Out of Their Depth

We’ve featured a number of stories recently about the southern Swedish city of Malmö, in which nightly riots, arson, and general lawlessness have become the norm in immigrant sections of the city.

Now comes a report that the Malmö police are unable to manage the situation, and are admitting it: they simply don’t know what to do. The light of Multiculturalism has failed, and they have nothing to fall back on.

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated an article on the topic from Sydsvenskan. First he offers his own commentary:

I don’t really know where to start.

The first time I read this I thought: “Well, who’s surprised at a police manager sounding like he’s straight out of the Muppet Show? And that is probably unfair to the Muppet Show”. Then, with some more understanding, one realizes that this is a desperate police manager hampered and crippled by political correctness taken to the extreme.

In what sane country do the police have to have stakeouts in holes? That should tell you everything you need to know! In what other country in the West is it regarded as an unattainable utopia for the police to be able to uphold law and order? Who, with all his wits about him will ever say that publicly?

And, Börje Andersson, you may dislike the question, but you and your merry band of work-hazards-focused police have yielded, surrendered, and given Rosengård over to thugs. I fully understand that is the workings of the political left that have insanely reduced the police in Sweden and restricted the remnants with political correctness.

This really makes me angry! I pay taxes for these clowns to protect me, my family, and country. Now he tells me and the rest of us: that’s a utopia, and the people who by all rights should show us gratitude for taking them into Sweden view it as their prerogative to smash the neighborhood while the police grovel at a distance. That’s too much!

In a sane world, the police uphold law and order. But, since this is Sweden — who shall do that now, when the police have abdicated? And, just out of curiosity, can anybody tell me why it was possible for the police to perform their work 30 years ago, but the same thing would be a utopia today? What changed in those years?

But, remember, the PC-talking heads might not like the truth…

And now for CB’s translation:

“We’re not able manage the problems”

By Tobias Barkman

Herrgården fires It’s too dangerous for the police to enter Herrgården. Area police manager Börje Andersson says that the police can’t solve the problems in the housing area.

“When we are in there the stones are hailing, Molotov cocktails are flying, firecrackers and other stuff. From balconies and from rooftops. I have a responsibility to act, and at the same time I have a work environment responsibility, too. We can’t walk around in helmets, knee-protection, and shoulder pads all the time, in the daytime there.

“Herrgården is goddamn hard for us to work at. If we disguise ourselves, if we have holes where we can sit and investigate [i.e. surveillance], when we try to document, it’s uncovered all the time. Right away texting-chains get started about us being there.”

Can’t you be there to begin with — really, nobody starts a fire when they have the eyes of the police on them?

“In 2007 we were big on being on location in uniform. But at the present, when we work in uniform, rocks are coming from right and left. Therefore we try to work surveillance in another way.”

Do you maintain law and order in Herrgården?

“Almost fully. In certain situations we can’t fully maintain law and order. And certainly not initiate legal proceedings against people. Among other things, because we can’t get the inhabitants of Herrgården to witness. If we want something done, we have to catch people red-handed and that is very difficult to do. Thus, it’s hard to maintain law and order.”

Even if the fires aren’t life-threatening, people get smoke in their homes, they have to zigzag between burning tires. Why can’t the people of Herrgården count upon the same level of service as any other housing area in Malmö?

– – – – – – – –

“That’s a good question. I can’t give you a clear-as-a-bell answer to that. No more than that there is a foundational problem, as I try to call attention to in all forums, for politicians in the municipality and ministers, that Herrgården is a catastrophe. It demands totally different efforts than those of the police and emergency units. That being said, we can’t disclaim our responsibility.

You have described how earlier efforts against youth criminality haven’t helped — they are coming back. Doesn’t it now come down to keeping order, to be on location and perform surveillance?

“Well, in the best of worlds that would have been the best, but what you are talking about is a utopia.”


