The First Lady’s Worker Bee Colony

**** BUMPED!!! ****


I received an email from an attorney in Illinois who tells me that the image capture of Mrs. Obama’s dealings with the disciplinary board is an innocuous document which simply records her voluntary withdrawal from the practice law in Illinois.

The image I linked to from the ARDC (Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois) is titled Attorney’s Registration and Public Disciplinary Record and it is simply her formal registration as ‘inactive’. The court order aspect of the document is also simple; it is the formal acknowledgement by the Supreme Court of Illinois of her decision. So it was about “registration” and never concerned anything “disciplinary”.

Thus, in keeping with blogger etiquette I have de-linked from the image capture and marked my statement as erroneous in the body of the post below.

The rest of the story remains. That is,

  • Mrs. Obama really does need more than a million dollars’ worth of taxpayer-funded salaried help for maintenance purposes.
  • And she remains a grievance monger, etc.
  • And now that I think of it, I still wish Hillary had won the nomination.

No doubt my fervent desire is no match for Hillary’s by-now wistful aspirations, but my sad what-might-have-been regret is running a close second to hers. Imagine what we’ve missed; the sheer entertainment value in the cat fights that would’ve have occurred between HRC and Nancy Pelosi were not to be. But had Hillary gotten the nomination and vote, it would have been Clinton vs. Pelosi, 24/7. Heck, since they’re going to take our bread away, the least the Dems could do is provide circuses.

But the reality remains: Hillary never stood a chance against the Chicago machine. When you consider the formidable power that the Clintons could muster, the fact that Obama wrested the Democrat nomination away from her speaks volumes about the gravitational pull of Cook County’s fierce Democrat political power.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Below the fold are the twenty-two intrepid souls who slave work for Michelle Obama.

Just to give you some perspective, here are the staff numbers for recent First Ladies:

…Hillary only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President’s own pocket.

But Michelle is married to the Magic Negro. She is the Negro American Princess.

[Our American readers will get the reference to Jewish American Princesses, also known as a JAPs. Personally, I enjoy ethnic jokes, including the usual stereotypes about the Irish. Ethnic jokes provide identity, which is something the prune-lipped politically correct will never understand. Much like Islam, the p.c. world cannot laugh at itself. Their problem.]

Our First NAPEven more than being a NAP, Michelle is a product of the Cook County political machine. Her whine about being a second-class citizen would be a joke were it not (a) such a big fat lie, and (b) so damaging to our social fabric.

As a product of crony politics, Michelle is adept at milking the public teat. Why wouldn’t she have twenty-two bureaucratic assistants? You can take the girl out of Cook County, but you can’t take machine politics out of someone who was raised on them.

Here are a few other interesting facts about Michelle:

  • Along with Joe Biden’s wife, she’s listed as part of the Obama administration. Hillary must be seething at that one. Can’t say I’d blame her for that.
  • it appears Michelle was disciplined, disbarred, or somehow put on “court-ordered inactive status” per the record. Maybe an attorney could hazard a guess for us as to why the court would have ordered her reduction to “inactive status”?[ NOTE: an attorney did indeed tell us why. She had bigger fish to fry as she turned to community organization work. Thus I have de-linked the image that was here originally because her withdrawal was voluntary and the image is misleading to us ordinary laymen]
  • it was after being booted voluntarily leaving the law firm that our Negro American Princess found her true calling in community relations work. She was hired as the Vice President for External Affairs for the University of Chicago Hospital. Could this job have come open because her husband was then the chair of the Illinois Senate’s powerful Health and Human Services Committee? Nah. Pure coincidence.
  • And when Barry was elected the new Senator from Illinois, did that have anything to do with the doubling of her salary (from $121,00 to $316,000) for the same job? What do you think? And she was obviously an irreplaceable employee, because when she left the hospital found it didn’t need to fill that position. It was eliminated. Quelle surprise!
  • Michelle and David Axelrod, another Obama FOO, started something called the Urban Health Initiative. Purportedly this was designed to steer poor patients to better alternatives than the Emergency Room at the University of Chicago Hospital. What it really did was help the hospital turn a handsome profit while endangering the health of the poor. Just ask one of Michelle’s victims, Dontae Adams, who was turned away from U of C with a bandage and some morphine after his lip was severely ripped by a Rottweiler. He had Medicaid, but that wasn’t good enough. Mom and bleeding son rode the bus, reaching the next hospital at 5:00 a.m. where the doctors performed the necessary plastic surgery.

