The Fatal Consequences of Danish Policy Towards Muslims

Below is a translation of a document (pdf format) from the website of the Danish chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir. It’s a very thinly-veiled threat aimed at Denmark, and indeed all Westerners.

Our Danish correspondent TB sent us the original tip, along with this note:

I think you will find this very, very interesting. HuT now actively use the “gang war” to threaten the Danish government and Danes in general. I think that this is the next step in the direction of civil war and follows right in the footsteps of your post about Hells Angels and the works of El Inglés.

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc kindly translated the document for Gates of Vienna, and included this comment about the prose style of the original Danish:

You have no idea how convoluted their language is. They try to sound academic and educated, but it all ends up being utterly ridiculous pidgin-gobbledygook. So — in order to understand just a bit of the nonsense — I’ve taken some liberties without sacrificing the amateurishness of the wording.

And now the Hizb ut-Tahrir document itself:

In the name of Allah, the forgiving, the merciful

Management of the gang conflict
Clarifies the irresponsibility and heralds further unrest

For some time now, we’ve witnessed an escalating conflict in Copenhagen between various gangs. That conflict, which is due to rivalry within the criminal sphere, has taken its toll of random victims after it escalated into open street shootings in heavily populated areas, close to kindergartens, sports facilities and cafés. Some parts of the city with a strong concentration of Muslim families has suffered several shootouts, where innocent Muslims have been wounded and some even killed! In spite of the authorities’ promises to interfere, the shootings continued, causing yet more innocent victims. For that reason many citizens in the exposed areas feel insecure and fear that their children may be the next victims.

In the midst of this tragic development we observe some media and politicians trying to exploit the conflict in order to serve their own Islam-hostile agenda. By focusing solely on those gangs whose members are mainly second-generation immigrants, they put forward stigmatizing statements and absurd accusations about the Muslims’ cultural background being the foundation of crime! Especially the statement of the Danish minister of justice, who paints the conflict as an assault on Denmark by foreigners, saying, “we have a right to protect our country against foreigners who bear loaded firearms. This may sound very nationalistic, but I’ll say: get out of our country.”. Furthermore, the politicians use this development to trump each other with demands about discriminatory laws against Muslims as such! Laws which, according to several experts, such as the chairman of the Council for Crime Prevention, could stir up further conflict.!

Additionally, those same media and politicians prefer to ignore all warnings about the fatal consequences their stigmatizing accusations and hateful rhetoric and actions may cause. They have ignored several warnings about their hateful, ethnically based rhetoric as a means to let conflict escalate out of control and change it into racial riots. Likewise, they ignored several warnings about their accusations towards Muslims as nourishment for further conflict, namely by creating prejudices which in turn stimulate more violence by creating stigmas and frustrations and recruit some young people. By doing so those politicians and media exhibit irresponsibility towards the endangered parts of the city and an indifference towards the safety of Muslims!

– – – – – – – –

One can only wonder, when politicians choose to ignore reports by European organizations and intelligence services. Among those European organizations are the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) which in 2005 warned about escalating violence and threats against Muslims in Europe. According to OSCE this is the result of a discriminating policy intended to increase hate against Muslims. Danish intelligence reports have warned against “high activity” and “potential further radicalization and violent conflict” within extreme right circles in Denmark.

When considering those warnings and the media’s reports about right-wing enlistments one can only wonder why politicians and even ministers continue their hateful, ethnically based rhetoric during an escalating conflict. Is it naïve populism only ignorance about the risks, or is it rather an entirely different, undisclosed agenda?!

Furthermore those western politicians, by stigmatizing statements and absurd accusations against Muslims, expose their flamboyant bigotry by distorting the truth and remove the focus from their own responsibility in the conflict. Their guilt is indisputable because they created the very foundation for the establishment of those gangs and thereby the conflict itself.

