A Big Day Tomorrow?

Earlier today I posted a promotional video for the Hizb ut-Tahrir “Khalifah” event which was to have taken place in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Heroyalwhyness, who sent the original tip, just posted a follow-up in the comments. This is the text of an email sent out by Walid Shoebat’s organization:

The event has been canceled that was mentioned in previous communication, however we believe the video is being used as a message to Muslims for a possible mega terror attack on US soil or US interests as the video says in Arabic “Good News coming soon for Islam” and on another web site the same person that posted the video states that July 5th will be a great day for Islam which was posted 5 days ago. The source of the posting lives in Australia which is a day ahead of us here in the USA, which strongly suggests that there will be a major attack on July 4. Hopefully the US security forces will find and eliminate the possible potential attack(s). We immediately reported our findings to the FBI and requested them to check using their sources the people that posted the video and their connections.

Keith Davies
Walid Shoebat Foundation

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One thought on “A Big Day Tomorrow?

  1. I don’t think that there will be a major attack in the West at this stage, at least not one that is planned and excecuted by some major players in the worldwide jihad. At the same time I am sure that someone somewhere independently prepares an attack at all times (like sudden jihad syndrom). As far as I remember there has not been a major successful attack in the West since London 7/7. I know, there was Bombay but as terrible as that was, it still did not reach the consciousness of people in the West in the same way. It is far away – right? We have to remember that most people do not connect the dots and recognise 911, Madrid, London, Beslan, Bombay, Thailand and so on as parts of the same war. I also do not think that the absense of major attacks in the West for some time is only due to the success of our dhimmified and (forced) politically correct security forces. A successful attack always risks that many more people wake up and understand the real nature of islam. Whereas a failed or discovered attack is enough to keep politicians and authorities on edge and dhimmified without posing the risk of a successful one. At the same time the everyday jihad rolls on – a shooting here, a stabbing there, murder, blackmail on a local scale, just to remind the population almost subcosciously who the new masters are.

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