Obama did indeed inherit some of the mess now occurring. What seems bizarre are his solutions to the situation, i.e., to make it a humungous disaster of a mess. He’s applying 1930’s solutions to the 21st century. Good luck with that, Mr. President: this is going to bear your name in some fashion or other.

An Italian boy from the Bronx, Gerald Celente, has a lot to say about the disintegration of the American empire. Some of what he predicts is already happening, as I’m sure he knows.

In fact, homelessness in the U.S. has been around for years, especially in more moderate climates. Now, however, it’s becoming more evident. The construction industry may be in free fall, but I’ll bet the sales of tents and survival equipment are way up.

Here is the wiki on Mr. Celente. Do some research and decide for yourself if he’s on target or if he’s blowing wind.

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11 thoughts on “Obamageddon?

  1. The dumb blonde says “We don’t want to leave viewers with a view of Armageddon” right after Celente describes exactly that and describes the media world as being in business to sell dreams devoid of reality. How do people watch TV news anymore?

  2. To ex-Gordon “Blowing wind”

    Well, you’d know about that, that’s for sure.

    Given that Mr Celente’s thesis, was / is a total anathema to your personal world view; it is apparent that you did not listen to anything other than that which you wished to hear.

    Mr Celente’s comment regarding India joining with Russia and China, in the idea of a new reserve currency, should send shock-waves through what passes for your thinking processes. Not just Obama and his administration, but Chancelleries throughout the Western World, are busy printing money as fast as the presses of their respective central banks will spit it out. This, without anything else, will spell economic disaster, in spite of all the intellectual arguments put forward by today’s modern enlightened economic gurus. Gordon, can you not get it through your mind, paper money is a promissory note, nothing more; once faith in that promise becomes exposed to the harsh reality of fiscal destitution, that essential “faith” collapses, and from there everything else Mr. Celente postulates falls in line like dominoes.

    Mr. Celente is not alone in this dire prognosis. Christopher Ondaatje, in his book, “The Power of Paper”, argues the same point. Mr. Ondaatje is no idle scribbler, he is an astute businessman, who managed to build a publishing empire, worth over half a billion dollars. Also, Mr. Ondaatje understood this predicament long before the messiah walked onto the world stage, which makes Mr. Celente’s point all the more chilling.

    Unless a miracle occurs, both Mr. Ondaatje and Mr. Celente are likely to be proved more correct than your simplistic observation, but I’m sure that wont disturb sanctimonious musings.

  3. He is certainly right, but for the wrong reasons, as for a world reserve currency we could have had one in 1945 Keynes suggested it at the Breton Wood meeting. I think it was called the Bancor, but the Americans who had 60% of the Worlds Gold in Fort Knox at the time scotched the idea. Being a world currency has its good side but if you don’t exercise restrain it has a deadly down side

  4. I believe we can file a large number of Mr. Celente’s predictions in the El Inglés folder labeled, “Discontinuities”.

    While Bush’s good-old-boy network definitely greased the skids for this downhill slide, BHO’s tidy little labor syndicate is tilting everything straight over the edge.

    My advice: Learn how to reload your own ammunition. Come the revolution, empty guns will litter the streets and bullets will trade for their weight in gold.

    On a less apocalyptic note:


    Make these thieving wretches pay at the ballot box for every last anti-American vote they cast. Raising taxes, cutting jobs, supporting off-shoring and Kyoto protocol adherence should all ring a political death knell for these parasites.

    Celente’s prediction of “boss-napping” only begins to detail what will more likely evolve into an open season on those who sell America down the river.

  5. Zenster says:


    You definitely have your ear to the ground, my good man. I heard that A LOT at both Tea Parties. People are refusing to be strait-jacketed by party affiliation.

    Our former Congressman had to leave the Dems for principle, but he wasn’t happy with the Republicans. OTOH, who does that leave you to caucus with??

    One thing for sure: everyone at both Tea Parties will be working to unseat our current Congressman. I saw one sign very much to the point:

    “Perriello, U R Toast”

    It would make a good bumper sticker when the time comes. That is if we can afford a car by then.

  6. Dymphna: You definitely have your ear to the ground, my good man.

    Thank you, dearest Dymphna. The time has come for all good people to come to the aid of their nation!

    Parties be damned. There is so little difference twixt them that you cannot spit between the difference.

  7. He’s applying 1930’s solutions to the 21st century.

    He is. However, I predict that the results this time will be radically different. Back in the 30’s, the US was a major kreditor nation and could afford to make mistakes, even big ones, and still manage a great recovery. The situation today is the reverse, as the US is a huge international debtor. That money will not be easier to repay, given what the 0bama Administration is doing.

    Reading up on Americas Great Depression (PDF – paper copy here), or on the possible consequences of the current policies, is encouraged.

  8. Yes and no, Henrik. America took a dive when people who owed it money could not repay it. Germany, essentially, repudiated it by various means. Germany then did quite well, well enough to take on the world in another war.

  9. xlbrl:

    Please read the rules re civil discourse in the comments. To refer to another’s opinions as “mindless boilerplate” is definitely uncivil.

    Can you perhaps say you disagree with an opinion and offer your own solution instead.

    *you* may consider that the two party system currently in operation can be repaired. Many of us don’t agree. The thousands of people seeking other avenues of redress is proof of that.

    You are permitted to express your views on this blog, but none may do so by being dismissive of another’s opinion.

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