Who Owns the Streets?

El Inglés has written about the near inevitability of civil war in Europe, with a particular focus on Denmark. Recent events suggest that the prodromal stage of the coming conflict is already in progress.

The early phase seems to be the violent conflict between Danish Hells Angels and various immigrant gangs. Both the natives and the newcomers are recruiting new members so rapidly that the police are unable to monitor them.

Here’s the latest incident as reported in Politiken. Not surprisingly, it occurred in Nørrebro:

Denmark: Two Police Officers Wounded

Two police officers are reported to have been attacked and wounded in Nørrebro.

According to initial reports, two police officers have been wounded in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen after a man attacked them with a knife and sword.

The condition of the two officers is not yet clear.

First reports speak of the two officers and an adversary having been wounded, with the adversary having been shot.

The Jagtvej road in Copenhagen has been closed off, and politiken.dk understands that the incident took place on Kronborggade street.

The article doesn’t mention the ethnicity of the assailant, but in addition to harboring numerous Autonomer, Nørrebro is notorious for having an abundance of “cultural enrichment”.

Esther at Islam in Europe has compiled a summary of the escalating violence in the Danish gang war:

Denmark: Fear of ethnic riots

With forty shootings and three dead, the gang-war in Copenhagen is causing concerns that it would escalate into ethnic riots.

MS-NBC published a report on the gang wars. Politiken reports on the government’s anti-gang package, which includes deportation of criminal immigrants. The shootings have meanwhile forced the closure of a library, culture center and sports hall on Blågårdsgade (Blågård street), and stopped deliveries by a meal-on-wheels company (see here and here )

In the past, btw, immigrant gang Black Cobras stopped riots, noting that it’s bad for business. Riots brought in the police, who conducted more thorough searches.

Below I’ve summarized several articles on this subject. Big h/t to Snaphanen, who provided me with articles.

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Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende reports that Copenhagen is on its way to becoming an American city. A survey of 1,016 residents conducts by Gallup shows that 60% of the residents say that there are places in the city where they wouldn’t go. 48% of the women changed their behavior due to the gang-war.

Copenhagen police spokesperson Flemming Steen Munch says that people have nothing to fear and should just call the police is they see anything unusual.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Ekstra Bladet spoke with two immigrant gang members, who preferred to be called ‘freelance gangsters’. After being frisked and deprived of their cell-phones, the two journalists were driven to a ‘safe place’.

Asked when the war would stop, one gang member answered that it won’t stop, as the lines have been crossed long ago. In the past there was a rule not to shoot women and children, but that’s gone since the bikers now shoot children playing in the street. For any one of ‘theirs’ that the bikers shoot, they’ll shoot two. It’s sad for those who are injured by mistake, he admits, but if they go out to places where the bikers hang out — they put themselves in the line of fire.

– – – – – – – –

Asked what the war was about, he answers that it’s not about drugs or power like the media portrays. They joined the fight because the AK-81s shot innocents and they don’t want a mother crying over her lost son.

It’s not a race-war, they say, it’s only against the bikers. And when asked what the police can do, the freelancer answers that they can do nothing and that soon they’ll shoot the police too. The police helps the bikers. They know that from their own sources in the police. It’s clear that the state is on the biker’s side and the new anti-gang regulations are directed at the immigrants.

They frisk people in Nørrebro only for the sake of their family’s security.

What about dialog or peace talks? The gang-member rejects the idea of sitting with the head of Hell’s Angels and talking over a cup of tea.

In response the police denies that they favor the bikers, and say they come down just as hard on both sides. The police union, meanwhile, wants bullet-proof vests.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Deputy police inspector Lars Nicolai Jensen of the Copenhagen Police fears that the gang wars could escalate into ethnic riots, if people start seeing the gang-wars as race-riots.

The gang war gives the appearance of a battle between ethnic Danes (Hell’s Angels and AK 81) against the immigrants. This could bring people to take sides, and to get caught up in the ‘them vs. us’ atmosphere.

Eline Feldman, of the Copenhagen TaskForce Integration said that both sides have sent out SMS messages to their followers warning that ‘they’re after all black-haired people’ and ‘they will kill all Whites’.

However, Lars Nicolai Jensen says that the gang-wars have not yet got to a point where there’s anger against all White Danes or against all immigrants.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In Blågård School, in Nørrebro, the students feel they’re being judged unfairly. Berlingske Tidende spoke with several 9th graders, who said that just like not all Whites are bikers, not all immigrants are gang-members. Their older brothers are stopped and searched by the police, their parents don’t let go out after dark, and the regular citizens look at them carefully.

