Zakat and Sedition

As has often been noted, jihad — violence against the infidel for the purpose of spreading Islam — is just one of the tactics used by Muslims to Islamize the infidel world. Various forms of “stealth jihad” supplement and support terrorism as a means of extending Islam’s reach.

Zakat, the religiously-mandated giving of alms, is one such supporting function. Islamic scripture and tradition require that charitable giving be used for the support of violent jihad, in addition to the more mundane eleemosynary functions.

It’s hard to fight this process. Who, after all, objects to charitable organizations?

Every time a Western prosecutor goes up against a Muslim “charity”, the deck is stacked against him due to our intuitive misconception of what an Islamic charitable organization must be like. Add to this the routine dissimulation of Muslims (which is also required by scripture and tradition), and you arrive at the toxic situation we face today: large amounts of money used to fund terrorism flow through the world’s banking systems in accounts maintained by Islamic “charities”.

Our European correspondent Lexington was prompted by Zenster’s comment on the April 15th news feed to compose the following concise account of zakat and Islamic banking:

Zakat (alms, charity) is required of all Moslems, being one of the five pillars of Islam. These alms are to be paid in proportion to the wealth and property of the individual Moslem.

Those for whom this charity collection is intended, and the purposes to which the alms are to be put, are designated by the Koran (9:60):

1.   The poor
2.   Those who collect these alms
3.   To attract the hearts of those who have been inclined (towards Islam) (Da’wa)
4.   To free those in captivity
5.   For those in debt
6.   For “Allah’s Cause” (i.e. for Majahidun, those fighting in holy battle, Jihad)
7.   For the wayfarer

Thus, monies collected for alms in Islam (and this includes all Islamic “charities” and all Islamic institutions which must give a portion of their collections and/or profits to “zakat”) are, indeed, used to fund terrorism, and this is specifically required by the Koran (though stated as “holy battle” and not terrorism).

This fact further enlarges upon and strongly supports the contention of those who consider Islam to be primarily a political ideology, and not a theology.

It also helps to explain why any businesses and financial institutions that engage in and offer Sharia Compliant Finance run the risk of legal action as conduits and intermediaries in funding terrorism and sedition (There is also, of course, another issue: da’wa, by encouraging non-Moslems to acquiesce to Shariah, is a form of sedition, the aim of which, through the inequality of Sharia as a jurisprudence, is to overthrow a nation’s laws and government).

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For more information, see this Shariah Finance study (pdf) from the Center for Security Policy

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Islam is essentially seditious, because it lays the groundwork within the “theological framework” of one of its “five pillars” for the violent overthrow of governments and societies.

Jihad is a tactic to achieve an Islamic world under Shariah. To deflect criticism, Moslems always fall back on that one weak hadith describing it as an “inner struggle”, but zakat, with its instruction to use some of the alms collected “in the cause of Allah” (a term which is always meant in the Koran and ahadith as waging war, jihad, etc) squarely implicates Islam as seditious, violent, and a danger to all non-Moslem societies.

Highlighting zakat is a way of hoisting Moslems with their own petard through one of their “five pillars”. It also exposes those Moslems who call themselves “moderate”, because Moslems are fully aware of the purposes to which zakat is to be put; they cannot plead ignorance.

Also, all Islamic charities, all financial institutions offering sharia banking services can be regarded as legally complicit in the destruction of their societies by virtue of deliberately intended use of zakat for seditious purposes.

I believe a good case can be made, especially after Geert Wilders’ speech in Florida, for pushing the contention that Islam is a political ideology that must be proscribed.

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5 thoughts on “Zakat and Sedition

  1. Baron, I am gratified to see you incorporate Lexington‘s worthy summary of zakat in this latest exposé. From our various email exchanges, it is quite clear that the author is genuinely concerned and willing to make an effort that will ensure this seditious Muslim tripe is unmasked for all to see.

    It is with great pleasure that I ensure any further discussion of zakat continues at the very highest level by including a reference to Henrik Ræder Clausen‘s superb monograph on this subject: Generosity is Good, Zakat is Bad.

    His essay is comprehensive and it is difficult for me to expand any further upon my own comments in that earlier thread. Anyone who had not read this learned work is heartily advised to do so.

    There is more than ample reason for all free people to be deeply disturbed by the ill-informed way that Wall Street and the global banking community are greedily embracing Islamically sanctioned “Shari’a Compliant Finance” (SCF).

    It is a thinly veiled conduit for terrorist financing and must explicitly fulfill that role according to Qur’anic doctrine. To comprehensively obstruct all flow of SCF funding to terrorist organizations would likely amount to some form of apostasy.

    Lexington‘s brief notes address this in good measure just as Henrik‘s more extensive analysis reveals this monumental fraud for the frontal assault upon Western liberty and culture that it clearly is.

    I give grateful thanks to both authors for their worthy effort towards making sure this vital issue reaches an ever-widening audience. SCF is one of the greatest stealth jihad operations to date and must be treated as such.

    Finally, a special recognition of Lexington‘s sincere and positive attitude. Through previous emails, this individual has expressed appreciation for my own efforts and a genuine desire to contribute productively to the core mission of Gates of Vienna. To that I say: Welcome and thank you.

  2. An excellent article about the way zakat, sharia finance all tie togther for the “commom good” and spreading and furthering the nasty cause of islam. I wish I could write as well as Lexington and Zenster. Well written and researched.

    For “Allah’s Cause” (i.e. for Majahidun, those fighting in holy battle, Jihad)

    That removes any lingering doubts one might have about the intent of the zakat. We know alot of funds are collected and directed for the waging of terrorist attacks. They want to call it “holy battle”, they can but jihad is jihad and jihad is islam. There is no separation of these because one cannot.

    Another well made point is that of
    moderate muslims,there are none.
    NO muslim contributing the zakat can have any cahnce of saying they had no idea where those funds are headed, what they are funding. The illusion of the moderate muslim is about as solid as smoke rings blown into a tornado. Much thanks to both Lexington and Zenster.

  3. Lesser jihad is represented by 95% in islamic scipture, while graeter inner jihad only 5%. Something like the trick played with bolsheviks and mensheviks – menshviks being by name in minority and bolsheviks in majority

    “War is a deceit”, islam is a deceit, communism is a deciet according to quran.

  4. We’ve had our own zakat affair on Sweden. Al-Barakat or something like that I think it is called. A somali scam I call it. Went to court and they were freed unfortunately. 1 islam – 0 Sweden

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