Swedish Guantanamo Alumnus Turns up in Pakistan

Two nights ago I included a translated article in the news feed about three suspected “Swedish” Al Qaeda terrorists who were arrested in Pakistan. The article didn’t say so explicitly, but one would assume that these were culturally enriched fellows rather than blond-haired blue-eyed guys with surnames like Svensson and Eriksson.

It turns out that our assumptions were correct, and to make the matter even more poignant, one of the apprehended “Swedes” is Mehdi Ghezali, who graduated from Guantanamo before moving on to higher things.

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated a news article about the case. First, the translator’s introduction:

This is just too good!

Ghezali has become somewhat of a celebrity in Sweden among all those who could only see Guantanamo as a sign of the evil Americans, who under Bush tortured and incarcerated innocent Muslims there.

Of course, Ghezali was soooooooooo innocent according to the people in the know. As was the infamous Yassin Ali from Rinkeby, accused of shipping money to Somali jihadists. He also was innocent of his crimes, and then when he was released and the cameras went dark he headed down to Somalia and started the killer-branch of al-Shabab/Hizbul Islam and began to kill people indiscriminately.

Now we have another case of a misunderstood and abused young man who suddenly turns jihadi. Will the leftist reporters ever learn? Obviously not! Look at this reporter’s statement: Ghezali didn’t know why he was arrested in 2001! Who in the real world would believe that?

The fact that the apprehended men were carrying jihadist material isn’t a factor for the Swedish MSM, since that could cast the poor man in a bad light and they would have to agree that America under Bush was probably right about Ghezali.

Here’s the translation from Expressen:

The Guantanamo Swede is caught in Pakistan

The Guantanamo Swede Mehdi Ghezali is once again suspected of terror crimes. The 30-year-old has been apprehended in Pakistan for collusion with Al Qaeda, according to Rapport [the big TV-news program on Sweden’s public TV].

Mehdi Ghezali was arrested in Pakistan in 2001 and incarcerated at the infamous Guantanamo base. He was released in 2004, without knowing why he was arrested.

Now he has been arrested again, according to Rapport.

– – – – – – – –

Mehdi Ghezali is one of the three Swedes who were apprehended in the Punjab Province of Pakistani a little over a week ago, suspected of collusion with the terror network Al Qaeda, reveals Rapport.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry cannot confirm the information:

“We have been informed by the news in Pakistani media that three Swedes have been apprehended. Our embassy in Islamabad is working to confirm the information,” says Ellinor Lundmark at the Foreign Ministry’s press office.

7 thoughts on “Swedish Guantanamo Alumnus Turns up in Pakistan

  1. Hey, the innocent little fella is just trying to properly practice his Religion-of-Peace. When are you paranoid Islamophobes going to get off his back and leave him to kill, er, I mean, pray?

  2. Amazing how “Swedes”, “Americans”, “Canadians”, “Brits” etc. are taking up jihad.

    This is a case when hyphenated ethnic terms might improve accuracy: Swedish- Muslim, American- Muslim, etc.

    Even better: Muslim with Swedish citizenship, Muslim with American passport, Muslim with dual Canadian-Syrian citizenship, Lebanese Muslim with Canadian citizenship of convenience etc.

  3. It annoys me to no end that MSM always calls these scumbags “swedes”. They will not become swedes, not in a million years. This guy is from Morocco, so let’s call him a moroccan. Like calling a spade a spade, simple as that.

  4. The UN has declared it a crime to deprive indigenous peoples of their name. These media people who describe Mohammadan colonizers as Swedes etch. are in violation of the UN’s declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. Real Europeans should start a letter writing campaign to stop the media from applying indigenous peoples’ ethinic names to people who are not of that ethnicity.

  5. I have to correct myself. Mehdi Ghezali is not morrocan. He is unfortunately born in Sweden, algerian father and (I think) swedish mother.

    Also I have information of another of the three. Her name is Safia and she’s 19 years old. She is the daughter of convert Helena Benaouda, a swedish convert and a bigshot in Sveriges Muslimska Råd (The Swedish Muslim Council), infamous for sending a list of demands before the last election in 06 demanding sharia and many other things). Like with Mehdi it is not the first time she got herself into trouble. She got caught in Somalia when 17 and pregnant. When escaping, she and her husband got separated and she got accompanied by a woman who later died of malaria. This woman was married to an american convert Daniel something. Because of this we are positive that CIA knows about her too.

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