Glenn Beck, Daniel Hannan, and Stuart Varney

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for this video of Glenn Beck, Daniel Hannan, and Stuart Varney discussing freedom of speech and the viability of liberal democracy in the face of the Islamization of Europe:

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  1. Yeah. I saw this live and was very surprised when Varney brought up the topic of Islam and immigration in Europe. As much as I like Beck (although his goofiness gets really annoying) I still dont think he really GETS IT about the magnitude of the problem. He seems kind of blase about it. Must be the last vestiges of Liberalism tugging at his elbow.

  2. America,

    You really have to stop the love affair with Daniel Hannan. You all had multiple orgasms after you saw him tell Gordon Brown the truth, on Brown’s destruction of the UK, but watch the video again that launched him to fame. When you watch it, all he speaks about is Gordon Brown’s fiscal policy, a little bit about jobs and really that’s it. He mentions nothing whatsoever of NuLabour immigration, the involvement in the EU and Islam. In fact you will never hear Hannan speak on Islam or Immigration.

    It continually makes me laugh to see you all still have multiple orgasms to see this well spoken, exceptionally privileged, toff, speak on American TV. What has he done? Tell me what has he done other than state the blindingly obvious to Gordon Brown at the European Parliament?

    Really America, you need to wake up. Daniel Hannan and the party he belongs to are part of the same club that seeks to create a European superstate of Socialist republics. The Conservative party will never remove the UK from Europe, firstly because they are NOT a Conservative party and secondly because they know that they have the protection of EU policy when it comes to continuing with immigration. Yes, immigration. The conservatives will continue non EU immigration because they know the British population is dying and more so UNSKILLED IMMIGRATION KEEPS THE MINIMUM WAGE STATIC!!! They’ve promised a referendum on the EU but then so did NuLabour.

    Regarding Islam, Daniel Hannan will tow the party line. His party will continue to ignore the growth of Islam in the UK and Europe for the simple reason that they are so far up the arses of Saudi Arabia, not forgetting owned by them when it comes to Sharia Compliant Finance and Arms deals. Yes, they are borrowing more and more Sharia Finance from the Gulf States and with it there are clauses, no doubt the restriction of Islamic judgement and the continued overwhelming appeasement of it. What will Conservative do about the Saudis pumping wahabism into the UK? Nothing! What will the Conservatives do when Muslims demand Sharia? They’ll give it to them or else Saudi will pull their Finances and stop arms deals. Saudi Arabia is buying up the UK.
    Daniel Hannan is no white knight. If anything he and his party (future government) will be compared to the Vichy government of France 1940 – 44. They will sell out the British people to Europe and Islam.
    Have any of you read Cameron’s policy on Europe, Islam & Immigration? Here you go, I’ll quote it:
    (cont’d below)

  3. (cont’d)

    David Cameron on Islam

    “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British (Muslim) Asian way of life, not the other way around.” — David Cameron, ‘What I learnt from my stay with a Muslim family’. The Observer, Sunday, 13 May 2007.

    David Cameron on Europe

    “The Single Market is a great achievement, which the Conservative Party has always strongly supported. We want an EU that looks out to the world, not in on itself. . . We will be strong defenders of the Single Market within Europe, and free trade with the rest of the world … We want to keep the doors of the EU open to new members like the Balkan states and, in due course, Turkey. David Cameron writing in the Conservative Party’s ‘European Manifesto,’ 2009.

    David Cameron on Immigration

    “Immigration is a good thing. Immigrants actually create more employment. As we write off our fellow citizens from participating in the workforce, other countries’ citizens take their place.

    “The gaps in the labour market are, very naturally, being filled by migrant workers. That, in itself, is a good thing, not a bad thing.

    “We should not try to unlock the potential of our own citizens by locking out the citizens of other countries. When willing, able and energetic people come to this country to work, they don’t crowd out other people from the labour market.

    “As the Fresh Talent initiative by the Scottish Executive recognises, skilled foreign workers expand our economy and make us more competitive. Ultimately they create more employment.” David Cameron, speech to Disability Scotland, 15 November 2006.

    Above courtesy of : Centurean2’s Weblog

    This is what Hannan belongs to. The Conservatives are not conservative. The only thing conservative about them is the name. They are a A SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. There is no right wing party in the UK. The main three are central left, with NuLabour veering to the far left.

    For goodness sake USA Hannan, is not the man you all think he is. He’s been all over the USA like a rash since his speech in the EU and listen to it again, a 15 year old economic student with an interest in Politics could have said the same.
    What I really want to hear is Hannan speak about Immigration, the destruction of the UK because of it, Islamisation of Europe, Sarkozy’s belief that “Islamisation of Europe is Inevitable”, the Muslim demographic not only in the UK but in Holland… However you won’t, he’ll be removed from the Conservative party if he does and in the speech to Varney where he speaks that people think all politicians are this and that, he’s right, no one trusts them. He’s merely an Oxford Graduate, born in Lima Peru, who has swirled golf balls in his mouth for most of his life and who hit the big time for saying the blatant obvious. He’s a drone of the Conservative hive, interconnected to NuLabour, Liberal Democrats and other parties throughout Europe connected to the EU Parliament. Don’t ever expect change with Conservative, that would be most foolish.

    P.S. Read his blogs in the Daily Telegraph. All they’re about are attacking NuLabour, the Conservatives and taking a pop at the BNP. There is nothing in there about Immigration or Islam. Of course there’s stuff about the EU, but talking about it doesn’t mean your going to implement it. He’s merely Conservative’s new golden boy, whom they’re using to entice the public with a carrot on the end of a long stick and nothing more.

    All that glitters is not gold.

  4. Daniel Hannan is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association, whose charter commits it to lobby for Turkey’s accession to the EU.

    It is bizarre that he manages to combine campaigning for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU with campaigning for Turkey’s entry into it.

    If Turkey’s 80 million Muslims get into the EU, Europe will inevitably be transformed into Eurabia.

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