With these points in mind, let us now look at the First Lady’s Helpers’ List:
– – – – – – – –

1. $172,2000 – Sher, Susan (CHIEF OF STAFF)
6. $90,000 – Medina, David S. (DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF TO THE FIRST LADY)
7. $84,000 – Lelyveld, Catherine M. (DIRECTOR AND PRESS SECRETARY TO THE FIRST LADY)
20. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (STAFF ASSISTANT TO THE SOCIAL SECRETARY)
21. Bookey, Natalie (STAFF ASSISTANT)

I totaled this list of salaries and came up with $1,336.500.00 for an annual outlay (hope my calculator math is correct. If not, I’m sure someone will notice). Numbers 5, 11,14,18, 21, 22 don’t have a salary listed. I doubt it means they work for free; probably we’d find them salaried by the West Wing – i.e., Himself’s administration.

The money listed is only salaries. It does not include those lush federal benefits, ones that private companies cannot match except for top executives in the financial industry.

Note: This does not include makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and “First Hairstylist” Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom traveled aboard Air Force One to Europe.

I sure wish she’d get a wardrobe consultant. Somehow, those strange argyle sweaters and the belts that she wraps around her outfits don’t quite pull things together. But what do I know? Good Will is my favorite haute couture.

I wandered around for this story. Here are some of the blogs I visited, just in case you don’t feel like going back and chasing them down in the post:

Canada Free Press

Joshua Pundit

Maggie’s Notebook

The Right View Wisconsin

I thank all of them for their detective work.

46 thoughts on “The First Lady’s Worker Bee Colony

  1. NAPs– like it!!
    Didn’t someone use the words ‘nappy headed hoes’ and get fired for it?!!! —hmmm let’s see…

    ASA mo’s heavy sided staff..
    what did anyone expect?–she’s been a victim ALL of her life ..
    she needs the staff to ‘make her feel important!’

  2. That list of her prior jobs is really shocking. Individually it doesnt amount to much, but put them together and you get a really disturbing pattern. The same goes for Obama.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think the comments about “magic Negro” etc. undermines this piece.

    It is good to make fun of the Obamas, all-but endlessly, and to have the fun-making have an effect at the polls and in Congress. If your tone makes it impossible to distribute the Web address…

    Am sorry that folks will object to my objection. The desire to NOT be politically correct can also become a straightjacket.

    The point is not that your phrasing is evil (it is not) or even that it is gratuitously insulting to a slid-from-the-womb group (though it is, with an emphasis on “gratuitously”).

    The point is that the phrasing makes the piece have less potential impact.

  4. Thank you for linking Maggie’s Notebook and others. You are widely read, and he and MO are widely adored. We need the word to get out.

    I didn’t realize how large her staff is. Funny thing, her first Chief of Staff was very close to her. She groomed her even further and then sent her to run AmeriCorp. AmeriCorp is under fire for numerous improper expenditures with taxpayer monies, and Barack fired an Inspector General for “telling on them.”

    The Inspector General has filed a lawsuit for illegal firing.

    America is in the midst of a web of deception.

  5. Fluff Response–

    I did not make up the term “Magic Negro”. It was coined by his side. Either in the final days of the campaign or after the election, a journalist with the Los Angeles Times gave us that phrase, in all seriousness.

    Ever since the President’s gratutitous interference with Professor Gates’ race-baitng attempt to ruin a Cambridge police officer, followed by Obama’s making it a national incident, I have decided to go after this issue.

    Our attorney general, Eric Holder, sniffily dismissed Americans as “cowards” when it comes to race. Well, after his boss went after Sergeant Crowley, accusing him on national television of “acting stupidlY” without bothering to check the facts, as far as I’m concerned I’m a race coward no more. I intend to use race as a blunt instrument in the same way that the Obamas have.

