Peace for All

We just received an interesting email from someone called “Rock City Funk Crew”, who was reacting to (of all things) my post from more than two years ago speculating on what the true number of Muslims in Europe might be. Here’s what he/she/it said:

i was on ur page
i found it very misleading
i have 1 thing to say to you and remember this ISLAM WILL RULE THE WORLD whether you like it or not
the truth will always hurt people just like they blamed islam on 911 only to turn people against Islam
but that didn’t work islam it started to grow even more
also i see you support Israel that’s just great tells me enough about you shame on you
thats all
peace never was and never will be in the lands of Arabia because of ppl like you

anyway peace for all

Just for the heck of it, I did a brief internet investigation of Rock City Funk Crew.
– – – – – – – –
It seems to be an Australian hip hop crew, and is listed variously as a “graff crew” in Sydney or in Melbourne, depending on which sources you believe.

Some of our readers are from Melbournistan. Does anybody know anything more about Rock City Funk? Are they Lebanese, African, Pakistani, white Australian converts, or what?

6 thoughts on “Peace for All

  1. There’s nothing quite like a rational, reasoned argument backed up by facts and logic, is there?

    When doing some YouTube research for a recent post I found this channel from ‘Nahda’, which purports to be a Muslim-Australian youth group commenting on ‘Islam’s Greatest Battles’.

    A connection, perhaps?

  2. “Muslims are the unholy offspring of pigs and monkeys.”

    You forget the dogs, Homophobic Horse.

    Outlaw Mike/Union of Socialist Soviet Repooplicks of Belgistan

  3. Living in Melbournistan, I’d suggest that they’re lebs.

    They really are one of the more charming segments of the ethnic population here.

  4. Ah yes, the wisdom of the high school drop out. This guy (excuse me, most likely kid) parrot only what they hear. An original thought is alien to them. He probably came across GOV between Porn and Hip-Hop sites.

  5. Just in case the little dipwad checks back in to this thread:

    No, sonny. Islam has NO CHANCE of ruling the world.

    Islam is a really, really bad joke played on you “true believers” by that mischief-maker Mohammed. What you guys don’t get (and the rest of us DO) is that they’re ALL “Satanic Verses”. Not just the one little one about the three goddesses that Mohammed admitted to. Mohammed was duped by Satan THROUGHOUT all those “revelations”.

    You poor Muslims have followed a fake prophet for 1400 years! The joke’s on YOU!!

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