Support Václav Klaus

I just received the following note from Kent Ekeroth, the party secretary of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats):

Dear Baron,

As you might have heard, the Irish voted Yes to the Lisbon treaty.

I have started a campaign against this treaty: Support Václav Klaus

The aim is to get the Czech president to not sign the treaty and I have started a petition to support him.

I know that you have mostly American readers at your blog, but perhaps you can advertise this campaign on your site anyway, encouraging your Europeans readers to sign the petition and join the Facebook group.

Best regards,
Kent Ekeroth

Actually, our readership is about evenly split between North America and Europe. So all our European readers should take note: Support Václav Klaus!

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5 thoughts on “Support Václav Klaus

  1. It feels like a drama by Samuel Beckett. A few actors with strange names in charge of “Europe”, the drama includes a group of senators submitting a complaint at the Constitution Court in Brno. It seems they have few more legal steps in store to do, if they fail now.

    Right now the Lisbon signing procedure is safely blocked.

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