“Obama’s French Toast: Just Say No”

“President Obama and many other politicians want to expand the burden of government and make America more like France. In this video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity (co-produced by ReasonTV), Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center explains that the United States should not emulate the policies of her native country.”

For more information see The Center for Freedom and Prosperity.”

Hat tip: Net Right Nation

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4 thoughts on ““Obama’s French Toast: Just Say No”

  1. I suppose this is as good a time as any for telling my favorite European joke.

    What is the difference between Heaven and Hell?In Heaven:All the policemen are British

    All the chefs are French

    All the mechanics are German

    All the accountants are Swiss, and

    All the lovers are Italian

    In Hell:All the policemen are German

    All the chefs are British

    All the mechanics are Italian

    All the accountants are French, and

    All the lovers are … Swiss

    Thank you, folks. I’ll be here all week, please try the veal… [bah dum bum]

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