Honduras to the OAS: “Hasta La Vista!”

We went to the Charlottesville Independence Day Tea Party today — in Stonewall Jackson Park, no less! One of us will be reporting on it eventually.

In the meantime, for news from the rest of the Western Hemisphere, check out Fausta’s blog. She has the latest on Honduras:

Honduras leaves the OAS: “There is no room in the OAS for freedom-loving countries.”


“En la OEA ya no existe espacio para los estados que aman su libertad” (brief translation: If you used this translation please credit me and link to this post)

The Micheletti administration renounced the OAS charter “effective immediately”, following José Miguel Insulza’s visit.

Vice-chancellor Marta Lorena Alvarado read the letter addressed to Insulza, which stated the government’s decision “the OAS believes that it no longer has room for Honduras, for the states that love their freedom and defend their sovereignty,” … “in spite of Honduras having taken part in the inter-American systen since its first stages in 1889.”

Video in Spanish here.

Another video from CNN International, with Alvarado reading the letter of resignation… [see Fausta for the embedded video]

She read, “The Honduran government repudiates the pretension to impose unilateral measures against it,” and denounced the OAS’s “tolerance and silence” about threats of “use of force” coming from OAS member states (namely, Venezuela) against Honduras.


The Honduran Supreme Court rejected the OAS’s demand to reinstate the ousted President, Manuel Zelaya:

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OAS chief Jose Miguel Insulza was told the court’s position was “irreversible” when he met its president for two hours in the capital Tegulcigalpa.

By now even the BBC is saying

The new leadership enjoys the support of a substantial proportion of the population and says it stands for democracy, our correspondent reports.

It suggests that Mr Zelaya had despotic ambitions, and therefore the extreme action of removing him from power was justified.

Read the rest at Fausta’s.