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We’ve seen what happens when Multiculturalism collides with women’s rights or sexual orientation: race always trumps gender and lifestyle choice, so that women and homosexuals are obliged to put up with abuse at the hands of Enrichers that would not be permitted if white people were the perpetrators.

Now we have an encounter between cultural enrichment and people with disabilities. Which victim group are we supposed to sympathize with in this case?

I’ve never encountered the word “disablist” before, but I’m willing to bet that the official who referred to this Jamaican as a “disablist” will soon learn that he is a “racist” for saying so.

According to The Northampton Chronicle:

Charity Condemns Attack on Wheelchair User

Robbers who stole a wallet from a man in a wheelchair in a Northampton park have been described as “despicable” by the director of a charity which supports the disabled.

The 42-year-old victim was robbed in the centre of the Racecourse, near the toilets, on Monday at about 9.30am after he was approached by two men who demanded cash from him.

The man was the second disabled person to become the victim of crime in the town in two days after a 25-year-old man was spat at, punched and knocked out of his wheelchair in the early hours of Sunday.

The man had become separated from his wife in Mercers Row and he landed on the ground so hard that he lost consciousness.

– – – – – – – –

Director of Ability Northants, Sandra Bell, said: “It is despicable for anybody to pick on the most vulnerable people in society. They cannot defend themselves in any way and people may look upon them as easy prey.”

“I hope with both these incidents the correct action has been taken in recording them as disabled hate crime.”

The two men involved in the robbery on the Racecourse are described as between 17 and 23 and black. The first was around 6ft 2in and slim with black dreadlocked hair about half way down his back. He had a West Indian accent. He was wearing green camouflage trousers and a dark blue jacket.

The second robber was around 5ft 7in, of medium build and had black dreadlocked hair down to his shoulders. He was wearing black trousers and a red jacket.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have any information about the robbery or anyone who may recognise the description of the men. If you have information on either incident call police on 03000 111222.

A spokesman said: “We take crimes committed against people with any form of disability seriously and fully investigate the circumstances surrounding that incident.

“We get very few incidents of this kind, however, we believe there are more people who are victims of disablist [sic] incidents and crimes and I would urge them to contact us,” the spokesman added.

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Hat tip: Earl Cromer.

The Earl sent me two more enrichment stories from the UK, but that’s enough for this post. I’ll put them in the news feed.

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  1. You have to be truly debased to steal from a disabled person and hurt them while doing so.

    Jamaica’s biggest export is its people along with a gun, gang and drug culture.

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