That Swedish Mob

In my introduction to the news feed last night, I mentioned that “in a northern Swedish town, a threatening mob of native Swedes frightened Iraqi refugees and induced them to flee the town.”

I admit to a certain ironic hyperbole in my description — just imagine a group of today’s Swedes characterized as a mob! — but the actual story was somewhat less dramatic. Our Swedish correspondent LN wrote me this morning to set the record straight about what happened in Vännäs.

First, here’s the relevant section of the article in The Local:

‘Lynch Mob’ Prompts Refugees to Flee Town in Northern Sweden

VännäsNearly half of the predominantly Iraqi-refugees residing in Vännäs in northern Sweden have decided to permanently move out of the area after being terrorized by what police called “a lynch mob” in early May.

“I thought that Vännäs was the perfect place for us. And there are many, many friendly people here. But we still don’t dare to stay; I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety,” said father of five Ismail Ramadan to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Ramadan’s family and several others have decided to abandon plans of starting a life in the small community outside of Umeå less than two weeks after a group of 30 to 50 young people assembled outside the apartment building in which the refugees lived and began shouting threats and throwing stones.

The May 9th incident resulted in several windows and many frightened refugees.


The weekend of harassment prompted municipality refugee coordinator Ingrid Lindroth to evacuate the refugees to safety.

“I made the decision after speaking with a number of refugees who were extremely scared — simply terrified. It was an easy decision,” she told SvD.

In contrast, here’s the report sent by LN, drawn from several Swedish-language sources:
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This is how the Iraqi refugees described their ordeal:

“I can’t even describe to you how horrible it was. ‘Now it’s over, here they come!’ I thought,” Ramadan told SvD.

“We all cried and screamed. We spent the whole night lying in the hall and held each other tightly.”

Window with holeThis was said by people coming from a war zone with real life threats!

What was the actual result of mob action and “stone-throwing”?

ONE pebble made a hole in ONE window (marked in green in the photo at right).

A few reasons for the anger expressed by “persons of Swedish background”:

  • “Reverse racism” at two schools.
  • Knife threats at the schools.
  • One Swedish girl was pushed, fell, and suffered a fracture of her cranium.
  • One rape at the beginning of May by three accused from the “refugee” collective.

There was also a spontaneous “anti”-demonstration: the local communists hired two buses to collect professional demonstrators from the nearest town, Umeå!


19 thoughts on “That Swedish Mob

  1. If I “escaped” from a war-zone, I would be extremely humble and grateful.

    It is stupid those reporters are unable to identify more about the background of these Iraqis. There are 200 different tribes. Some Iraqis have additional Baathist background, or islamic, or marxist etc. etc. with the number of Iraqis in Sweden those morons should start finding more about every group – anticipating troubles elsewhere.

    Many Iraqis have money from their criminal activities in Iraq in the last few years. Check it all.

    I guess every arab speaker around knows these details, only Swedes know nothing.

  2. This is the price you pay for destroying the cultural and social fabric of a nation through mass immigration. Similar problems are now rapidly emerging throughout the Western world for roughly the same reasons. The state can no longer uphold law and order and frequently doesn’t even try. The only option left to ordinary citizens is vigilante justice and the formation of armed clans and groups to withstand the attacks of other armed clans and groups. It’s the re-tribalization of society, which is and always has been the logical consequence of Multiculturalism. If you’re a Westerner, it’s coming to a street near you very soon, accompanied by loud cheers from the intelligentsia.

  3. PS: I would encourage people to vote for the Sweden Democrats in Sweden, the Danish People’s Party in Denmark, Wilders party in Holland etc. for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. I know this is a Mickey Mouse parliament, but it can still be a convenient platform to use for our cause. And they pay well. In fact, they pay so well that the salary of an MEP could easily be considered a bribe.

  4. I can only suppose that the Swedes living in Vännäs have relatives in Rosengård.

    All it took was Muslim agitation plus knife brandishing at the local schools, a fractured skull for one girl and a gang attack and rape of another. One would think that to be enough for any community to get up on its hind legs and take action.

    I would liken any lack of pushback to the “Broken Window Syndrome“. We’ll call this case the “Fractured Skull Syndrome”, as in: No pushback after the first violent assaults represents tacit permission to carry on with the usual Islamic jihad rubbish.

    One can only hope that Westerners learn to shorten the fuse down to mere micrometers before their fury against typical Muslim terrorism explodes. The situation in Rosengård should be used as an example of what happens when anything more than zero tolerance is shown for the usual skinless Islamic “sensitivities”.

    On a final note, the Swedish media’s hyperbolic description of this minor pushback may do more good than harm. If the newspaper’s distortions and exaggerations put the fear of Odin into a few more Muslim hearts, what’s the downside?

