Run, The Gorgons are Coming!

This post appeared yesterday in Brussels Journal and also at Vlad Tepe’s blog, which is where I happened upon it and left a comment. Today, the author of this post, A. Millar, sent a email thanking us for the mention. It suddenly occurred to me that this story would make a good post for Gates of Vienna also.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad story. The sadness lies in the fact that social workers are involved. All too often it is the case when social workers show up, lives get torn apart as though they were mere scraps of paper. Such is the nature of events when bureaucrats interfere with others’ lives.

Here is Mr. Millar’s report. If you live in the UK, he has some suggestions for what you might do.

Kerry Robertson, 17, and Mark McDougall, 25, haven’t broken any law. But they are on the run from the authorities, and from their home in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Less than eight weeks ago the couple were excitedly planning their wedding. They had booked church ceremony for the 5th of September, a Saturday. She had already chosen and bought her wedding dress. They had bought the rings, and invited 20 guests. Two days before the big day, however, social services told them that their wedding would have to be cancelled. Fife Council wrote a letter, objecting to the marriage, to Dunfermline Register Office, who consequently refused to marry the couple.

Social services claim Kerry cannot understand what marriage means, because she has learning difficulties. They are mild, it seems. She is able to read and write, and is going to college to “catch up.” Her partner Mark told the Daily Mail: “‘I didn’t even know she had learning difficulties until we’d been dating for two months.”

Kerry is 29 weeks pregnant – with a boy they have named Ben. “Although Ben isn’t born yet,” Kerry says, “I already love my baby and know I will be a good mum. Mark and I talk to him inside me every day and tell him we love him. We’ve already bought him clothes and my cousin, who recently had a baby, has handed down a beautiful crib for him.”

Social services say that Kerry – a college student – isn’t intelligent enough to bring up her child with Mark. They plan to allow the couple only a few hours with Ben after he is born. Then Ben will be taken from Kerry and Mark, and placed with foster parents.

Willie Rennie is the MP (LibDems) for Dunfermline and West Fife. I’m sure he would love a polite letter or email drawing his attention to the plight of this family. He can be reached at:

Fax: country code +020 7219 2810

You already know what I think of social workers. My opinion comes from having served as one for several years until the Alice-in-Wonderland environment became more than I could take:
– – – – – – – –
I have seen social workers make destructive arbitrary decisions about clients simply because they were annoyed.

I’ve watched federal and state laws get enacted that no human being could possibly stay in compliance with in order to continue to receive funding.

I’ve sympathized with social workers who wanted the best for their clients (we were supposed to call them “customers”. Seriously. We were told to use that word) but were frustrated at every turn by the lack of money and resources to make any meaningful change in their clients’ lives.

It’s a corrupt, cynical system. That is inherent in any organization where those who dream up the regulations are so very far from those who must attempt to function under their needlessly complicated rules. That’s why more government intrusion inevitably results in more corruption. It’s a fact as unyielding as the law of gravity, though you’ll never convince a socialist of that. They live on a plane so far removed from reality’s hard truths that communication is impossible. The level of corruption inherent in this situation sometimes attracts the power-hungry and the sadistic. Which is what these particular social workers appear to be — either one or the other or both.

This young woman, Kerry, can’t be very feeble-minded; the evidence of her life’s circumstances belies any such judgment. Just look at the description of the things she did to organize her wedding. As any woman knows, those arrangements leave even the sanest of us a bit wobbly. In fact, I heard a wedding consultant refer to the usual condition of the about-to-be-married as “bridal psychosis”. A fitting diagnosis.

But this girl was having fun; she was joyful and ready to celebrate her new life with her friends there to witness her pledge. At least that was the scenario until the bad fairies showed up to spoil things.

Kerry also has proved her intelligence by managing to make her get-away before these officious people could move in on her and deprive her of a basic liberty without so much as a hearing. Instead of whining about how unfair it was, she just got out of Dodge. In my experience, those are the girls who succeed. They don’t hang around to complain about the unfairness of it all, they simply get away. I hope — I pray — she is wise enough not to believe the promises they make in order to capture her. Those promises are always lies.

I hope someone helps them assume a new identity in Orwell Land so that they are able to raise their son, Ben, in peace. Or as much peace as you can have when the Iron Maidens are after you and your child.

My prayers go with them. I hope that folks in Scotland and environs will put on the necessary pressure on the politicians so as to get those ugly gorgons pushed back into their lair.

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  1. This couple are not the only victims. You will find heartwrenching videos on YouTube. Check out
    they have an interview link on the site with UK politician Jack Straw on Good Morning, a popular homemakers’ show. The interview reveals that there is no appeals procedure as well as that see on YouTube a child-snatching and more of the truth.

    To professionals that get three years training and have professional roots in rich ladies visiting almhouses – can’t you do any better than this??

  2. I see the young couple has already skipped the offending council, but what is then the situation in NuLabor Britain?

    Come now, is this not the time to take advantage of the borderless EUSSR? The lass needs to do some law shopping, then jump ship a few months in advance and come to some country in our beloved gloomy and backward non-pc eastern europe. At minimum it’d put the entire legal burden on the socialist services authority, moreso most countries would have this handled by a normal law court not some kangaroo tribunal. And then, can anyone imagine a Polish (for instance) court ever enforcing such nonsense?

  3. I’m not sure how Lisbon has affected it but we aren’t in Schengen, so we aren’t strictly borderless like the rest of the EU. Passport controls are still implemented on the rail link, ferries and EU internal flights to and from Great Britain.

    It’s not impossible to surmount (they don’t generally look at the passports too hard) but it is difficult, and stressful too I’d imagine.

    Incidentally, not a peep about this from the BBC.

  4. Unfortunately it’s not an isolated incident. Councils get government bonuses for getting babies adopted so there’s a monetary pressure to remove babies born to mothers or families with only the slightest of problems. Two weeks ago, a council took away a baby at birth, because the family were obese, and it was considered that the new baby might become obese. Another couple, where the mother, aged 25 had problems in her early teens, but had been trouble-free for 9 years was threatened with having her baby removed shortly after birth and fled to Ireland.

    These are just the ones we know about.

  5. Scotland is a totalitarian state, which is part of a bigger totalitarian state, which is part of an even bigger totalitarian state.

    Political asylum for most Scots is a bottle of buckfast and the stupor of romantic nationalism.

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