Pure Evil

A couple of days ago I posted a translated news story about an attack by immigrants on the Danish child star Sandra Monique. Henrik Ræder Clausen has kindly translated a follow-up editorial from Jyllands-Posten about the incident:

Pure evil

The 12-year old singer Sandra Monique from Århus, who reached second place in the children’s music awards (MGP) on television, has been the victim of pure and uncompromising evil. A group of slightly older children, whom she shares neither school nor club with, recently lay in ambush and assaulted her. The most aggressive of the assailants appears to have been an Arab girl, who tried to suffocate her. The doctors from the emergency room testified that she had been in mortal danger.

The assault on the girl is fully documented, as a boy in the group recorded the entire scene with his mobile phone and passed it along to friends, who could then take delight in the humiliation of the child star.

Not only physically. Also psychologically, for the influence on artists by reviews in printed or electronic media is negligible compared to the foul language thrown at the artists in forums such as YouTube.

In these forums, the artists are told in plain language not only what the anonymous writers think of them, but also what they would like to do to them. Victims of this deserve immediate crisis assistance and compensation. According to the law [Constitution], freedom of expression is not void of responsibility, and it has never been legal to terrorize others. Except, apparently, on YouTube and other so-called “social media”.

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This has nothing to do with common sense, but looks more like incitement to violence, and is an expression of children without standards who use this to express their limitless and sick jealousy towards the MGP finalist.

It is good that Sandra and her mother, Donna Monique, have chosen openness about what happened. Also for the mother this has been an experience of total powerlessness. She tried to appeal to the conscience of the young, but they responded merely with threats of more violence.

The mother also tried, which should be perfectly normal, to appeal to the mother of the Arab girl in order to stop the violent assaults on her daughter. No luck here. The mother of the Arab girl refused to acknowledge that the assault had even taken place, and it appears that she has given the same explanation to the police.

How does one deal with persons so immune to reason? In the western end of Århus there apparently exists a culture of violence demanding respect. From the victims.

The mother calls for legislative changes to make it possible to punish the cold and calculating evil.

The perpetrators know perfectly well that they’re below the age of full legal responsibility, and they are fully aware that the social workers, whom they already know all too well, will be deciding the consequences.

They do not seem to have any significant fear of these consequences, and this is perhaps the most worrisome, that their conscience is gone, too. The police may investigate the case, but with the full knowledge that no court case will come of it.

Some may wish that the schools be given the resources and methods to provide the children with at least some norms and manners. Norms that fit the society they should be part of, but obviously are not.

7 thoughts on “Pure Evil

  1. Even here in the states we see this sort of behavior in our youth. A sense of entitlement leads even children of privilege to feel it is within their rights to assault, denigrate and rob. The school system, the legal system and various social services which by rights should be setting some sort of standard, instead encourages the activity by viewing aggression as the result of victimization. Turning reality on its head the perpetrator becomes the victim and the victim becomes the perpetrator.

  2. As a teacher i see this kind of disease many times, same kind of problem, kids know they can be violent and nothing will follow.
    So from loud classes in the 80’s when i was studying now we have offenses and the occasional attack.
    Worse than that sometimes it is PURE EVIL last year a kid put fire in his teacher hair. And the ONE girl that helped the teacher got a menace from the class. Do you guess who the brazilian board of education sided with?

  3. The mother of the Arab girl refused to acknowledge that the assault had even taken place, and it appears that she has given the same explanation to the police.

    That’s what anyone could have expected from such scum anyway, and we know why. We sure do.

    A mahoundian, a slave of allah (the imaginary), though the lowest of the low, will always see itself as the epitome of superiority and perfection. Blame is never to be placed on its shoulders in the eyes of its fellow believers; at most, a non-penis-possessing mahoundian might be guilty of “making sin unavoidable” for those who possess the aforementioned kind of genitals. Otherwise, it will either never acknowledge any guilt, or it will tell you that “da Jooooooooozzz” did it… Just as Jews, as described by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Infidel, are supposed to be responsible for everything that goes wrong in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that there is not a single Jew living in that open sewer.

  4. Rocha, I’ve heard stories about public schools in Brazil where teachers get hit by parents of kids who get low grades. It seems to be something very similar to what Saudi students that perform poorly in school and their parents do to teachers that award them those low marks. Here’s an excerpt from the text at the linked address:

    The teacher, who was in his 30s, was shot dead at a high school in Al-Zaher district on June 8. A man walked into the school asking for the teacher. When he saw the teacher, he shot him and seriously injured him. He was pronounced dead in hospital.

    A clip, most probably from a cell phone, posted on the Internet shows footage of another teacher trapped inside a car surrounded by a mob of students. The teacher tries to talk to the students, but they ignore him. Other teachers try to interfere and calm students down; they are also attacked. Finally, as the teacher tries to escape, he is attacked and forced to take refuge inside the school.

  5. The problem here is that higher education was destroyed teachers don’t learn to teach, don’t want to learn and those who try find a system that promotes lazyness on the students and contempt on their teachers. You can thank cultural marxists and traditional marxists for that.

  6. The assault on the girl is fully documented, as a boy in the group recorded the entire scene with his mobile phone and passed it along to friends, who could then take delight in the humiliation of the child star. [emphasis added]

    The other day I commented about how camera cell phones would begin to reshape the legal and societal landscape in potentially positive ways.

    Far be it from me to anticipate the exceptional stupidity of those who cheerfully record and publicly disseminate their own criminal activities. Apparently, voluntary self-incrimination takes a back seat to the necessity of broadcasting such barbarous and criminal acts to the world at large.

    Thus, we can see that Muslims happily conflate self-aggrandizement with what can only be a frank and unmistakable admission that they are neither deserving nor worthy of participation in civilized society.

    Qu’elle surprise!

  7. This is the result of taking political correctness to full swing. The empathy from the legal system, socialworkers and so on lies with the perps and not with the victims. They think that by hugging the perps, they will become good citizens. They think the perps acts badly because of structural racism or any other silly excuse of explaining their behaviour. They think harsher punishments will only make them even worse. This is cultural marxism as it’s best and it has gone on for decades now. They pity the criminals, not the victims. The latter they don’t even care about. As long as these halal-hippies are in power it will go on like this.

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