  5. Also note how the MSM is treating this whole affair. Only muslims and PC’s are allowed to speak their opinion of this case. Not those critical of massimmigration and islam. Not even the youngsters involved and affected are allowed to speak up. Also note how media lies about it or perhaps we should rather say using kitman. Whatever happened to the poor girl is just described as minor problems. Also note how the iraqi’s get full support from swedish society while the swedish youngsters get none at all. Also compare this case to another one happened about a year ago in Södertälje. A young woman was assaulted and brutally beaten by a gang of some 20 immigrants. A few members from a hockey team intervened and chased the scum away and thus probably saved the womans life. MSM media has mainly ignored this event to this very day. Here we have a perfect eample of how when immigrants are attacked by ethnical swedes, MSM immediately springs into action and the swedes get branded as racists while when it is the opposite, they completely ignores it! This is not a democracy. This is how the state works in a dictatorship. To paraphrase CJ about their behaviour, it speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  6. Finally some push back in the West against the Islamic invasion. Since Muslims tried to exterminate us one final time in 1915 we Armenians take no sh*t from Muslims. Even in Lebanon they leave us alone. We have the reputation throughout the Middle East for vicious retaliation for Muslim attacks on Armenians. You people in the West should follow our example.

  7. Arius: Yes, Armenians and other Orthodox Christians fight back against Muslims. Western Christians, Catholics and Protestants in particular, are for the most part utterly clueless and spineless, with the Italians as a possible exception. Sorry, but it’s true. The problem is, Armenians are good fighters today – after they suffered a genocide. The same could be said about the Jews. Does that mean that Westerners, and perhaps Scandinavians more than most, have to suffer a partial genocide of our own before we start fighting back for real? I dread that thought, especially since I sometimes wonder whether it’s true.

  8. Blogger Czechmade said…

    If I “escaped” from a war-zone, I would be extremely humble and grateful.

    If YOU did of course. But if ‘you’ means the person who’s culture mentality and history caused the wars you where ‘escaping’ from then you will bring said war with you wherever you go.

    “We” of course don’t have wars to escape from because we haven’t caused any in some time and in fact only have to fight them when the evidence of necessity is overwhelming. The issue is, it is now overwhelming and we still are not fighting,

  9. Italian-Americans don’t play. They would have been run out of the neighborhood I grew up in after a mere knife-brandishing. And that was a nice neighborhood. Irish-Americans don’t play either.

  10. Quite fascinating as ususal, you are starting to get really good at that most common of nazi-website articles: The twisted news-story. I bet you see the 40-50 strong mob who scared the shit out of a father and his children as real patriots, and that many of you would have like to be there to throw some proper stones, no? Perhaps start the necessary genocidal racewar wich is coming soon, no?

    LGF is right, you lot have crossed the line.

  11. fnord-

    I was going to try to explain exactly what was wrong with your comment but then I realized I would be wasting my time. You obviously are a “Nazi” hunter for CJ and nothing I said would be considered.

  12. fnords comment is stupid:

    “I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety,” said father of five Ismail Ramadan to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.”

    So are millions of Swedes “seriously
    concerned about THEIR children´s safety”. But somehow it is not important to Ramadanska Dagbladet.
    Did they interview those Swedes concerned in the same way before this incident? NO!

    The Swedes have still their numbers, but the govt. acts as if they had no numbers. So the Swedes are required to show their numbers.

    Peaceful demonstrations rarely catch the eye of the media, muslims or govt.
    One is required in advance to be violent – by the media, muslims and by the govt.

    Call it a mob, but I can guarantee you that in my “peaceful” village you would get the same reaction.

    What is also missing is the list (numbers matter, man) of towns in Sweden where under similar circumstances people do nothing, govt. does nothing. So they live from incident to incident. No reports. Only internal statistics. Happy zombies. Zombie mob –
    happy government.

    Does the Ramadanska Dagbladet have any clue?

    Ramadans 5 kids grow up in few years and become part of the nasty picture. Ramadan will say – “I have too many children, I have no idea what they do, I just forced my daughters to wear a scarf as preventive measure, I protect them that way”.

    Until now the peaceful law-abiding Swedish ways were interpreted as “stupidity” by the muslims. Note that. It is those muslims calling for violence – sign of Swedish “intelligence”. It worked fine in this town. Muslims are gone.

    X incidents prevented. No Baghdad or prophet mohamMAD next to your house.

    In few years you would get enough muslims to make the life so nasty that all the Swedes will move away one by one – just like in Kosovo. They would sell their houses under price. and muslims know that. The Swedes become nomads? Obviously. Because if you build a nice neighbourhood, govt. will bring some refugees following the same pattern.

  13. fnord: Quite fascinating as ususal, you are starting to get really good at that most common of nazi-website articles: The twisted news-story. I bet you see the 40-50 strong mob who scared the shit out of a father and his children as real patriots, and that many of you would have like to be there to throw some proper stones, no? Perhaps start the necessary genocidal racewar wich is coming soon, no?

