Is Eurabia a Conspiracy Theory?

That’s what the Swedish Islamologist Jonas Otterbeck would have us believe.

Below is an article about Dr. Otterbeck that was published yesterday in Sydsvenska Dagbladet, adapted from a translation that the Anti-Islamist posted this morning in our comments:

“Eurabia” is compared to conspiracy theories

By Niklas Orrenius

EurabiaWestern Europe is threatened by a Muslim invasion. Muslims come here, give birth to many children and take over Western societies from within. Europe will become undemocratic, anti-American and anti-Semitic. Christians and Jews will be oppressed.

That is the real purport of the Eurabia-theory, which became popular in the U.S. after 9/11.

“The whole idea of Eurabia is a conspiracy theory, there is no doubt about it. It is not at all very credible,” says Islamologist Jonas Otterbeck, active at Lund University as well as at the Malmö University [South Sweden].

He compares the Eurabia theory with old anti-Semitic notions of secret Jewish power networks.

“There are Eurabia books in which Arab ownerships in Europe are listed. That Muslims own department stores in London, for example. The whole idea is so insanely baroque. A unified Arab network that wants to take over Europe? When Arab states does not even manage to stay on good terms with each other?”

In Sweden, no political party seriously has tried to win followers by stirring up fear of Eurabia — until now. “I’m worried about Eurabia,” says Kent Ekeroth, International Secretary of the Sweden Democrats.

Many Muslims are living in Malmö. What is the problem with that?

“A major problem is the growing violence. In Rosengård, in the streets and squares, in nightclubs.”

What has violence got to do with Islam?

– – – – – – – –

“Often, the violence follows in the wake of Islam. Then there are other things, pork is banned at certain schools. Then I believe many see it as insecure that the city is changing and increasingly is resembling the Arab world,” says Kent Ekeroth.

In Denmark, fear of Eurabia is politically marketable. Islamologist Jonas Otterbeck is not sure of how successful the Sweden Democrats will be when they try to establish the same track in Sweden.

“Concern about Islamization has not been very strong in Sweden. No one has detonated a car bomb in Stockholm shouting ‘jihad!’“ says Islamologist Jonas Otterbeck.

Jonas Otterbeck, PhD, is Assistant Professor of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Malmö University, Sweden. He has done research on Muslim discourses on Islam in Sweden and on the situation of Muslim pupils in public schools. Presently he is investigating Islamophobia in Sweden, young adult Muslims’ understanding of Islam, and the attitudes of Lebanese and Egyptian Muslim scholars to popular music.

Otterbeck completed his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies in 2000. The dissertation is published in Swedish with the title Islam på svenska. Tidskriften Salaam och Islams globalisering. (Islam in Swedish: The Journal Salaam and the Globalization of Islam. (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International). He has written several English-language articles published in journals and books.

11 thoughts on “Is Eurabia a Conspiracy Theory?

  1. Another educated fool.
    1.undemocratic- democracy being supplanted by Sharia Law,particularly in the “no go” areas.Has the professor not heard of these areas?
    2.Anti-American-already very anti-American.
    3.Anti-Semite- no question about it.
    4. Let’s add a growing number of cases of rape,of violence towards women,honor killings etc.All of this has been documented.The professor needs to do some research.He can start by reading Gates of Vienna.

  2. Let’s not forget how the British Foreign Secretary, David Dhimmiliband, would love to see the EU include Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and, of course, Turkey. He really said it, loud and clear.

    Conspiracy theory my a**!!!

  3. Jonas Otterbeck is also part of the controversial organisation called Spiritus Mundi which as late as last year sparked a controversy about a student exchange project between Sweden and Saudiarabia. SM was so to speak the driving force behind this, at least on the swedish side. SM is heavily involved in the islamization of Sweden. This alone makes Jonas Otterbeck one of the co-conspirationists himself!

    As a sidenote he seems to be involved in a debate on the issue on the blog Politiskt Inkorrekt using the name Jonas. One user accused him of being a troll but the blog administrators themselves confiremed it was actually JO himself. Had this been a Hollyweird movie, JO would have been one of the villains in the plot!

  4. Fjordman

    Amazon U.K. – Couple of weeks ago signed up to receive an email alert when the book was in stock, received an email that it was ready to order but on the page there was no buy option.

    Have signed up again to receive an e-mail when the book is in stock on U.K. Amazon.

  5. He’s like the idiot cartoon farmer who goes away satisfied after his own henhouse replies to his call of: “Who’s in there!?” with:

    No one in here but us chickens!

    Failing to appreciate the impossible illogic.

    Muslims themselves throughout the EU are openly declaring their intentions to subjugate Europe, end Judeo-Christian dominance, and establish Islamic Law, while this delusional boob is denying what Mohammedans themselves are preaching, planning and promoting.

    It is their Koranic duty.

    How can he deny it?

    Except to try to appear “multiculturally superior”.

    Until he ends up in a ghetto wondering what the hell happened.

  6. “No one has detonated a car bomb in Stockholm shouting ‘jihad!’“ says Islamologist Jonas Otterbeck.”

    And when they do (not if)? He will say they were justifiably reacting to Islamophobia.

    Mr. Otterback is an occult Muslim or a useful idiot as a well known totalitarian termed them.

    The problem is, these sham experts in Islam never present themselves for debate against real experts such as Bat Y’eor herself who made a meticulously documented case for Eurabia in an entire book of the same name. Otterback merely flatly contradicts her like a five year old and Swedish papers parrot what is not an argument with evidence, just unsubstantiated PC dogma from a man with a string of meaningless titles.

    Sweden demonstrates the end stages of socialism. One phenomenon is apparently lethal incuriosity…or is this a Swedish cultural characteristic? Either way it’s doing them in.

    For living in a technologically advanced country, Swedes (with a few exceptions) appear to be making precious little effort to inform themselves on domestic and world events by using the Internet to bypass their uniformly propagandistic media. They go to their cultural Valhalla with a phlegmatism that is reminiscent of sci fi movies or Twilight Zone episodes where zombified masses proceed like sleepwalkers to certain doom.

  7. if thier was no intention behind the political scenes to create a “eurabia” by the european political elite,

    then when they needed immigrants why didnt they try to allow more immigrants from countries culturally similar?

    mexico, peru, honduras, venezuala, bolivia there are and were over the last 30 years plenty of people in the new world that would have loved a chance to immigrate to europe for a better life.

    they would have been culturally a better fit to europe and harder working than the mulsim hordes they allowed in instead.

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