    This is the woman who complains about white America. This is the man who talks about race while saying he is the post-race president. They are hypocrites and I intend to bring them to the court of public opinion for their sins of further balkanizing our country.

    And especially for so casually and gratutitously assuming that Sergeant Crowley must be racist because he’s white, even though the black officer present at the scene said that Crowley followed procedure in arresting Gates. And one of Crowley’s fellow officers, also black, stood by him and said that she had voted for Obama but that this incident proved he didn’t like police.

    There is a lot of negative sentiment about this couple floating around right now. Bad enough that they have a string of corrupt activities and have run roughshod over this country in their attempt to push socialism down our throats. It’s their obvious contempt for white skin that is the deal-breaker.

    This will not be the last post on the Magic Couple who stoop to new lows every week. I thought the Clintons were bad but they pale in comparison with these two.

  6. The conversation here about Muslims is OFF TOPIC. Please desist from further comments about this subject or I will delete them.

    Who started it is not of interest to me, I just want it to end. NOW.

    Thank you.

  7. I was pleasantly surprised that the payroll of the FLOTUS staff was so low. I fully expected the swarms of official admirers and ladies in waiting would each draw 100K+ for their essential services. After all, it is the FLOTUS, and only a small group of her most special friends are qualified. You have to pay to get the best.

  8. You are at least allowed to use the word negro which we are not without being branded as fullblooded racists or nazis. Let me take some examples of how inflammated the situation is concerning this simple word neger (negro). We have this small pastry called negerbolle (negro ball). It’s been called this for god knows how long, at least the 19th century but since a few years back it has officially been renamed chocolate balls instead as to not offend dark skinned “swedes”.

    Or another controversy from a few years back, about an icecream popsicle called Nogger Black. Nogger is alluding to nougat and the black part is alluding to licorice, nothing else. However, some PC-moron suggested the name being racist, pointing out that it resembled another infamous word from the american south. So if you ever come to Sweden on holiday, the day is hot and you want to buy some icecream for yourself. Don’t be such a racist and choose another popsicle than Nogger.

    Then we have the early Tintin-album, Tintin in Kongo made by Hergé back in the 30’s. Centrum Mot Rasism (Centre Against Racism) has suggested that the album should be banned entirely in Sweden, something they haven’t succeded in – yet. Then there was also the debacle around Pippi Longstocking who’s father happens to be titled negro chieftain. Once again CMR has tried to have this title in the books changed to something more PC but has so far failed to accomplish this goal. But who knows, the more enrichers we get over the coming years and decades, the more the chance grows for having these books either cencored or banned altogether. So the fight is far from over. In fact it might just have begun.

    And finally we had that row about a city block in Karlstad, Värmland earlier this summer, where the PC-crowd found out that a whole city block was named Kvarteret Negern which it had been named already in the mid-1800’s.

    But considering you now have a negro (or half-negro as the case might be), you’re probably heading the same way as us.

  9. Correction:

    But considering you now have a negro (or half-negro as the case might be) as prez, you’re probably heading the same way as us.

    Sorry about that.

  10. Dymphna,

    I seem to have agreed with most everything you said. The Obama are race-baitng hypocrites who deserve to be derided.

    But I don’t see the wisdom of this: “I intend to use race as a blunt instrument in the same way that the Obamas have.”

    Black people who lack integrity can get away with outrageous interpretations of social life because black people have been abused — abused for being black. Sad but true. And whites of good tend to shy away from calling black people nuts if those blacks use race in a self-indulgent way.

    However, a grand thing about the Gates-Crowley story of July 2009 was how so many people stood up to say, “Cut the crap.”

    Do you have something against black people of integrity? Please don’t weaken the power of your voice by insulting the woman who speaks in the following interview:

  11. This must be the most expensive welfare 2 work programme in the United States, government paycheque cronyism – line your pockets the British way.

  12. Re “The First Lady’s Worker Bee Colony”

    How Gauche! But typical of the undeserving, who without earning it, without exhibiting any merit, are rewarded by the bedazzled ignorant.

    This is the perfect example of what happens when “a society is turned upside down.” Those who did nothing to earn anything are unjustly rewarded.