    LGF is right, you lot have crossed the line..

    Yawn … How tiresome. The usual ignoramus accusations of waycism by some Islam appeasing Muslim hugger. One more time:

    ISLAM ISN’T A RACE!Capiche?

    N O T … A … R A C E.

    Got it?

    Equally priceless is the inverted accusation of skewed reporting when it was the Swedish media’s coverage of this event that indulged in hyperbole. This is Goebbles’ “Big Lie” writ large. Something that has become du rigeur at fnord‘s web site of choice.

    Even less amusing and more vile is how fnord attempts the typical taqiyya-based sleight of hand in trying to ascribe the desire for a “genocidal racewar” to those who are opposing a group whose doctrinal foundations—namely, the Qu’ran—have genocide and war cut in stone.

    We won’t even go into the whole Nazi name-calling thing, especially when Islam is the self=proclaimed spiritual heir to Adolph Hitler and Nazism, right down to the straight-arm “sieg heil” salutes.

    “Clueless” is far too innocent of a term to describe this sort of willing aid and assistance to the enemy.

  14. Zenster,

    using our enemies´ammunition is precious. It sticks much better, We use their own subconsciouss low mind flows, get deeper in their minds with no effort or screaming:

    “LGF is right, you lot have crossed the line..”

    Turn it into: “The muslims have crossed the line”.

    A perfect immutable comment. Can be used 1 000 times.

    Fnords still feel like fathering the poor muslims, enjoying sort of PC superiority feelings – towards us, towards them. Independent judges. Sweet self-delusion.

  15. Czechmade: Fnords still feel like fathering the poor muslims, enjoying sort of PC superiority feelings – towards us, towards them.

    Here you get to the core of Liberal racism. At its heart lies a species of colonial-style paternalism that they claim to abhor but indulge in mightily with their “we must uplift our little brown brothers” brand of hogwash.

    In trying to set right the self-inflicted mayhem caused by so many of the Third World’s Neanderthal tribal goons, they prance right into the crossfire and dazedly wonder why such good intentions have only earned them such scorn and abuse.

    In the meanwhile, Liberal foreign aid policies continue to prop up the most hideous cultural practices, hyper-corrupt despotic regimes, terrorist hives and viciously anti-Liberal thugocracies in the entire world.

    Liberals sow the seed of their own destruction a little too well. By broadcasting their wealth and mindless tolerance across such a wide swath, they have endangered us all, conservative and liberal alike.

  16. Crossed the line? Hell no, we haven’t. The muslims has crossed the line. Your “innocent children” are nothing like that at all. They’re thugs and nothing else. The problems started with THEM and not the swedes. They had been rousing trouble for a long time before this. What happened to the girl was simply the final straw. The muslims do not only interpret the swedes as stupid. No they interpret them as cowards as well. To them, the swedes are a clan and an incredibly weak clan as they see it. A weak clan they can push and shove as much as tou feel like because nothing will ever happen. They never strike back as the good dhimmis they are. So they have nothing but contempt for the kufr. A fair guess is that it’s not only the swedes but many natives in other countries as well are deemed as a weak clan by the muslim “refugees”. So far the authorites hasn’t responded with with brute force – yet. But that is probably just a question of time. The more common it’ll become that the locals rebel at the muslim invading hordes, the more common it’ll become for the authorities to respond to such revolts. Eventually the police will open fire at rioters. Always at native rioters, never muslim rioters. As usual the authorities will side with the “oppressed” muslims, just like NATO and UN did in Bosnia and Kosovo. The muslims will eventually get their own sharia enclaves within our borders. But it will never stop at that. There will be peace, a hudna for some time, to calm down the ethnics. Then it will start all over again. The authorities will place new “refugees” in other ethnical white places to divide and conquer further.

  17. Some strange comments here. And some problems with rational thought.

    But I have questions:

    What does it mean to be a Muslim? Is it anything like being a Christian? Does it make sense to talk of a group of 80 people as though they are unitary subject? 1.5 billion?

    Are any or all of the people on the pointy end of this mob actually Muslims? Does the fact of the religion or non-religion have anything to do with the fact that they were on the pointy end of a mob?

    Now take the comment directly above mine, for example — the commenter is unable to distinguish the individual (one person) from the group (many persons). S/he says, “The muslims has [sic] crossed the line.” I suppose in a sense this is quite cute. But nevertheless it betrays an inability to think rationally. What if we were to extend Robin’s error and generalise about the rest of the blog readership? Commentators are simpletons who are unable to locate complexity and contradiction, to say nothing of being able to construct a sentence and insert paragraph breaks. I mean, are you incapable of distinguishing between a group and an individual? No? What, do you mean that you’re not the same person?

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