Another Report from the Danish MSM

Here’s another report on the IFPS cyber-attack from the Danish MSM, this one in English from the Copenhagen Post. Notice that it says that 300 copies were sold during the outage. I knew that sales had picked up, but I didn’t know they were that good:

Denmark: Free Speech Website Hacked for Selling Mohammed Cartoons

More than 300 people have purchased the controversial ‘Turban Bomb’ cartoon despite the seller’s website being cyber-hacked

The website of the International Free Press Society (IFPS) has been hacked one day after it began selling signed prints of one of the infamous Mohammed cartoons to raise funds for free speech.

The IFPS was set up by the Danish Free Press Society at the start of 2009 to promote free speech worldwide. To raise funds for its activities, it began selling 1,000 prints of the Kurt Westergaard cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.

The cyber attack forced the closure of the IFPS website early on 9 April, preventing the organisation from selling its prints temporarily. The organisation has now launched a temporary site at to handle orders. ‘This was an attack against IFPS as an organisation and against our mission to support freedom of expression worldwide. Happily it had the effect of increasing support for our activities as the word spread that we were being threatened,’ said Lars Hedegaard, president of the IFPS.

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Hedegaard said that orders for the $250 prints had been coming in from around the world, including countries such as the US, Germany, Bulgaria and Hong Kong.

While the original website was offline, demand for orders greatly increased at the Danish headquarters of the IFPS via phone, email and fax, with more than 300 copies being ordered during the website outage.

The cartoon originally appeared with 11 others in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten during 2005 and caused outrage in the Muslim world. Westergaard had to go into hiding for more than a year with police protection after a murder plot against him emerged.

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5 thoughts on “Another Report from the Danish MSM

  1. I would buy several of these if I had the funds. Being married, with two teenage children, I just do not have the funds. Glad to see them up and running again. The fact that the IFPS site was hacked is testimony to the fact that the musses hate this motoon and with good reason. It is a perfect portrayal of the pervert muhammed and all the violence and evil that he and islam stand for. Keep it up, and there are many reasons to fight the suppression of freedom of speech. islam hates any kind of freedom, free speech or individual freedom of thought.

  2. I would buy several of these if I had the funds.Like so much else in life, this is the art of what’s possible. Raising our children is important, as they will carry on our culture and help clean up the mess we’re headed into. I expect my son to take part in that. Theoretically I could read and write much more if I didn’t spend as much time setting up kites and building Lego, but that would be the wrong priority on several levels.

    The desire to do something useful tends to lead me to useful situations I had not imagined, where a small effort gives a big result.

  3. This is the biggest insult of our times.

    Those cartoons are too cheap to be a valuable asset for our Saudi kings.

    Sorry, but i feel sorry.

  4. I only have a small pension to live for or else I would have bought one myself. I’m glad however that they are so popular and I truly hope that this annoys the islamists.

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