    This happens after a revolution. A revolution does not have to be violent. It is happening in the United States right now. When the dregs rise to the top, they exhibit behavior typical of their class: a complete disregard of the commonweal as they unashamedly feed at the newly available public trough.

  13. @robin shadowes–

    You are at least allowed to use the word negro which we are not without being branded as fullblooded racists or nazis

    It is no different here.

    * A man was fired for using the word “niggardly”.

    * There was a move to change the name of the dessert known as “devil’s food cake” because it was purportedly ‘racist’. The actual name originated in the fact that it was evilly good. This was meant to be a joke several generations ago, one that had nothing to do with race.

    * Some area councilman in Texas complained at a meeting that using the phrase “in the black” to mean that something wasn’t running a deficit was somehow racist. That one still has people scratching their heads.

    * And you’d better not say that you’re “in the dark” because obviously you’re using darkness to mean ignorance so therefore you are aracist.

    * It is by now an established fact that only white people can be racist. Just because of group of black teenagers kick a white boy and break his ribs does not mean they’re racist. They’re deprived but they didn’t commit a hate crime because only whites can commit race crimes.

    * If you note that someone is black, you’re racist.

    * If you fail to note that someone is black you’re also racist and so is your dog.

    * “The Dark Night of the Soul” is a racist book, not a spiritual treatise.

    * “Darkness at Noon” is suspect, too.

    * If you are a black person who wants to get ahead, you’re an Uncle Tom. Clarence Thomas is deeply hated by the professional race-baiters like Gates.

    * If you’re black AND you’re a conservative, you’re a complete sell-out. Thomas Sowell is attacked all the time for refusing to be mau-maued by the p.c. crowd.

    * “Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain — himself an American treasure — has been removed from library bookshelves (by demand) because one character was named “Nigger Jim”. The character was treated sympathetically by Twain but that didn’t matter. That word has magic in it and any book written by a white man containing that word must be eliminated. However, black people are free to use the word at any time or place, no matter how inappropriate.

    White people of good will in America have been cowed into silence. But Obama gave us a gift with his condescending “teachable moment” and his reflexive condemnation of the Cambridge police officer. Without any facts at all, the President presumed that the police must have “acted stupidly”. He trotted out his own grievances as an example of why this is so. It was a cheap moment of solidarity, one you see repeated in his books.

    Well, thank you, Mr. President. Tell the Attorney General that we don’t have to be “race cowards” anymore. Tell him that you changed the rule all by yourself.

    Bill Cosby and Dr. Alvin Pouissant began to change the story with their speeches and book. They took to task the slacker underclass and the race-baiters who use them. The latter have extorted large companies based on phoney race charges in order to make money by running so-called “sensitivity training”. Jesse Jackson was particularly good at it and made a great deal of money this way.

    With the Obamas, we knew what we were in for when the First Lady’s initial statement after her husband was nominated for the Democrat candidacy was “for the first time in my life I am proud to be an American”…

    What a loaded, hateful statement. I intend to address the divisive behavior hidden behind their purported post-race demeanor in a future post.

  14. Dymphna

    Did you notice that the only one who does not have fancy title is:

    21. Bookey, Natalie (STAFF ASSISTANT) [What used to be a called a Secretary, Typing]

    I’ll give you

    Two to one odds she is paid so little it would be embarrassing to mention her salary.

    Four to one odds she is the only career employee on the list.

    Ten to one odds she does 90% of the work.

    This is what I call the inverse title rule – the longer the title the less work they do and the more they get paid. And if they didn’t have a few career people there would be no one to do the payroll for Obama’s pay rollers.

  15. Dymphna

    Thought you might fine this interesting.

    NOTE: The city of Chicago has 50 wards “electing” one alderman each to the City Council.

    In Washington, the relationships among the key players in government are subject to speculation and fascination over whether there is a “Chicago way” in the six-month-old Obama White House. There is a romanticized notion of Machine politics in the air here, though only remnants of it still exist in Chicago.
    I’ve wisecracked that there are so many Chicagoans in the Obama administration, it’s like covering the 51st Ward. Obama has swept into office with him dozens of Chicagoans, in all kinds of jobs.