Those politicians established the difficult conditions for the Muslims by several years of discrimination in the judicial, political, and economic spheres. A discrimination which is confirmed by several reports. Among those, the report by the Council of Ministers’ Commission, December 2005, which concludes: “A strong sense of intolerance is observed within the Danish community, first and foremost in the political arena and in some media”. Another report from the Council of European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, published May 16th 2006, states that Muslims in Denmark are treated harshly in politics and in the media. According to the report, rights are unevenly distributed and some politicians and media constantly depict a negative image of Muslims. And in 2007, in a report about Denmark by the OSCE, it says: “The situation for Muslims in Denmark has worsened over the last few years”. According to the report Muslims must face disproportional limitations and a protection by the law which does not abide with conventions on racism. The report concludes that the Danish government must bear the main responsibility for the situation.

This systematic discrimination against Muslims in Denmark has changed them into second-rate citizens, often isolated, under troubled conditions in urban areas where crime and misery prevail. Conditions that no doubt contribute to the foundation of gangs which in turn create violence such as the present situation where basic security is absent.

Besides that discriminating policy the politicians must accept another guilt. Namely the policy of integration which strives to assimilate Muslims into Western values and distance them from the correct understanding of Islam. An understanding which gives them immunity against a decadent lifestyle with crime and gang wars. This adoption of a policy of assimilation, which according to the politicians’ proclamations is the solution, is in fact the real cause of the present situation where second-generation foreigners enroll in gang activity. As a matter of fact, organized crime and gang activity are unknown among first-generation Muslims and those second-generation Muslims whose behavior is directed by Islamic culture. Where problems with crime can be found among second-generation Muslims who grew up in Western institutions with Western values, references and ideals, then the problems are due to Western culture.

Assimilation into that culture can drive a human being into un-Islamic actions. Assimilation can — in accordance with Western ideas of freedom — make some Muslims reject authorities, even their creator! It can change some human beings into criminals who — in accordance with Western morality — don’t respect anything but profit. Criminals who attract armed conflicts to areas where their own mothers and sisters live, knowing very well that such conflict causes insults and the bloodshed of innocents!

Oh Muslims

For decades many Muslims in the West have passively witnessed how the policy of assimilation distanced some Muslims from the Islamic lifestyle and corrupted their lives and morale. To say nothing about those Muslims who assist Western governments in their policy of integration and assimilation! Rather than calling Westerners to Islam with its lifestyle and mores and let them see the truth of Islam, they have engaged themselves in projects of integration and assimilation intended to create loyalty towards Western values and spread Western lifestyle among Muslims!

We are commanded to stand fast in Islam, protect our Islamic identity and defend Muslims against an un-Islamic lifestyle leading to crime and disaster. Islam commands us to preach Islam and demand right and forbid wrong in order to enhance our conscience about Islamic values and secure Islamic law among Muslims. Likewise Islam commands us to correct any Muslim involved in crime and gang activity. And — in case they don’t comply — deter them from dragging their conflicts into heavily populated parts of the city by excluding them from Muslim areas.

That is why we, Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark, appeal to you Muslims to counter that fatal development by taking part in our Islamic Da’wa and activity in order to protect Muslim identity in Western countries. We command you to study Islamic culture so you can present the Islamic message in a convincing way and create immunity to degradation. Likewise, we appeal to every Muslim who is concerned by this development to resist the policy of assimilation and scandalize discrimination against Muslims. You should be aware that the present conflict and the politicians’ and the media’s actions herald further unrest. We have seen how similar developments in other countries have led to fatal consequences such as race riots and the establishment and ghettos with dangerous lawlessness and serious lack of security. The French ghettos bear witness to exactly that.

If you do not obey the call of Islam and resist the policy of integration and assimilation and the discrimination against Muslims, then nothing prevents us from the same situation! And beware: be not among those who Allah warns when he (swt) says:

“And for him who has fear of God, will be shown a way out”

Finally, any objective and realistic human being in the West must resist the demonizing and stigmatizing of Muslims in the Western media and from the politicians. And resist the discrimination of Muslims in the West. Because the fatal consequences of the Western irresponsible and bigoted policy will inevitably strike all and everyone!

