On the Air Again

On the airAndrea Shea King, the Radio Patriot, has invited us once again to appear on her radio show.

Tonight’s topic will be “Global Governance”, as inspired by the words of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Along the way we may touch on the EU and the Mediterranean Union as well as the North American version of transnational sovereignty.

Brussels, Barcelona, Davos, and Turtle Bay — it promises to be an interesting discussion.

I will definitely be there, and Dymphna hopes that she will be well enough to take part.

Tune in at 9:00pm EDT (0200 London, 0300 Copenhagen) to the Andrea Shea King Show. The call-in number is (646) 478-4604, and you can also use skype voice (I think).

I’ll chill the Yuengling for everyone…

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12 thoughts on “On the Air Again

  1. The reference to Good Governance and Global Governance is a critical one that I support.

    To many times the word Democracy has been used and abused to a point were the meanings and importance of that word has been lossed and misunderstood.

    In fact western style democracy being forced upon much of the world over the last 60 years has been the main contributor to the suffering of the developing world with Africa being the perfect example.

    The presumption also that because such liberal democracies work for some and they happen to be super powers or wealthy nations – that is obviously the way to go and even to be enforced as a method of being a member of some club – has alienated many nations that work well and have “good governance” but is not a liberal western democracy, partially or even a democratic system at all.

    Democracy is for those nations that do not have an existing system that works AND are ready for it – let alone can afford it.

    Good Governance is the phrase to be used.

  2. Ho! So you stayed up for it! You’re a man of stamina.

    Yes, it was good to be able to speak about these things. Andrea allows her guests to talk, unlike some hosts, so I had a lot of room to roam through the European topics.

  3. BB,

    I think you are the man of stamina. I more have bad habits, like staying up late. I wish I had your stamina.

    Yes, Andrea is a good host for letting her guests talk. (Many others are overly fond of hearing their own voice I guess.) This makes a better radio show. Especially when you are there of course 🙂

    so I had a lot of room to roam through the European topics.

    Yep, you managed more or less to get into all sorts of things. Except for the Spanish Inquisition (although nobody would have expected that).

  4. Oh! I was just expecting something about the spanish inquisition! =]
    Just kidding! Is really much of the right pro gold standart Baron? I have seen, heard, read a lot of about it lately.

  5. Rocha,

    It depends on which part of the Right you look at. The mainstream Right considers “Gold bugs” to be somewhat fringe wackos, along with “Birthers”, “Truthers”, Bilderburg conspiracists, militia members, and Ron Paul voters.

    But there’s an old-school subset of conservatives that views a return to the gold standard as a just and sensible — albeit hopeless — cause.

  6. Baron, I just finished listening to your interview . Congratulations on expanding your base. I can only hope that GoV experiences a renewed surge of web site hits. As always, thank you for everything that you do.

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