“Those resources naturally don’t exist. The day I can place a police officer in every street corner of Rosengård, 24 hours, seven days a week, that day will never come. It’s as simple as that.”

What kind of resources do you want?

“I can’t answer that. If I had 300 police officers I still could not solve this. Never. You must reach the source of the problem. See the societal responsibility.

“If I had police resources to place police 24 hours in every yard at Herrgården we might be able to solve this temporarily. But we would not solve the foundational problems.”

Wouldn’t it be good to have a temporary solution while waiting for the politicians to solve the problems?

“Sure. You pose the question and give the answers. But, sure. Under the conditions we work today we’re not able to manage the problems in Herrgården.”

You point at the structural problems, but at the same time is it not a question of resources that hinders the firemen from putting out burning tires, because they don’t get the protection of the police. Trailers are stolen in front of the eyes of policemen.

“In the specific cases I don’t know how it went down, but the foundational principle is that if there are police in place and someone steals a trailer, naturally the police should act. Then of course, tactically, in connection with an intervention one has to keep the work environment and other things in mind.”

You don’t book and it’s too dangerous for you to enter the area. Can you view it in any other fashion then that the stone throwers have won?

“You are talking like it’s a football game. I don’t like that. But you can write that the police have major concerns and problems in taking legal action and that is a failure for the police so far.”

Is there anything indicating that things won’t escalate?

“Absolutely nothing. It can be violent clashes tonight and turn to riots in Herrgården. Without a blink. And it can be dead calm for a fourth night. We just don’t know.”

25 thoughts on “Out of Their Depth

  1. In the other post, but also about arson, the author could not understand, why locals are fined for not recycling their waste, and youth can freely set fires. It is very easy: its because locals believe in recycling, and youth believes in arson. Every one must do what he believes in. While we believe in recycling, we will be forced to recycle.

  2. Blinking in the face of reality. I wonder how long it will be before these people are *forced* into action – or will they just curl into a ball and hope their end comes as swiftly as possible?

  3. In Rosengård/Herrgården 86 % are living on social benifits.
    thll said…
    This is not a joke? It’s hard to imagine the police anywhere saying such a thing – vikings must be turning in their (burning) longships! Maybe what the police really mean is that it is too dangerous for them to enter this district while ever they adhere to politically correct dhimmi policing methods.
    thll said…Blinking in the face of reality. I wonder how long it will be before these people are *forced* into action – or will they just curl into a ball and hope their end comes as swiftly as possible?
    – – – – –

    *Forced into action*? — there is only one solution: cup d’état!
    Come and volunteer!

    Picture of Swedish Police being in their element.

  4. the swedes are descending into the maw of history. lo, they had forgotten it ever existed! they thought they had abolished it! now it abolishes them.

    on a more serious note, we should rejoice that the carrying capacity of a european country with respect to its muslim population seems to be no more than a single-digit percentage figure. imagine if sweden had had to get to 15% muslims before it got a boot up the behind as to what was actually going on. i was always worried that we might have to wait another 10-15 years before things broke down, but we are making good progress, it seems.

  5. El, I like your optimism, and I truly hope we are “making good progress.”

    A general principal of revolution is that, for the revolutionaries to achieve critical mass of cadre and acceptance among the mass population, civil disorder has to become widespread and the authority of the established power (government) discredited. Thereby, the situation has first to become very bad, so that the radical revolutionary program appears a viable alternative.

    Tragically, in Sweden — and throughout the “liberal,” multicultural West — there is no organized, ideologically consistent alternative “revolutionary” position to promote or for the majority of the population to fall back (or move forward) to. Conservatives, who could provide that (revolutionary) position have entirely failed to maintain even a minority representation in the established power structure — government, schools, police, etc.

    I fear the Western response to Herrgarden will be more like that described by thll, and they (we) will simply “just curl into a ball and hope their end comes as swiftly as possible… .”

    Naturally, I HOPE you are right and I wrong about this.

