Peas in a Pod

Our Swedish correspondent reacted immediately to my newfound photo of the Swedish premier, who for the next six months will be the proud ‘chairman’ of the EU, and wrote me to put it in its proper coherence. He suggested the following poster for the Deadly Duo of modern Swedish political economy:

Mona Reinfeldt

On the left is Mona Sahlin of the opposition Social Democrats, and on the right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderates.

Our correspondent gave this explanation of the captions:
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Lika som bär (alike as berries) is a Swedish saying used when you want to point out a profound similarity that superficially is not quite manifest. Lingon(berries) and blå(blue)berries, politically red and blue, tasting different, but both in their core and heart ultradhimmic Islamophiles.

I’m guessing that the most appropriate food-related English idiom for the same condition would be peas in a pod.

15 thoughts on “Peas in a Pod

  1. It’s as apropos to put these faces in burqas and label them with the name of a Norwegian traitor as it would be for me to photoshop pictures of the Baron and Dymphna into a old photo of Hitler and Eva Braun, with the labels “Dymphna Braun” and “Adolph Bodissey.”

    Howard Alan Treesong would marvel at your duplicity.

  2. Yep, Mona is not photoshopped. Here in Sweden Mrs Sahlin is nicknamed Mona Muslim and our PM Dhimmifeldt. Quite appropriate isn’t it?

  3. It is no surprise that it’s Nodrog who makes the incredibly inapt and morally grotesque Hitler “comparison” between two sets of unlikes.

    Earth to Nodrog. Hitler was a genocidal and imperialist dictator who not only killed 6 million civilians outright but precipitated a World War to contain his ambitions that took 50 million lives. The only people he can be justifiably compared to are other genocidal and invading tyrants like Stalin.

    Only a moral pervert paints normal people with whom he disagrees with the Hitler brush. As an example to him, although Nodrog clearly does not reason normally as demonstrated by his last comment, even HE does not warrant a comparison to Hitler.

    On the other hand, western dhimmi leaders who appease every demand of activist Muslims are accurately portrayed in Muslim garb. How accurately is demonstrated by the photo of Mona Sahlin taken wearing the hijab, not photoshopped as Nodrog wrongly assumed.

    “Quisling” is found in all dictionaries now as a synonym for “traitor” and “collaborator”. Both leaders have a documented pattern of behavior that betrays Swedish culture and Swedish constituents.

    Nodrog has made an utter fool of himself and if he had any ability to be embarrassed (congenitally missing on the Left) then he would never darken this blog again after his telling little fantasy about portraying the hosts as Hitler and Eva Braun.

    After long experience with nodrogs, let me anticipate his deflection: “I didn’t say the Baron and Dymphna were like….I said that portrayal would be just as inaccurate as dressing Sahlin and pal up as Muslims”. Well a) the portrayal of the Swedes is accurate b) the Baron/Dymphna slag is not and c) Instead of “It’s as apropos…to photoshop pictures of the Baron and Dymphna into a old photo of Hitler and Eva Braun, with the labels “Dymphna Braun” and “Adolph Bodissey” why wasn’t it some more benign and defensible comparison like “photoshop pictures of the Baron and Dymphna into an old photo of Danish vikings”?…and even then the Baron and Dymphna have not been pillaging whereas the gruesome Swedish twosome have been betraying.

    Nodrog’s venom spilled out for all to see the moral vacuum at his core. Islam apologists and followers always show their true colors sooner or later.

  4. laine, you said it as well as I might have. Thank you for putting our resident troll in place.

    We must all rally against the abusive labeling of “Hitler” when anti-Islamic ideas are brought to the fore. Nobody on this entire earth embodies Adolph Hitler’s Ideals more than Islam. Period.

    Despite all predictions of a “Muslim holocaust”, it is my deepest hope that such a cataclysmic event can be forestalled.

    That Islam only hopes for and seeks to assure such an abysmal outcome is no fault of our own. Muslims continue to press for the most horrific of outcomes because that is all they have to offer our modern world.

  5. Gordon the Backward said:

    It’s as apropos to put these faces in burqas and label them with the name of a Norwegian traitor as it would be for me to photoshop pictures of the Baron and Dymphna into a old photo of Hitler and Eva Braun, with the labels “Dymphna Braun” and “Adolph Bodissey”.

    Can you photoshop anything, Gordo? Go for it. Some of the strange websites do such things already. Add your voice. Get a blog and do the work.

