Is It The UNITED States of America?

This video is from the website of the governor of Texas, Rick Perry.

On the Tenth Amendment website, I counted thirty-three states with similar resolutions in progress, or passed. In some states they have failed, but they will probably be introduced again.

As one state legislator in Michigan said, this is not about Democrats and Republicans or the new president. He said he was himself a Democrat and had begun pushing for this resolution in Michigan when George Bush was still in office.

Given the breadth of this movement, things are definitely fluid right now…
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It’s hard to gauge the depth of the sentiment against what has become a swollen national government. Something has to give, and I don’t think it will be the individual states. Their currently elected national senators and congressmen have to face the folks back home at some point, and that face-off will tell us where this movement will be going.

This is the most serious fragmenting of our common union since the 1850’s. Here in the beginning of the 21st century, the fissures are more diffuse. They spread beyond party politics to a sense that the federal government in Washington has become corrupt. One has only to look at the top appointed officers in the present administration (and in administrations before it) to see the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street.

Those on the left will claim this is a secessionist movement. In fact, some already have. However, I would propose that given the downward spiraling economy, the growing tent cities of homeless in some of our big cities, massive immigration, and our troubled relationships with foreign countries, we are headed into a perfect storm of unpredictable chaos.

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  1. The Federal government needs a strong reminder that it is a creation and an agent of the States; not the other way around. And all government – Federal, State, and local – should be reminded they derive their just powers from the CONSENT of the GOVERNED.

  2. Could you please provide me or direct me to a link that names the thirty three states who are moving on this issue – Thanks.

  3. This is an excellent time to read the Sienkiewicz trilogy about the 17th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The parallels between Poland then and the USA now are disquieting. Both governments were constitutional in nature; therefore both had politicans, for good and bad; both contained diverse populations, some not 100% loyal to their country. Finally, both were militarily powerful but inwardly brittle.

    I don’t have good feelings about our future.

    On a bright note, Sienkiewicz used the printed word to accomplish what Hollwood might be able to pull off with a $500 million production budget. You are there, starting from page 1.

  4. I can’t say how glad i am to see that there are still people left in the world that thinks freedom from oppression is important. Here in Europe they are most likely going to legislate restrictions against internet. Meaning, it could be possible that i would not be able to see gatesofvienna anymore in the future for example. To me it feels like politicians in Eruope think that brave american soldiers who fought and died for Europe ~65-70 years ago did it for nothing sadly… but maybe one day citizens here in Europe will realize the sanctity of freedom before it’s too late.

  5. Dymphna, Not to get too picky, but our Governor is Rick Perry, with a ‘P’.

    Beyond that, I’m totally thrilled to hear our own native sons tell those useless lefty nitwits in the Obama administration to Shove It.

    Personally, I think we here in Texas should just go ahead and secede… cut the cord, so to speak. We don’t need the lefty fruit loops in any way.

  6. Only one thing to say to all that..


    He could have said, it’s spelt TEXAS not TAXES, but maybe that would have been a cheap shot.

    Now, if only we could have one EU country pull the same sort of thing.?

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