Taking it to the Streets

IstanbulstrasseWhen the city authorities of Cologne decided to ingratiate themselves with the Turks by naming a street for Istanbul (it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople), they encountered unexpected resistance from the “racist” residents of Cologne.

Steen has translated excerpts on the topic from a post at Politically Incorrect. He says, “I don’t think Pro-Köln has anything to do with it, contrary to what the Turks claim.”

Following the idea of the Friendship Association Cologne-Istanbul, the city government decided that Cologne would call the new road at the corner of Kunftstraße in Cologne-Kalk Istanbulstraße (Istanbul Street). On 7 September the street sign “Istanbulstraße” was formally erected in the presence of Turkish Club members and the staff of the Cologne City Council. The members of the Friendship Association present were pleased about the decision by the city of Cologne.

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Today local residents found out that the name of the street was not received enthusiastically by all. Unknown perpetrators, probably on Tuesday night, covered the street signs at both ends of the Istanbulstraße on either side with white spray paint. In addition, labels were attached to the posts which are attributed to the Pro-Köln. The same sticker (on a round sticker is a red mosque with oblique solid line here) have previously been used during the counter-demonstrations by Pro-Köln supporters against the mosque in Cologne. The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet published the news under the headline “Disrespect towards Istanbulstrasse”.

Steen adds,

It seems from this post that the authorities are considering giving it another name.

Why did Constantinople get the works?
That’s nobody’s business but the Turks’…

3 thoughts on “Taking it to the Streets

  1. Just the very fact that it was supposed to be called “Istanbulstrasse” is amusing to me. Not that I think it’s good that they wanted to call a street that–I just think it’s quite an amusing name.

  2. And in the spirit of reciprocity for which Muslims are famous, the sister street named after Cologne in Istanbul, how’s that coming along?

  3. STOP CALLING IT ISTANBUL! It’s Constantinople, our culture’s glorious Second Rome. If it works for the multi-culti whiners who want to change the name of Johanesberg or Melbourne to something “indigenous”, it works for us too. We need to learn how to beat the multi-cultis at their own game. And let’s start demanding — in the name of multi-culti “friendship” the return of the oldest Cathedral in the world to Christendom, the Aya Sophia. It is our church, and we want it back.

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