05. Djamaada Al-Thaani 1430 e.H.
May 29. 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir, Denmark

7 thoughts on “The Fatal Consequences of Danish Policy Towards Muslims

  1. The whole article shows the paranoid schizophrenic character of the writer. And yet it betrays the general mindset of Muslims. There is also a certain rationale, as it portrays Muslims in Denmark being persecuted by the people and the state, and thus giving adequate justification, Islamwise, for Muslims to engage in Jihad.

    Of course the rational thing for Muslims to do under these circumstances is to migrate to a Muslim country.

  2. My God – the deviousness of these people is unparalelled: muslims riot and cause mayhem in Danish streets, and that’s OK – jihad, you know – but of course it also hurts the safety of muslims who wish to steer clear of the ‘conflict’; who incidently have done nothing to interfere when it was only real danes getting hurt; who never once protested or tried to make their position clear, and now it’s the danish government who apparently is to blame for the escalation, because it doesn’t crack down on the troublesome youths causing the troubles..!
    What a boon, a multicultural society..

  3. As usual the blame is on the west and never on themselves. If they don’t like our lifestyles, the solution is perfectly simple, to return to their countries of origin, where they can live accordingly to their islamic lifestyle. I’m not going to be assimilated by these borgs, hell no. I value my freedom and our cultures too much to become a mahound.

  4. Well, reading this document, one can see that “the Reality Borg” is struggling hard (and succeeding too) to add the sophisticated West-smashing weapons of multi-culturalism to the cunningness of their own. Quite good for people the Left thinks of as “psychological primitives” who are backward and need “more equality” and “respect”.

    Remember the REAL message:

    “‘Modernization’ is irrelevant,

    Submit to the ‘Way of Survival’,

    We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own,

    You will be assimilated,


    We need to realize what is going on.

  5. This systematic discrimination against Muslims in Denmark has changed them into second-rate citizens, often isolated, under troubled conditions in urban areas where crime and misery prevail.

    Uncontaminated by the least susceptability to even a trace of irony, our Hizbutt spokesman delivers a description that sounds rather suspiciously like those conditions experienced by the average dhimmi. Curious, that.

    Besides that discriminating policy the politicians must accept another guilt. Namely the policy of integration which strives to assimilate Muslims into Western values and distance them from the correct understanding of Islam.

    Here we encounter another precious episode of, “Blame the Victim”. The West is guilty of attempting to “assimilate Muslims into Western values”. Horreurs! As if our near-total Freedom of Religion somehow manages to “distance them from a correct understanding of Islam”.

    Personally, I’d wager that our too liberal system of religious protections allows Muslims a perihelion with Islam’s Plutonic inferno that can only be harmful to any pluralistic society.

    An understanding which gives them immunity against a decadent lifestyle with crime and gang wars.

    More irony gone under the bridge. Especially as criminal Muslim colonies in Luton peddle their heroin and gangs of Sunnis and Shiite engage in endless internecine bloodshed all around the world.

    As a matter of fact, organized crime and gang activity are unknown among first-generation Muslims ...

    Only if you do not classify as “crime and gang activity”, the exhorting of younger Muslims to detonate bomb vests amidst unsuspecting commuters or light off their C4 laden sneakers astride a mid-Atlantic passenger jet’s fuel tanks.

    The forgoing screed is something akin to Typhoid Mary attempting to exculpate herself by whinging about poor immunization practices. There ought to be some form of actionable criminal liability for publishing such intentionally misleading and verifiably false disinformation. Taqiyya must be made a criminal offense.

  6. According to the politically-correct Wikipedia, Hizb ut-Tahrir is a “political party whose goal is to combine all Muslim countries in a unitary Islamic state or caliphate, ruled by Islamic law and with a caliph head of state elected by Muslims.”

    That would certainly include combining all mahoundians in Western Europe. And there are still way too many people who refuse to wake up by pretending that they can’t smell the coffee.

    On the other hand, the results for the latest European parliamentary elections are a sign that there are still reasons for hope and optimism for a Europe whose future will not include complete surrender to mahoundianism, despite the herculean task that lies ahead (and of which that vote was only a very small part.)

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