Many feel that society is blaming the immigrants for the shootings, even if they themselves oppose the conflict, as can be seen from the government’s plan to deport criminal immigrants. “It’s just a piece of paper. It doesn’t mean tha tone feels Danish. We were born and raised here, this is our home. Both parties should be punished just as harshly,” says one boy, and a girl adds that she feels her life is worth less, since she’s not an ethnic Dane. “It’s more serious when it’s Danes who are shot than when it’s immigrants. So I feel that we don’t mean as much,” says says.

Esther includes several more reports; visit Islam in Europe to read the rest.

Some of the experts cited in her summary do not believe that the situation will escalate to the level of civil war. But the trendlines are ominous, especially when considered within the entire European context, with similar situations developing in the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

This will not end well.

Hat tips: Tuan Jim and Steen.

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  1. vikings, please note that i am available for ethnic-cleansing consultancy work at short notice. my rates are very reasonable, and my presentations are fun for all the family, including small children.

  2. Well, my shortlist of candidates for a civil war has long been Britain (England in particular), Denmark and Holland. Sweden and Norway are worse than Denmark, but here people don’t fight back, at least not yet. Ditto for France, and maybe Belgium. Germany is too hampered by her history to start anything just yet.

  3. The two policemen who were wounded last night, were attacked by an ethnic danish ex-soldier who apparently suffered from mental problems. The mentally ill ex-soldier was shot and killed by the policemen. It’s a tragic story and has nothing to do with the gangwar.

  4. This will not end well.

    It won’t be pretty if that’s what you mean, but not ending well? How about bad immigrants expelled, good immigrants integrated, western society restored to its rightfull primacy by the direct actions of citizens reaffirming their sovreignty. Thats a damn fine end even if the process is ugly. Denmark, being less infiltrated or dhimmified is a great place to start since direct confrontation strongly favors the forces of civilization.

    They’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it any more. How’s that for a cosmic irony, the Hell’s Angels are the last defenders of civilization – very Road Warrior. They’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it any more.

  5. Fellow P. —

    I mean that there will be blood.

    Some of it will be the blood of ordinary people of [choose your European ethnicity] background, and more than a few of them will die. These will be people who mean well, who haven’t harmed anyone, who have lived their lives according to what they thought was right.

    In 50 years things might look OK. But for now, for the eggs who will have to break in order to make that omelette:


  6. From EU Referendum

    Turning to the Moslem demonstration in Luton yesterday, not a few people are asking why it is that arrests were made, but the Muslims – who were clearly inflammatory – not only enjoyed police protection, but walked away Scot-free.

    Small injustices make a big difference, because they affect people on a personal level – a level that relates to them. Add them all up and you change the mood of the country. Then, all it takes is a spark.


    Judging from the crowd reaction (pictured), these “sick Muslims” are lucky to be alive (Too right). We’ve heard of suicide bombers, but this is a new one – suicide demonstrators? (You bet- these Muslims were takung a huge risk. It was lucky for them that the police were there to protect them)

    PS: Those soldiers did not look too pleased either.

    It is not going to end well

    It is important that Muslims are given plenty of freedom, for if they are suppressed, they will simply bend with the wind, but the demographic Jihad will continue. Therefore plenty of rope has to be given, lots and lots of it, for that necessity of removal of Islam from Western shores becomes a political reality.

    Islam has to get a huge shock for Muslims to start the process of modernising Islam. Unlikely as this maybe, modernisation will not happen as long as the Islamic world can parasatise off the West.

    In a way, removal from the West and having to rely on their own resources, could be the best thing that can happen to Islam and Muslims. Islam has to grow up – it cannot continue to behave like a spoilt child, continuously throwing temper tantrums at the slightest imagined “provocation”. And as with an individual, self-reliance is the quickest way to adulthood.

  7. DP111 is right in theory if Islam has the capability of “growing up”. There seems to be no sign of that for the past several centuries. There are 51 Muslim backwaters on this planet, and none are so unhappy with their primitive standard of living that it inspires them to build anything better. Instead, they are inspired to envy and hatred of those better off and the plan appears to be attacking non-Muslim states to drag them down into the caves instead of building oneself up. Palestine is of course the most obvious laboratory for this attitude.

    Even the oil rich Muslim states with a better standard of living DESPITE their religion rather than because of it are choosing to export the most virulent form of Islamism to make trouble in Western states.

    The Arab mind and the religion it invented are not introspective, but externalise all their problems onto non-Muslims.

    At any rate, from the West’s point of view, they need to be packed off back to their Muslim states to do their mischief on each other.

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