Gypsies in Sweden? Gypsies in Denmark?

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Below is a report by our Danish correspondent TB concerning the difference between Swedish and Danish news reporting on cultural enrichment issues.

Gypsies in Sweden? Gypsies in Denmark?
by TB

This article from Sweden describes a phenomenon that we have also encountered in DK. The only difference between the Danish reports and the Swedish reports is that in the former it is revealed that the perpetrators are either gypsies or foreigners.

For a good example I have translated the most recent Danish incident I could find. It is from July 21, and was reported by Of course I have no proof that the Swedish incident really was perpetrated by immigrants, but I find it likely, to say the least.

The point is that in Sweden people have no way of knowing, since the media almost never report that dangerous piece of information.

Elderly woman tricked by gypsies

86-year-old woman cheated by two women trick thieves who claimed that they had to check her stove

Then it happened again. An 86-year-old woman from Lyngby became a victim of two gypsy female trick thieves at Monday afternoon. The two trick thieves entered the woman’s apartment in Kulsvierparken via an unlocked door just before 8 pm and when the old woman asked why they were there they told her that they had to check her stove.

The two women managed to get away with a good amount of cash which they found in the woman’s apartment.

The unlucky woman described the two trick thieves as ‘Gypsy types’, around 50 years old, 160 to 170 centimeters high, and strongly built. They both had dark hair and brown eyes.

Police would like to hear from witnesses who saw anything in connection with the incident.

On the other hand, when the perpetrators are not from sensitive countries the press have no problems whatsoever with reporting their ethnicity. And in this case they probably even did not do anything. The Swedish press does not mind:
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Israeli footballers held for rape in Sweden

The two Hapoel Tel Aviv players, Israeli Itay Shechter and Brazilian national Douglas da Silva, were detained after a reported rape following the team’s victory over IFK Gothenburg.


The players were not arrested and are not currently suspected of any offence.

And a little bit on the Iraqi asylum-seeker circus in Denmark

Today [Friday July31, 2009] Ekstra Bladet has an editorial (actually they are running a front page story about it but no online access to it yet) about the Iraqi asylum-seekers who won’t accept that they cannot stay in Denmark as refugees and be granted asylum.

These Iraqis have attempted all kinds of initiatives to force the Danish government to let them stay. Well, Ekstra Bladet wanted to test whether they had a point or not. Whether they really were in danger if they returned to their homes in Iraq, as they have claimed so many times.

Here is a short version of what experienced when they sent some reporters to Iraq to validate the claims from these people — several of whom have been punished for drug dealing, smuggling and violence.

(Extensive material about the circus surrounding these occupiers can be found here.)


The Iraqis’ own goal

The Iraqis who have occupied Brorsons Kirke (Church) on Nørrebro claims that they will be killed if Denmark forces them to return home.

It is not true. When presented with this statement many of their countrymen in their homeland are puzzled; they have nothing to fear, they say.

Ekstra Bladet‘s journalists have been on a surprise fact-finding mission to Iraq. We asked for copies of the files from 5-10 of the rejected Iraqis in the church. They were completely free to choose which cases they wanted us to have. It happened with the help of the support group Kirkeasyl [Kirkeasyl is a group of self-declared “gutmenschen” who have decided to help these people overturn the decision — translator]

One must then assume that here we really should be able to dig up some good ammunition to be used against the relentless Danish system. How much bigger the surprise, then, when observing the result: “You are not in danger,” the local chief of police, among others, reassures in the city of Pirde where one of the chosen Iraqis, Mohamad Jaff, comes from.

“Why should anyone in this country use his resources to pursue a man who has lost everything in Iraq and now also in Denmark?” says the Kurdish war hero. The new political heavyweight Mam Rostam. A man one would have expected to back the 60 Iraqis from Brorsons Kirke up. But he does the opposite.

“Most asylum seekers are liars,” he says forthrightly.

The mood of the general population has been the only thing that could save the 282 rejected Iraqi asylum seekers. Support within the population has fluctuated. Negatively when it was revealed that the Iraqis travel home in packed airplanes every week. But positively when artists and support groups back them up with “café in the crypt” and help for the kids who have wasted their childhood in Denmark [because the families have refused for years to accept the outcomes of the cases, thereby making the kids hostages as something useful for them to include in the cases — translator].

Their credibility, on which the perception of the population depends crucially, is ruined. In reality those handpicked examples from the Iraqis did not stand up to scrutiny.

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  1. A gypsy, most likely one from Eastern Europe, just tried to rob my mobile phone last Friday.

    An intelligent positioning preventing the gypsy from passing through my right side (where I was holding the mobile phone) impossibilitated him to “catch and run”. I was able to do this because the Gypsy showed signs of anxiety, being too nervous and staring too focused at my mobile phone while simultaneously forcing a way the most to my right side as possible in a very “unnatural way”.

    Then when he was on my back, I really had to turn around and send a “tough you-want-some-come-get-some” stare to the short guy. There followed some five seconds of silent brown eyed tension. And that’s why I think the gypsy was from Eastern Europe, he probabily didn’t know a word of Portuguese. A typical Iberian Gypsy would do this and scream like hell; The typical black bad boy would threaten to stab me. No, he wouldn’t, because the Gypsy was not in pack nor was he bigger than me…

  2. There was a row outside a store in Landskrona, Sweden little over a mont ago concerning gypsies. They had hung out there for days when it eventually escalated to the brink that police actually intervened. The threadstarter UncleBob was obviously present to both witness and document the event, even with some photos, so it is obvious that they really were gypsies. I don’t have time to interpret it right now but I’ll give you the link to the forum-thread so that you if you’re interested can check it out via google translate if you want.
    If so enjoy the report from the MC sewer:

  3. Asylum seekers, particularly Muslims, who refuse to go back when their claims are rejected, are in effect testing the will of the nation to enforce the laws. If the state backs down, it will have set a precedent that the Infidel nation’s laws are irrelevant, and only allah’s law applies.

    I sincerely hope that Denmark forcibly removes these Iraqis from Denmark, setting them down in Somalia or Afghanistan, as a lesson to others of that ilk.

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