Cultural Enrichment at a Swedish McDonald’s

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This is a disturbing video of a violent Enricher vs. Swede incident in a McDonald’s restaurant. A Swedish contact who sent me the tip had this to say about it:

A McDonald’s employee and security guard beats up customer (I have this one downloaded in case it’s taken down. The YouTube clip was just taken down).

The MSM outlets show the video clip, but with faces pixeled out (regularly done in order to obscure the skin colour of the perpetrator in case he’s an enricher). The two most straightforward articles in the MSM are at Aftonbladet and

A lot of discussions about this (and additional info) at Flashback.

WARNING: Portions of this video are disturbing, and may not be appropriate for children and those who are sensitive to violent images:

Below the jump are the verbatim notes that accompany the video at LiveLeak:
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McDonalds employee and security guard beats up costumer

An employee at a McDonalds restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden attacked and beat up an costumer the night to Sunday. A Security guard took also part in the assault. The incident is now hot stuff in Scandinavian media.

The employee had been identified as a guy named Tarik, and you can hear him shout profanities at the victim during the assault. A lot of people on various forum climes that Tarik call the victim “racist” several times during the assault, but due to the low quality on the sound it’s hard to hear what he really says.

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4 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment at a Swedish McDonald’s

  1. The Sentinel

    Not much info in the Swedish articles, but from what I can gather, 2 men walk into a McDonalds. One of them gets into an argument with the guy at the register. The the security guard, the guy working the register and the “civilian” go away from the register and talk. All of a sudden violence erupts and the “civilian” ends up with a broken nose(thanks to the security guard) and probably some bruises. Thats all the info there is. Nothing about what the argument was about or why the violence erupted.

  2. This entire incident seems too ambiguous (as it now stands) to provide useful insights.

    I LOVE the term “enricher” by the way. Fabulously tongue in cheek and just oozing with disdain and sarcasm. I will incorporate into my lexicon immediately.

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