    White House becomes 51st Ward

    The author is a long time apologist for Democratic politics in Chicago and a dependable yes girl for Obama during the election.

  16. That was a real eye-opener, Dymphna. So the picture of an accomplished highly paid career woman in her own right is just another media fairy tale.

    She’s an affirmative action and ride hubby’s coattails girl through and through.

    Michelle herself is on record as saying that she was told not to try for Princeton because her marks were too low. She presented it more as an “I did it” than affirmative action story. Her university thesis was high school level drivel about how “hard” it is to be a black on the Princeton campus. Maybe because blacks like her are indistinguishable in appearance from black students who actually made the grade on their own steam?

    It is very curious that the lawyer part of her career stopped dead way back in 1993 and through “court ordered inactive status”. That implies some serious wrong doing, doesn’t it?

    Her hospital job was a make work bribe to her husband that brought the hospital net benefits while he was a local power.

    Wasn’t the bigoted black church they attended her choice as well?

    She really is the poster girl in a bad way for affirmative action, no real achievements yet full of herself and eternally aggrieved against whites.

    What a match made in hell the no class race hustling Obamas are for America.

  17. Hank F_M–

    How good to see you again!

    I agree with you about the secretary. She’s probably the only one who’s a permanent place-holder. Wouldn’t like to see her workload.

    I looked at that reporter’s article in the Sun:

    I’ve wisecracked that there are so many Chicagoans in the Obama administration, it’s like covering the 51st Ward. Obama has swept into office with him dozens of Chicagoans, in all kinds of jobs.

    Evanston’s Jon Samuels is in the White House legislative affairs office and Ben LaBolt, a LaGrange native, is a White House spokesman. Ellie Schaefer, from Lincolnwood, runs the White House visitors office. They worked on the Obama presidential campaign.

    The late, great Chicago political scientist Milton Rakove titled one of his books We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent, and that’s what I see so far: concentric circles of interlocking social, personal and political relationships that go back years. The University of Chicago is one focal point; City Hall is another

    This reminds me of lots of big city Democrat political machines. Many of the cities in the most financial trouble are Democrat-run. Chicago would be in worse shape except their boy is in Da Big House.

    It was the same with John Kennedy. The Boston Irish Dem political machine. They ran an efficient national machine and the Dems are still copying Bobby’s original plays.

    The present Mayor Daley’s father, Mayor Daley I, put Kennedy over the top in Illinois and stole the election for him. People around Nixon begged him to call for a recount but he refused, saying that it would cause too much turbulence in the country to do that.

    Seems like we’ve been pretty evenly split ever since.

    Now that I think of it, Obi Wan and John have some similarities, beginning with the media being in the tank for both. Only the people aren’t so dumb anymore. They have alternative sources of information.

  18. Félicie —

    That is one great looking dessert! In our house, the Baron would eat the lips and I would have the gums and teeth. The B is a chocolate fiend; I am a sugar-holic. That’s why I never eat it.

    What a clever name.

    What a hunk of dessert.

    I’m glad it’s in Russian or it might tempt me to make it.

  19. @ laine–

    It is very curious that the lawyer part of her career stopped dead way back in 1993 and through “court ordered inactive status”. That implies some serious wrong doing, doesn’t it?

    I’m not sure. If you look at the image at the link in the post it clearly says “disciplinary”, However, I got an email from a D.C. lawyer claiming that this is simply administrative and voluntary so she wouldn’t be “distracted” by perhaps being called to serve as an attorney for some indigent person. And besides, keeping up her dues was expensive and she didn’t have time for CE prep.

    I asked him to supply me with that part of the Illinois code which dealt with the involuntary nature of such services to the indigent. Here in VA, attorneys register.

    However, he didn’t respond to my questions, just claimed that I was speculating. If he turns out to be correct, then I will post an update with his email. I think he’s being disingenuous however, as he didn’t answer my queries, which were reasonable.

    So until I hear otherwise, the link to that image will remain. I’ve studied it again, and it sure looks like a disciplinary process.

    Another D.C. lawyer will check it out for me.

    I hope this first one is right about her. So far, she isn’t proving to be a pleasant person. The chip on her shoulder is so large as to be an impediment. Just goes to show you can attain it all and still be thin-skinned and aggrieved.

