Did Pvt. Andy Long Die in Battle?

Pvt. William Andrew “Andy” Long was buried today in the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery in North Little Rock.

Pvt. William Andrew Long Pvt. Long, as you may recall, was shot to death a week ago outside an army recruiting center in Little Rock. According to the Associated Press, the accused murderer, Abdulhakim Muhammad, “allegedly wanted to kill as many soldiers as he could because of harm he believed the military has done to Muslims.”

As Mark Steyn has often pointed out, there is a remarkably high incidence of the name “Muhammad” among those who commit indiscriminate slaughter against innocent people. This particular Muhammad was once named Carlos Bledsoe, but changed his name when he converted to Islam several years ago. Afterwards he traveled abroad and became radicalized in the Middle East.

Muhammad came well-armed to the recruiting center in Ashley Square Shopping Center, and the FBI suspects that he may well have had additional targets in mind, including a Jewish center in Atlanta.

So the question naturally arises: Was Pvt. Long killed in battle?
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His father thinks so, and has said that his son is a “casualty of war”.

Abdulhakim Muhammad thinks so, because he came to the recruiting center kill members of the American military in an act of jihad. He was one of Allah’s soldiers in the war against the United States and the entire infidel world, a war that has been ongoing for nearly 1400 years.

If Andy Long died on duty during hostile action, he should receive the posthumous honors that are due to any other American soldier who gives his life in battle. He deserves to be publicly recognized as a battlefield casualty by the military authorities.

President Obama should acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice made by this young man who died while serving his country. His family should be invited to the White House for an appropriate ceremony.

Don’t hold your breath, though.

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In any case, Pvt. Andy Long is now at rest. His family, friends, and fellow soldiers gathered at the cemetery today to pay their respects. As the Army Times article reports:

His family will decide whether the tombstone says Pvt. William Andrew Long was the first soldier to die at the hands of a terrorist since Sept. 11, 2001.

As it happens, today was the day Pvt. Long was to have shipped out to South Korea. He knew that he was heading into a danger zone on the other side of the Pacific, but what he didn’t realize was that anywhere can be a danger zone when jihad is involved.

That battlefield in the suburbs of Little Rock is just one small corner of Dar al-Harb.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “Did Pvt. Andy Long Die in Battle?

  1. The response from our gov’t is a disgrace. And yes, he should be honored as died in battle although that will not take place.
    The idea of converted radical Muslims is nothing this admin wants to talk about.

  2. Yes, it was in the line of duty, but our glorious commander-in-chief cannot admit this for that would mean we had a Islamic terrorist attack on American soil and to him terrorist don’t exist.

  3. Did Pvt. Andy Long Die in Battle?.

    Unequivocally, yes!

    Those afraid to recognize this fact are enemies of the West.

    We are in a battle with a foe who has declared Total War.

    How long will it be before the West gives its enemies a foretaste of the Total War they so loudly clamor for?

    Hold our nuclear weapons in abeyance but give them an immediate sample of what Total War really means.

    If they still demand more of the same after that, then we shall know that our foe is truly suicidal.

  4. 1 The soldier was in uniform and on duty. 2. The man who killed him was a self declared member of an enemy army even if they do not use our rules of combat requiring uniforms and rules of engagement. There is simply no way that the US can possibly not give private long at least a Purple Heart and not to do so would be a betrayal of the military by itself and or the current administration. Pvt. Long must be given due military honors for having lost his life while in service to his country and in combat.

  5. In sympathy with the americans I hope Abdulhakim gets the injection but considering you have a closet muslim as prez I wouldn’t hold my breath in that respect either.

  6. Pvt. Long absolutely was a causualty of war, and killed in battle. In a battle with islam and islamofacism, which the mullah president refuses to acknolwedge or confront. The president and his mussie in kind stooges, the MSM refuse to give this soldier his fair shake, even after being killed in battle by a TERRORIST.

    I say attack them with all we have, just short of nukes but if the point is not conceded, the it is overdue to alter the landscape of islamic countries around the globe. Not to mention taking the fight to the islamofacist terrorists that are here in the USA as I write these words.

  7. Yes, he died in battle. But I won’t hold my breath for the Pentagon to admit that. First, because of the whole “terrorism? wut terrorism?” approach to the jihad at home, and secondly, because I’m sure there’s some sort of financial compensation involved, and the government just hates to cough up cash to people who honestly earned it.

  8. If Obama were offed by a jihadist attack there would be a state funeral that would make a Caesar’s look puny.

    Long deserves Arlington.

  9. He was killed in battle… However the KILLER is a murderer…. He should be executed as a terrorist. His additional crimes (hate crimes) should be prosecuted as well.

    As for the piece of crap PROTESTING?

    Dont censor her.. SHOW her off to the world…

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