Jackals in Dearborn

Here’s a little Independence Day extra for our American readers.

This video is from the Arabfest in Dearborn, Michigan, on June 21st, 2009 (thanks to the alert reader who just sent us the tip):

The full text of the notes accompanying the video are below the jump:
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Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US

This is a video of David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi asking questions at Arabfest, Dearborn. The date is June 21st, 2009. There was a booth at the festival which had a banner titled “Islam: Got Questions? Get Answers.” From their table, we picked up a pamphlet claiming that Islam promotes peace. We noticed that it was full of poor logic and errors, so we decided to make a video refuting it. We went to the booth that gave us the pamphlet to give them the opportunity to defend their claims. Security, however, stepped in and forced us to turn off our camera.

We left the booth, received advice from police, and found out that the actions of the security guards were illegal. We went back to the booth to record a potential answer again. Realizing that the Muslims present had no answer, we left.

When we came outside, we were asked some questions by two young men, who had been sent by security to entrap us. While we responded to them, festival security started assaulting us, as you will see in this video. The conclusion of this video is a mob of festival security attacking our cameras, pushing us back, kicking our legs, and lying to the police.

We ask you, is it a coincidence that the city with the highest percentage of Muslims in the United States is the city where Christianity is not allowed to be represented (let alone preached) on a public sidewalk? Is it coincidence that in this city, people will say “No way!” when we say “This is the United States of America”?

Is this what will happen when Islam takes over the United States?

9 thoughts on “Jackals in Dearborn

  1. It’s kinda depressing the plague of islam has spread so far and that it now starts to look like here in Eurabia. Maybe you should change name to United States of Amerabia instead? I’m sure Mullah Obamaham would be happy to comply…

  2. This video needs to go viral and I hope it most certainly does.

    Welcome to Islam in America. The words of a Muslim protester ring ever more clearly:


    On this Independence Day, all free Americans need to declare their independence from the oppression and tyranny of Islam.

    It is difficult to believe that the Muslims who engaged in this blatant thuggery have any idea of what they are stirring up in America’s heartland.

    This sort of gangster activity will go only so far and then be met with a backlash of stunning proportions. By engaging in this type of aggressive behavior, American Muslims are inviting a resurgence of the very worst episodes from this nation’s past.

    This time around, the only difference will be that internment camps and discriminatory legislation will be justified. The foregoing video showed such unalloyed hate and repression that my only response to it involves a mechanical amalgam of brass and lead.

  3. Here you have illustrated one of the immutable physical laws of Islam : introduce it in a alien society, let it reach a critical mass (which is an alarmingly low percentage), and watch a nuclear reaction start, threatening to annihilate the host society.

    They have been doing that for the last 1 400 years. So they have quite a bit of practice by now. It does not mean that it cannot be stopped. Just that you don’t mess with Islam, the way you wouldn’t dream of leaving unattended, in your home, a vial full of germs of the bubonic plague.

    Islam is a cancer which needs to be killed in the bud when you realise it has infected you. It also needs to be kept at arm’s length, since I’m not advocating the slaughter of a billion people.

  4. An Islamic enclave already in the States… Hard to believe it!

    But Muslims are note to blame. They’re only doing what they have done for centuries. It’s us who have changed. It’s us who are in self-hatred, almost suicidal mood: as I’ve tried to explain a couple of days ago in my blog.

  5. Iam sorry to say that this is the same thuggish behavior I encountered while counter protesting ANSWER rallies, all the way down to the green tee shirts!
    Young men who are given the priveledge of being thugs for the day. In several instances the green shirts turned violent against our group Protest Warrior and I actually watched them push a clearly pregnant woman to the ground.
    So, this behavior is not solely symptomatic of Muslim supporters but is the accepted tactic of the left as well.
    Had I been there I would have headed straight for the police trailer which was close by and called out for help. They were being severely threatened and lightly assaulted.

  6. After Action Review: when asking questions of Muslims, take along a wholesome number of athletic friends.

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