Gangsta Kid Rapper in Århus

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Surprisingly enough, Denmark has a gangsta rap subculture, and what may be the youngest rapper in Århus has just gotten himself into hot water.

Our Danish correspondent TB has compiled a report on this enrichment incident, beginning with a brief English-language summary from The Copenhagen Post:

Rap classes stopped over death threat

New youth club rap teacher sought after student writes threatening lyrics about politician

Classes in rapping at an Århus youth club have been abruptly halted after an 11-year-old student was allowed to write and perform a song that included lyrics about killing right-wing politician Morten Messerschmidt of the Danish People’s Party.

According to B.T. newspaper, the boy’s rap included the line ‘I have a single bullet for Messerschmidt because he talks a lot of s**t’. The boy was being tutored by underground Århus rapper Carthage Beck McGosh.

After finding out about the song, the youth club’s manager had the classes immediately stopped. However, the project leader said the classes would resume in two weeks after a new teacher was found.

Rapper 1

TB adds some background to the case:
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The original article in Danish from before the rap school was closed has pictures of the enricher: “May I introduce you to Salman Aqbi and his teacher Carthage Beck McGosh” (scroll down when entering the page to see the shiny happy people).

Rapper 2

In the original article the lyrics have now been deleted by the paper. But Uriasposten has them and I have translated the first and most important part of it below (with some modifications where needed):

Ey yo,
all that Gangsta Funk,
are you crazy man.
I sell Gangsta skunk till they get all f****d up,
become crazy,
can’t you understand,
till they lose their color, listen

I hate my contact person, he does not understand
that Salman is a hot shot
I have a single bullet for Messerschmidt
Cause he talks a lot of s**t
well he can suck my c***

Mr. Prime Minister Mr. Lars Løkke
I want to steal with you
can I fat boy
I hear that you get wine for free cigarettes for free porn movies for free


And so on… you get the point. Really inspiring stuff!

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  1. Look at the expensive recording equipement on the photograph. We are subsidising child-warriors to kill us.

    Africa has lots of them. We imported them.

    Pure madness.

  2. Funny thing is that you are called a racist if you point out the destructiveness of this degenerate hip hop ‘culture’. What does this mean? That some people cannot attain a higher degree of civilization and that we should respect that they cannot produce anything like Bach or Mozart? Or should we conclude that 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg are equal to Bach and Mozart? Rather than encouraging children to do good and be virtuous, we are now actively working to destroy them and yet we call it ‘progress’. What a crazy and demented world we live in. Correction: Western world.

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