Tax Day Tea Party

We’ve been missing in action most of the day because we were at the Charlottesville Tea Party. After the speeches there was a march on Rep. Periello’s office, and then we went to a restaurant and drank a few beers with the Libertarians (or rather, I did — Dymphna had coffee). So we just now got home.

The weather was horrible: rainy, windy, and very cold. Even so, there was a good turnout at the Pavilion — about 1,500 people bundled up against the cold, most carrying signs and/or wearing tea party paraphernalia. There were families with children, young people, middle-aged people, and geezers like me.

We made our own sign for the occasion, and it was the only one of its kind. Both of us took photos, and I’ll try to post some of them tomorrow.

Care for some tea?

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10 thoughts on “Tax Day Tea Party

  1. Just got home from the NYC tea party. The crowd was huge and our voice was deafening. There was a woman standing next to me. She looked like someone’s grandmother, and at several times she had to sit down to rest. God bless her for coming out today. Someone that DHS wants to brand an enemy of the people…..WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

  2. chefmojo —

    Ho! Sorry we missed you!

    Thanks for a great photo set. It’s much better than ours.

    And it reminds me that the sun came out briefly, early in the proceedings. That fact had faded from my memory, due to the several hours of cold wind and rain that followed it.

  3. Was at the Tea Party in Bend, Oregon and regrettably my camera batteries fritzed out. Quite a large turnout for this area in central Oregon. Enjoyed a few brews with various people, from all walks of life. What I did notice was the large number of those folks who HAD voted for the mullah obamaham and were now regretting it. We had really nice weather and this is something to build on whether the gov’t likes it or not.

  4. I went to to one in my state. Weather was great and the turn out pretty good (200) considering I live in a liberal hotbed. No sign or pictures but I did tie a bunch of tea bags to my cars antenna. Of course we were just a blurb with one picture and zero interviews in our “Big” local paper. The sad part is that there were only about two people under the age of 35. Sigh.

  5. Went to the Tea Party in Happauge NY. About 300 people turned out.
    What was amazing was the overwhelming response by cars driving by. People stopping traffic, honking like crazy!
    Here in NY I think the ire should be directed toward the State and local gov’ts. We are being clobbered by state and local taxes with no end in sight. Yes, the Feds are sending our country down the toilet, but we in NY are barely keeping our heads above water in the bowl right now!

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