  6. top kafir:

    certainly optimism about a well-coordinated response to islam of the type you outline could be misplaced. but given the degree of pessimism that i and others (probably including yourself) have at times felt in response to islamization, we must first hope for a growing recognition of the problem, because nothing starts without it.

    it seems to me that this is rapidly being achieved thanks to the assiduous efforts of our muslim fifth columns. now we must wonder what form the eventual response will take. events in denmark, the netherlands, italy, and austria suggest that there are grounds to expect concerted political opposition in many countries.

    of course, the swedes may fare badly in this regard. but what that means is that the reckoning will be all the more confused, chaotic, and bloody when it comes, not that it won’t come. even the swedes (no offence, guys) will not give their country up to foreign savages in a mere two generations without a fight. surely?

    fingers crossed…

  7. Rent Israeli officers and US veterans from Iraq. They met in action those guys one thousand times.

    Watch them and learn.

    Empty your rucksack filled with PC MC first. You want respect and security, not PC MC.

  8. A Quandary in Sweden: Criminals in Med SchoolGiven the lax sentencing policy in Sweden for even the most heinous of crimes, Sweden now finds itself in a dilemma whether to allow convicted murderers to become doctors. The Swedes are in a quandary over an issue that only Sweden can be in. In any country with a modicum of common sense, such a situation would never come about. Or for that matter, the crazy idea of allowing Muslims to settle in one of the most sexually liberated countries in the world.

  9. @ El

    Thanks for lifting the morning gloom of an aging kafir. Your intelligent, and hopeful, analysis is chipping away at my well-practiced pessimism.

    Not that I’m surrendering the clouds of despondancy without a fight, mind you; I have my self-respect. But, I’m liking what I’m reading. I suspect even Dracula longed for the sunlight occasionally.

  10. Dear gentlemen and wise-guys,
    Please direct your good advices to those responsible who have the power but not the intelligence, the political will and sensible conviction to change the immigration situation and the muslim hullabaloo in Sweden.
    They might not know there exists such a dedicated international group of experts, so please write to them and present your solutions and good advices. They guarateed do not read this ultra xenophobic, muslim hostile, most racist, right extremistic, low standard blog. Do tell them the truth and how they easily can fix the problems! Unfortunately they do not listen to us the people.

    – – – – –
    (ceep the addresses!)

  11. Reading stuff like this makes my proverbial blood boil. It’s obviously too much to ask for to tell Mr Andersson grow a f***ing spine for crying out loud! Let us borrow a couple dozen officers from NYPD or LAPD for a few days. I kinda doubt they will curl up in a ball hoping the to be swift and painless. Rather I picture the mohammedan scum running with their tails between their legs and a fottprint in the rectum area!

  12. I kinda doubt they will curl up in a ball hoping the end to be swift and painless. Rather I picture the mohammedan scum running with their tails between their legs and a footprint in the rectum area!

    Sorry for that but I’m fluent in typonese, something you’ve probably already guessed.

  13. I think Robin has the right idea. How about some RICO style law that was used to take down the Mob? How about forming ‘Gang Units’ like we have here in the states? Or how about the threat of expulsion from Sweden of the entire family of the “troubled youth”?

    Oh yeah. I forgot. This is Sweden we are talking about here. None of these things will come to pass unless it comes from the top. These areas in Sweden will be left to become a Swedish West Bank or Gaza. Expect mortar rounds to land in Malmo very soon. Then a request for a two state solution.

  14. My liberal Swedish mother-in-law told me about this problem: “but I heard that there very few people who are actually causing trouble; it’s by far a tiny minority of immigrants.” I said to her, “even more inconceivable that the police can’t solve the problem of ‘very few people.'” She had nothing to say to that.

