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A fundraiser is underway at Jihad Watch. Readers who appreciate the work of Robert Spencer, Hugh Fitzgerald, and Raymond Ibrahim should pay a visit to JW, click the “donate” button, and contribute to the cause. I just did.

Here’s what Robert says:

A message to Jihad Watch readers from Robert Spencer

Dear Jihad Watch reader,

Day in and day out at Jihad Watch, we dare to expose the otherwise underreported or misreported activities of jihadists — both violent and stealthy — not only in America but also in Europe, Asia, Africa, and everywhere that jihad is being waged around the world today. Not only do we expose them, but Raymond Ibrahim, Hugh Fitzgerald, Marisol Seibold and I also explain the motives and goals of the Islamic jihadists — which are otherwise almost completely ignored or discounted by analysts in the government and the media.

We also counter the efforts of many Islamic advocacy groups and Muslim spokesmen to render us unprepared to counter the jihad threat by concealing the true nature of jihadist activities, and obscuring the traditional meaning of jihad as enjoined upon every faithful Muslim by Muhammad himself: to subdue, by force if necessary, the entire non-Islamic world under the rule of Islamic law, Sharia, which denies equality of rights to women and non-Muslims and obliterates the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience.

– – – – – – – –

We have stood in the vanguard of the defense of the freedom of speech — as a cornerstone of any free and genuinely pluralistic society — against the attempts by the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the United Nations to criminalize what they regard as criticism of Islam, thus rendering the free world mute and defenseless before the advancing jihad threat.

Unlike the well-heeled, Saudi-funded forces that are stealthily aiding the advance of Sharia right here in America, we at Jihad Watch operate without the backing of Middle Eastern oil billions. That is why I am writing this to you today. If Jihad Watch is to keep on countering the oil-funded propaganda efforts of jihadists and their allies, and continue our unique work, we need your help now.

If each of you who support our work clicked on the button at the top of this message and gave what you can, our continued existence in this perilous economy would be ensured. Please take a moment to think about what Jihad Watch does. If you have learned anything here, or understood something about this present conflict better because of something you read here, please be as generous as you can. If you see how our coverage of jihad-related events is more truthful, more accurate, and more enlightening than that of the mainstream media, then please help us continue.

And for your support I will always remain immensely grateful.

Robert Spencer
Director, Jihad Watch

Note: the donate icon at the JW page led me to an “expired session” page, but when I clicked the link there, I was sent to the donation form. So persevere if you have that problem.

Update: The problem has been corrected.

3 thoughts on “Support Jihad Watch

  1. I do hope that people who can afford to and read the major anti-Jihad websites on a regular basis, from Jihad Watch and MEMRI to Gates of Vienna, try to give a financial contribution every now and then. Our enemies have billions of dollars sponsored by the Saudis, yet the counter-Jihadists receive almost no financial support whatsoever.

    And no, LGF is not a counter-Jihad website anymore. LGF has switched sides and is now working for the other team. Charles Johnson has become a surrender monkey.

  2. I don’t read JW per se. Generally, they will break a story or RS will speak somewhere and I will read about it on a secondary source or be directed to click the site from another site.
    Having said that, I realize the valuable asset JW is in our fight for our culture so, if they need money to carry on I will throw them a fin. I consider it an obligation, not an option. It’s called putting your money where your mouth is!

  3. Thanks for the heads up about Robert Spencer, Baron.

    A worthy cause~ the defense of human liberty against a totalitarian movement using both infiltration (which Spencer calls the “Stealth Jihad) and open warfare.

    Donation done.

    (There is a “Make a Donation” [Paypal] link on the left hand side of the JW main page, also, for those who don’t want to use a credit card online… which is the method that the noted article’s link leads to.)

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