick of his, and the subsequent refusal to even countenance an in-or-out referendum, has backfired so badly that there’s a distinct possibility Brown might even retain a minority government.

    Centrist and electable? Only to the media darlings.

  19. Eh, the UK is doomed from the looks of things.

    You really need a Tea Party-like response from the grassroots, but your pollies have been intentionally changing the demographics from under you.

    At least I know where I stand in Malaysia, and have the correct amount of faith (none) for my bunch of pols in Malaysia.

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