Beware of Danish Nazis!

Nazis are everywhere. Even with our “Nazi of the Week” feature I can’t keep up with them all.

The latest example can be found in the coverage given the Danish People’s Party by Jyllands-Posten. Take a quick look at this article from today’s English-language edition:

Danish People’s Party Ready to Rule

Political influence, not cabinet seats, will determine if the Danish People’s Party joins the government The power behind the throne in Danish Politics for the past eight years is ready to take on a more formal role, Pia Kjærsgaard, leader…

The power behind the throne in Danish Politics for the past eight years is ready to take on a more formal role, Pia Kjærsgaard, leader of the Danish People’s Party, has announced.

Kjærsgaard’s comment came after justice minister Brian Mikkelsen said he was open to the inclusion of the party, known for its ‘Denmark first’ policies, in the government.

‘There is absolutely no reason why the party can’t enter into a government one day,’ Kjærsgaard said…

Pretty innocuous, right?

But this is a revised version of the story. Thanks to Zonka, we can see the article as it was originally posted early this morning. Here’s a screenshot:
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DPP Nazis — screenshot

That a respected newspaper like Jyllands-Posten could stoop to such tactics should come as a surprise, but it doesn’t. These days the term “Nazi” is flung around so indiscriminately that it means nothing more than “someone who disagrees with the politically correct establishment”.

The fact that a mainstream outlet would sink this low is evidence of how frightened the elites are of the awakening resistance among the hoi-polloi. The media and the nomenklatura are desperate.

This is a sure sign that they have lost control of the flow of information, and they know it.

7 thoughts on “Beware of Danish Nazis!

  1. Yes the usual name calling – means the DPP must be VERY close to major political power. The gains by the forces of light and reason is scaring the heck out of the worn and weary political establishment of Europe.

    The political ‘elite’ are acting like frightened rabbits and it is pitiful, though gratifying, to see. They are losing their grip on power and they know it. The thing they fear the most is an awakened and politically active population who see them for what they are. That situation is now coming to pass. They seem to be crying wolf one more time in their desperation to discredit the forces of European freedom and democracy with slurs and innuendo.

  2. Yes, it is a mistake. “The Copenhagen Post” is not “Jyllands-Posten”, but some sort of news agency financed by who knows. JP just use it as a service to English-speaking readers.

    The journalist of “The Copenhagen Post” is probably a teen-ager, just out of school (where he was told that Pia Kjaersgaard and all her ilk are Nazi’s), and the responsible editor did’nt see the article before in went into press.

    So, don’t blame JP, blame our school system – and our sloppiness in general.

  3. DPP must be VERY close to major political power.

    We’re there, and have been for 8 years. Personally, I have my doubt that becoming a formal part of the government would bring any significant improvement to our position. But I think I’ll leave the intricate details of this to top management 🙂

    I don’t think the headline was a mistake, per se. Some journalist, full with hatred against DPP, saw his opportunity to fire this one. He probably was reprimanded.

  4. This is just the tactics the PC’s use to scare the ethnic population from voting on these “racist” parties. It’s been done to death over the years and I doubt many actually falls for it anymore.

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