Burning the Hijab

Remember the bra-burnings back in the 1960s? Well, that’s so 20th-century!

As a symbol of her liberation, the modern woman burns her hijab.

At least that’s what a Norwegian ex-Muslim did today to celebrate International Women’s Day. Her name is Sarah Azmeh Rasmussen, and here’s the video of her transgressive act:

I’m certain that modern feminists — wedded as they are to the Left and its unholy alliance with radical Islam — would not approve of such “insensitive” and “discriminatory” tactics.

Here’s what the blurb for the video says about the event:
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Sarah Azmeh Rasmussen, a Norwegian lesbian ex-Muslim of Syrian origin burns a hijab in March 2009 on International Women’s Day to protest against repression of women in Islam.


After the official ceremony marking International Womens Day in Oslo, Sara Azmeh Rasmussen burned a hijab in front of the crowd. The burning was announced beforehand in the media by Rasmussen. Although she was hit in the head with a snowball, she said she had been expecting much worse.

Hat tip: Steen, via TB.

10 thoughts on “Burning the Hijab

  1. While protestation against Islam is needed, I do not support or agree with this act comitted by a liberal lesbian, who has abandoned Islam, yes, but not for the reasons I believe but for inordinate depraved lusts.This is just then another form or expression of the depraved liberalism that is just as much a danger and nuisance as Islam. I think if I support this particular expression of protest, coming from this particular person I would be joining the liberals I detest so very much, those who also attack my valued tradition. I think certain attacks against Islam are also attacks against the general stance that many anti islamists hold dear. I do not align myself with such people.

  2. I do. Freedom is freedom. It means nothing if its only for people you like. The issue is the Islamic imposition of their values and consequent destruction of freedoms for all of us. I long for the day when we can debate the trivialities of innate sexual preferences as an important societal concern. But whether you accept homosexuality or you do not, the idea of systemic murder of homosexuals is anathema. It must must must not be tolerated.

  3. Sebastian, I would remind you of the dark wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, who wanted to transcend the intense factionalism and internecine quarreling that threatened to sunder our fragile attempts to break free of English rule. I paraphrase:

    We must all hang together, gentlemen, or I assure you we shall all hang separately.

    Sadly, your comment has much in common with the Islamic puritan point of view…

  4. More succesful lesbi-action [oh, sorry, am I a “puritan” too?] in London:

    UK: Iranian Communist Rally a Smashing Success

    If you read about an “Anti-Sharia” March in London today, and thought, “Great! Finally something is being done to end the madness in Britain!”, think again.

    Maryam Namazie — Secretary of the International Relations Cmmittee of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran [ حزب کمونیست کارگری ایران], Politiburo member, and organizer of this rally — wants all religion and all nations abolished under a Communist-led One World Government.

    She also, in accordance with the Communist Manifesto, wants an end to normal families, the promotion of queerness in all schools, etc. etc. etc.


  5. What makes the author think “modern feminists” would disapprove of this behavior?
    Feminists the world over, US, France, Germany, Netherlands, were the first and for a long time (70s, 80s well into the 90s – actually up to 9/11) to firmly criticize Islamic fundamentalism, and warn an ideology treating women, homosexuals and “disbelievers” like subhumans will soon aspire world power and resort to violence not only against this group, but against everyone who does not conform.
    The people you are talking about are leftist relativists and multiculturalists.

  6. I wonder if the UN has it’s way with it’s new anti-blasphemy laws would this courageous woman (and courageous she is considering what happens to others who upset fundamentalists) be now off to jail for anti-muslim crimes?

  7. Lesbian or not…so WHAT? This woman has the COURAGE to defy the 7th century Arab fascism, so kudos to her! Now next stage is to burn the koran !

    (Mohammedans love burning things, so just give them back their own medicine!) Islam is like a school bully. It won’t stop until it gets an opposition STRONGER and more daring than itself. So Face up to the bully, and intimidate him into rejection of Arab desert fascism.

    Be kind to a muslim today, free him/her from islam!

  8. @dina–

    The people you are talking about are leftist relativists and multiculturalists.

    Those are the same people who have the megaphone in the MSM and control graduate school admissions in academia. So their p.o.v. has dominated the conversation for a long time.

    Ask Larry Summers what the Harvard feminists did to him for coloring oustide the lines? Actually, he merely suggested we try considering what it might be like to color outside the lines.

    So you have journalism fems and academical fems, but the gap between their rhetoric and the daily lives of most women is a huge chasm.

  9. Kamal Pasha Ataturk became known as the ‘Remover of the Veil”. Symbolically it meant giving Muslim women their Freedom. Now it looks like the Turks are trying to place the veil bak into position.

    In such a scenario, it is heart warming to a lady to stand up and burn an itel which reflects Islam knowing fully well that she will be targetted by the maniacs all over the Muslim world. However, let us hope and pray that more and more Muslim women will take up the gaunlet and follow the act of this lady and put the maniacs in their place. It will take time but this incident if given more prominence could lead to a groundswell in much more liberal countries until it enters Arabia and wipes out the evil against women once and for all.

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