    Do y’all remember the ugly comments she used to make about Obi? They kind of sequestered her for awhile until she got her anger fits under control. Evidently, like many political wives, she wasn’t happy with the inequitable division of labor at home.

    Just google (without the quotes) “Michelle Obama complains about Barack” and you get lots of way-backs from the election campaign and the path leading up to it. She was not a happy camper.

    What is the saying in Proverbs? “Better a crust of bread in the attic than being downstairs sharing a loaf with a bitter wife”?

    Or words to that effect.

    When I hear anything useful I’ll let you know.

  20. Dymphna, I didn’t realize that you were so bad of concerning PC MC stuff as we over here in PC Heaven. I have noticed that rappers and blacks in movies often use the notorious n-word themselves but that is pretty much it. I read somewhere else a commenter who compared islam to the HIV-virus and then political correctness as the pneumonia that a bit later develops into full blown AIDS and then kills the host body. I couldn’t agree more to that.

  21. I said long ago, pre-election,that she would be the real problem.
    (Hmmm…wonder if I need license as a clairvoyant 🙂

  22. ELISABETH: here’s a clue to why the words “Muslim” and “fun” don’t occur in the same sentence:

    There was for a while, in Britain, and outfit called “Muslim Leisure”, which was a business set up to facilitate all those lovely free, happy holiday things that you can do in the West – BUT within Muslim parameters, of course. It went broke. True story.

    (Have a really good chuckle Solkhar – I know I did 🙂

  23. I think you are misinterpreting the ARDC form. Under “Public Record of Discipline and Pending Proceedings” at the bottom of the form it says “None,” which I take to mean that at the time of filing no disciplinary actions had ever been taken against M. Obama. As for why her license was inactive by court order, perhaps the explanation is as simple as her not having fulfilled some continuing education requirements for her profession.

  24. lapetus–

    Yes, you’re partly right and I have amended my post to show that correction.

    However, I was told she initiated her withdrawal in order to focus on her community organization work. That plum appointment didn’t require any professional education units. Nor was malpractice insurance necessary, not to mention the fees for maintaining an active license.

    Being married to the state senator in charge of health care affairs in the Illinois legislature was a necessary and sufficient qualification for her position on the U of C hospital staff.

  25. @Dymphna
    That rectification is quite gracious of you. Its one of the things that make this blog stand out above all the others!

  26. Excellent post Dymphna. It has been a while since I have dropped by here. But I had not forgotten how well you write and your inherent passions.

    Yea, I was one of those that warned about her also back when the campaign was in full swing. At the time I knew she was a hater of whites, and I warned that she would be almost as dangerous as her husband.

    I guess we get many more months to find out…just how dangerous they are to our great Republic.

    So far It already past scary.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  27. erdebe–

    Blog etiquette requires that one retract mistakes loud and clear. It just took me a few days to hear from a trustworthy source. The first guy was a lawyer from D.C. and not only did he ignore my questions when I responded to his email, he ordered me to quit “speculating”. So I ignored him.

    A much more reasonable fellow showed up later and explained the page in detail. He also wasn’t from D.C., which is a vote in favor of his integrity.

    Papa Ray–

    Great to hear from you! I hope your girls are thriving…think of you (and them) often. We can be offered no greater gift than the chance to teach a child.

  28. “I hope your girls are thriving…think of you (and them) often”

    Thank you. Yes they are great. Sweet Sarah can’t wait to get back to school (3rd grade) and Little Sweet Hannah will be two years old next month. she is more of a character than her big sister. Wants to do everything herself, talks like a three year old. I’m moving to Central Texas right now, were I will be without high speed access. I’m not sure I will survive.

    Take care and take care of those you love, and keep it up you do a valuable service to this Republic.

    Papa Ray
    Now West, soon Central Texas (The Hill Country)

  29. Duly noted that it was just another case of legal gobbledygook.

    Legal beavers should run all their stuff by normal people who speak English and have not been subjected to brain bending lingo meant to obscure instead of clarify.

    That normal English speaker would have said that “court recognized voluntary inactive status” would better describe what went down.

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