Australian Bikie Gangs

An Australian reader who goes by the moniker “thefrollickingmole” had trouble posting a comment here, so he sent me an email instead. My recent posts on the Danish chapter of Hells Angels prompted him to send an account of motorcycle gangs in Australia:

Here in Oz we have an interesting wrinkle on the bikie gangs issue.

First off, my little bit is about Australia; this will vary from country to country.

The Hells Angels in Australia are criminal scum, no two ways about it. Those not actively engaged in crime are enjoying the money/lifestyle generated by those that are. They are a huge force in the drug industry and own many legitimate businesses purchased with money from the proceeds of crime.

They are no friends of “civilians”; who do you think the junkie who robs you is frightened of when he owes money?

However, a new twist has emerged in Australia, this will be worth keeping an eye on internationally.

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Some bikie gangs began recruiting Muslims as muscle, this has led to the takeover of some groups by Muslims, and the formation of the first all-Muslim gang. There have been a number of shootings/bombings/stabbings between the rival groups reported (God knows how much goes unreported).

Here are a few links:

Notice how our soft court system allows him out on bail “to look after his wife”…

As I said, I don’t know if this is a purely Aussie issue, but it might be worth looking at the ethnic backgrounds of some of the bikie gangs that may be competing with the Hells Angels in your patch.


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  1. ● This first one makes it clear the gangs are split into Sunni and Shia groups.

    Boy howdy, I’ll bet nobody saw that one coming!

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