Woe Is Us

This is not good news for all of us folks here in Redneckland:

Goode Won’t Run Again for Congress

Former Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. confirmed today that he will not seek election in 2010 to the 5th district seat he lost last year to Democrat Tom Perriello.

Goode, a Republican, gave no reason why he decided not to try to regain the seat he had held for 12 years before being upset last year.

Fifth District Republican chairman Tucker Watkins said he expected a number of people would seek the Republican nomination.

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4 thoughts on “Woe Is Us

  1. The lack of support for Goode in the 2008 election by the counter jihadi (CJ) movement is a black mark. Even worse, they don’t seem to even know that. You can’t learn if you can’t even see your mistakes.

    Goode was targeted by a group that brought him down. Where were the CJ websites during this? Didn’t even know it was happening it appears. Still seem unaware of it. No attempt to try to figure out what went wrong and put it right.

    This tends to shows the CJ is not a real political movement but instead exploitation. Why did CJ not have a viable plan to deal with Iran? With Pakistan’s nukes? There was nothing really.

    That Goode was targeted and defeated without the CJ’s even knowing about it or caring is something they need to acknowledge. Instead they fought over who was fascist. In the view of Congress, the CJ’s showed themselves flies. Goode was supposed to be their Congressman. Yet they never even know he needed support.

    Goode losing was the 9/11 of the CJ movement. Except they didn’t even notice.

  2. It wasn’t just that. The counter jihad in Virginia isn’t that well organized.

    I respect Virgil Goode; he’s a decent man of great integrity. However, he was outgunned by the Dems. He only lost the race by 727 votes. And the Dems have a neat trick: they get college students to double-dip. That is, they register in their home states, and they register again in their college town. UVA is especially infamous for this.In that polling place alone was enough votes to kill Virgil’s chances.

    In addition, Virgil’s staff never kept up technically. All responses were handled by snail mail, not by email. He didn’t use technology efficiently. His campaign staff wasn’t aggressive.

    Now we have Perriello in his expensive tailored suits and his slick political chatter. People drank the Kool Aid he was selling.

    As I told him, I’ve never actively volunteered in a campaign before, but I will do so for whoever runs against him. Heck, I’ll even register as a Democrat to do it.

    My final thought on this news is that Virgil simply didn’t want to return to Congress in its current shape. He’d be 64 by the time of the next Congress. He’d be coming back in as a freshman all over again, with little influence and a lot of garbage to wade through those final two years of Obama’s term. Who would have the gumption to do that when the deck is as stacked as it is?

    Fortunately, we look good to go with the gubernatiorial race. The Dems aren’t even giving their candidate much in the way of funds (like Virgil the Dem candidate is a country boy with a southwestern twang which is gonna turn off Northern Virginia voters).

    My bet for Virgil’s replacement is Rob Bell, but I don’t know if he’ll leave the Commonwealth Assembly to run. He’s young, energetic, and he knows the system well.

    It’s sad, but he served honorably and well.

  3. Your point on Perriello and his slick suits is a good one.

    This reminds me to post some info on the slick suit PAC that beat Goode. Goode was targeted by the left which raised substantial money around the country to defeat Goode.


    Top Contributors to Tom Perriello (D) during the 2008 Election Cycle
    Rank Donor Amount (US Dollars)
    1 ActBlue $ 265,367

    (The Source Watch page has been changed from when I found that info. It is possibly on some other page now. Search Perriello Actblue for more info on this group and this campaign.)


    If you search Goode Perriello you find many Left websites celebrating Goode’s defeat.

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