    Be sure to send me a link, or put one in the comments. I love Hitler comparisons. They’re so…so original.

  6. My, I seem to have struck a nerve here.

    There is of course a HUGE difference between labeling someone as “Hitler” and labeling someone as “Quisling.” NOT!

    And Laine takes the cake – of course it’s really OK to label the Swedish politicians as quislings because, of course, THEY ARE QUISLINGS! And, when they get shot by some nutcase who takes the Baron’s and Laine’s oppobrium too seriously they can always say, “who, me?”

    On April 10, 1901, the New York Journal, the “yellow press” newspaper owned by William Randolph Hearst, culminated its vitriolic attack on President William McKinley by publishing an editorial with the following statement: “If bad institutions and bad men must be got rid of only by killing, then the killing must be done.” To his credit, Hearst recalled later editions of the paper when the editorial was brought to his attention, but less than five months later President McKinley was, in fact assassinated.

    Labeling Swedish politicians, elected by their constituencies, as “Vidkun Quisling” is similarly an implicit call for their assassination. It is vile, odious, repulsive, and the equivalent of photoshopping someone into a picture of Hitler and Eva Braun.

    Get it now, Laine? Zenster? Dymphna?

  7. What’s so wrong with having traitors shot? As a civilized person I would of course prefer them to be brought to court first. But if the court finds them guilty of high treason, like what actually happened in the Quisling-case some 60 years ago I wouldn’t mind if they got shot afterwards. I don’t want people that bad to be free ever again. I don’t want them breathing at all. Who knows if powerful people like that won’t pull some strings even from prison? Better to get rid of them for good.

  8. And PRCalDude, as usual, misses the point (as has everyone else, quite conveniently). It is as inappropriate for me to photoshop the Baron and Dymphna into pictures of Adolph and Eva as it is to photoshop the Prime Minister of Sweden with an Arab-style headdress, use an existing photo of the opposition leader, and label them with the name of Hitler’s top Scandinavian puppet.

    But some people are just dense, I guess …

  9. Nodrog —

    I don’t understand — what’s wrong with shooting or hanging traitors?

    After due process, of course, with the right to confront their accusers, jury of their peers, legal counsel, etc.

    Less than a century ago, it was the norm throughout the civilized world — and look what good abandoning it did us.

    Really, rather than sneer and label me with epithets, why don’t you marshal a logical argument and tell me why the death penalty for treason is a bad idea?

    Make sure you cite some real examples that illustrate the deleterious effects of it.

  10. Well, Baron, in a post subsequent to this one, you blame our nation’s loss in Vietnam to our “traitorous domestic media machine.”

    Do you propose that thousands of members of the 1960’s media should have been tried and, if found guilty, executed for treason? For if execution is the appropriate penalty, a conviction for treason should allow for no lesser sentence.

    The reason why we don’t execute traitors any more is because knuckleheads like you have so debased the term as to make it virtually meaningless.

  11. How exercised Nodrog is on behalf of his precious European leaders who are dhimmis. They are worth their weight in Judas gold to his masters.

    I would think that pointing out the quislings in the Swedish government is most likely to result in… gasp! getting these people voted out!…horrors! Nodrog is so concerned about the infinitesimal chance that someone takes a potshot at them that he wants them free of all criticism to wreck their countrymen’s lives enabling who knows how many rapes, beatings and deaths along the way of people who apparently count less in his estimation. These are real documented crimes, not Nodrog’s feverish imaginings. The assassinations in Europe have been by Nodrog’s team, the “peaceful” Muslims and their leftist enablers.

    I anticipated his deflection on his Hitlerian stink bomb exactly and he went right ahead and gave it anyway. Utterly dense and shameless.

    Nodrog is not a principled leftist. He is an apologist and incompetent liar pushing the myth of “moderate” Islam and ultra protective of both Islamists and their dhimmis among which we must number himself. Lord knows why he wastes everyone’s time on this site. I doubt even the Saudis would pay for such drivel.

    Any goose who plays the Hitler card has removed himself from intelligent discourse.

  12. Nodrog —

    As a citizen of a free country, I have a right to use the word “treasonous” as I see fit, and such is my opinion. Using the word in the context of a court of law is quite different, as you well know.

    But yes: if a jury of their peers convicted them, then I would certainly shed no tears when some of those treasonous media bastards dropped through the trapdoor. Not at all.

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