  15. I don^t think american cops could do much about this problem… they can^t even clear a crack-house for gods sake.
    This is the first officially acknowledged victory for the muslim strategy of “governing the wilderness” in sweden.
    This is not some latino crackdealers trying to make a buck, this is a brotherhood of hundreds of deeply hostile families organising the separation from swedish society, through conscious use of misdemeanors and soft punishments for juvenile delinquents. These “youths” do time with the same consciousness as a westerner who just finished his homework.

    It also shows that they feel strong enough to move from the fase of immigration, (“hijra” of the “mujahijr”) to the fase of exchaustion, which at the current pace of swedens economy is gonna take no more than ten years to complete.

    for someone like me who use to go skieing in sweden, enjoying the wonderful culture and the company of the kind people who live there this is very depressing.

    After the fall of sweden, good intentions will be scorned as the root of all evil.

  16. Alas, Baron, there is no shortage of people who are wearing lenses. The glasses in America have “Hope” and “Change” written on their frames.

  17. For the second time, Anti-Islamist sarcastically instructs what he calls “gentlemen and wise guys” to write letters to Swedish politicians offering our solutions.

    Your leaders are the problem so a few letters from foreigners are not going to solve it. Why don’t you and your fellow Swedes get out of what appears to be an intellectual coma and make an X on your ballot that votes the destroyers out or at least make a good enough showing that you scare them back into their senses? You do still have a democracy for the moment.

  18. Your own leader seem to be a problem. Why didn’t you and your fellow Americans get out of what appeared to be an intellectual coma and make an X on your ballot that should at least vote the destroyer out or make a good enough showing that you scared the dems back into their senses?

    You do still have a kind of democracy for the moment, haven’t you.
    Sure laine, that is the real question…

    There is an even more massive touch of the ridiculous about your and your compatriot’s delivering all the good advices from the other side of an ocean than about Svenne Banan’s (Mr Swede’s) — still live and kicking inside Sweden, and his proposals of kicking the mussie’s rectal areas, or shooting the mussies in the head, or shipping the mussies per up-laid luxury cruiser to the Middle East.
    We too have a kind of nominal democracy for the moment.

  19. Anti Islamist, I don’t understand your last comment about some “Mr. Sweden” etc. and BTW I’m not American so bear no responsibility for the Obama debacle. For that matter, I doubt many on this site would have voted for him or any Democrat.

    You missed the point that in the United States it’s basically a 50-50 split in the vote. Where are your conservative votes in Sweden for an anti-immigration party? Where is your letter writing campaign WITHIN Sweden instead of sarcastically telling foreigners to straighten out your leaders? I’m busy firing off letters to my own government and encouraging others to do the same. Since our letters are attached to votes, they may hold some sway in our own countries.

    Sweden appears to have a massive majority of the brain dead continuing to vote for their own destruction. What is your contrary evidence to be so resentful? At least conservatives in the United States will go down fighting.

  20. dear laine…
    You seem not to recognize your own wordings? Also my dear dog is not capable of making out a mirror immage.
    Stupid of me to assume that irony and even sarcasms woud lead to any thoughtfulness.

    Happy you, living in a country not having a majority of braindead
    citizens. Do tell us the name of this out of the ordinary country!
    We certainly are all ears.

  21. Anti-Islamist the part of your comment that is not incoherent is snide. Guess that’s meant to distract from your inability to point out any resistance in Sweden to cultural self immolation compared to the USA. Things are definitely not going well for conservatives in the US yet they have not lain down and died. They are visible and fight on.

    I will give someone like you who thinks sarcasm is an argument no personal information about myself including my nationality. Arguments should be judged on their own merits. They can be refuted or not.

    I have never held up my country as a model for others since we have our own problems. I merely stated that the many letters I write are to my own government and suggested you do the same.

    I am sorry Sweden’s performance is so poor at this time and you are embittered by constructive criticism but as long as you’re merely defensive, you’re part of the problem, aren’t you?

    Perhaps if you worked as hard at being anti-Islamist as you do snarking at me, Sweden would be better off…

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