John Conyers: “I’m Not Going to Read the Bill”

It’s disturbing to think that this man is the head of the Judiciary Committee. Looking at his videos, the question always arises: is he mentally adequate or is he on something? Surely this is not a normal person:

Oops. I forgot. He couldn’t be normal. He’s been in the bubble of our Imperial Congress for far too long; that place is more toxic than Chernobyl.

This is the same guy…
– – – – – – – –
…who spent eight long years in the basement of the Congressional Building practicing for George Bush’s impeachment, but now that the Dems are in control again, he’s content to ignore the shenanigans of ACORN. That’s because he cohabits with a convicted felon himself; why would he want to go after other likely candidates?

No, the Honorable John Conyers can’t be bothered reading the Health Bill. As an alternative, he thinks universal health care ought to be a constitutional right.

Which reminds me of a favorite saying of the Baron’s: “I will defend the constitutional right of anyone to be an idiot”. Only he doesn’t say “idiot”. And now that we have no young children in the house he doesn’t feel the need to watch his language.

John Conyers makes me want to say a few blue streak phrases myself.

Here is his latest concern:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) had a lot on his mind going into a House subcommittee hearing today on the Bureau of Prisons.

His wife, former Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers, pleaded guilty in federal court last month to one count of conspiring to commit bribery and could spend up to five years in prison. Last week, a conservative legal group asked the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to investigate whether he was a player in his wife’s corruption scandal.

At the panel hearing, Conyers wanted BOP Director Harley Lappin to give him a general assessment of U.S. prison life.

I don’t know if there’s anything called prisoner morale, but what’s it like in the slammer?” Conyers asked.

The House Judiciary chair and House Judiciary crime, terrorism and homeland security subcommittee members also had concerns about prison overcrowding and insufficient staffing.

BOP received $5.6 billion last year. President Obama requested almost $6 billion for the bureau this year. The House Appropriations Committee report that accompanied the legislation on the DOJ budget called the understaffing “chronic.” The report said staffing problems were the result of “inadequate budget requests.”

Well, maybe we’ll get lucky. Maybe John will finally get caught and he can join Monica in “the slammer”.

They can serve their connubial bliss together, doing something useful for a change, like making license plates.

3 thoughts on “John Conyers: “I’m Not Going to Read the Bill”

  1. Which reminds me of a favorite saying of the Baron’s: “I will defend the constitutional right of anyone to be an idiot”. Only he doesn’t say “idiot”.

    I would wager that the word in question shares some similarities with “idiot” in that it too starts with a vowel and also has an “o” near the middle which is followed by a consonant.

  2. Yep. And it ends with a silent vowel. I wonder if its orgins are Anglo-Saxon.

    The origins of that phrase lie in our family ancient history. One of my children was at the awkward age and also one of the subjects of a painful divorce. He reported to the Baron that my former husband said he was an…”idiot”.

    I started to get all defensive, but the Baron patted him on the head and said…”I will defend the constitutional right of anyone..”, etc.

    Eventually it became a family joke. The B is a master at defusing “let’s you and him fight” scenarios. Rather admirable quality, the refusal to triangulate.

    So Conyers is getting his constitutional rights defended despite his idiocy.

  3. I have to lay off C-Span every few months because you see these people in their natural habitat and it is really quite alarming… Half of them should be wearing bibs to catch the drool.
    Dennis Miller once said if half of them showed up for T-Day and they were your relative you would be in the kitchen wondering what to do with Grandpa…
    And yet, we continue to elect them year after year after year.

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