Wilders: “Strong Resistance”

Free Geert!

Here’s the latest news on Geert Wilders from yesterday’s Spits Nieuws, as translated by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan:

Wilders announces strong resistance

Politician Geert Wilders will do anything to prevent the public prosecution can have him trailed for discriminatory statements. “I’m very angry and warlike.”


So said the PVV leader in an explanation of his decision to appeal to the Supreme Court. The member of parliament wants to have the decision to prosecute him there annulled. “I may be on trial, but what matters is freedom of speech. That outweighs everything.” Wilders disliked the “terrible and unjust” decision of the Amsterdam court to prosecute him. “The court actually issued a verdict without a trial. The judge has only to stamp his approval on it.”


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The court found Wilders’ statements about Islam and Muslims have ‘a probable assumption of guilt”. The court not only decided its opinion based on the actual statements, but also on their method of presentation. Wilders did so fiercely, with never-ending repetitions and formulated his statements with radical meaning. The PVV leader believes that the court made an inexcusable mistake by making subjective judgments about his statements. According to him it should judge marginally.


The member of parliament hired lawyer Bram Moszkowicz to fight the court’s decision. Wilders said he wanted to have “one of the best lawyers in the country” on his side in this very important case. He declined to say how much he has to pay Moskowicz. The member of parliament pays for it partly with donations received from private citizens inside and outside the country. “One shouldn’t think in tons of money, but altogether it does add up”. Apart from this fund he has legal insurance which will pay for some of the costs.

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5 thoughts on “Wilders: “Strong Resistance”

  1. Also worth noting that he’s being charged under an article that didn’t exist (in its current form) when he released ‘Fitna’. It was changed with the intention of getting Geert, and was passed as late as the day before the case against him was announced.

  2. Interesting. That’s pretty messed up.

    Indonesia has actually had some similar issues – the other way around – in which terror suspects couldn’t receive the death penalty for certain crimes (not the Bali bombers) because the bill wasn’t passed until after they had been arrested.

  3. I do hope Geert will prevail , although it looks gloomy.

    On the other hand that same law about insulting religions was to be changed in Norway so no one could say a bad word about the religion of peace.

    Again by a bunch of lefties (SV) that prolly visited Saudi Arabia last year and heard the call to defend Allah , THANK GOD / ALLAH the majority of Norwegians are opposed to such restrictions and the SV dropped the plan , a small victory in the battle for freedom of speech.

  4. I fell in love with a commentator on jihadwatch who wrote that Geert should declare himself at the court to be Rasoolallah – the messenger of god and see how they could handle it.
    They would not!

    A win-win situation, either they would sentence him as “messenger of god” decapitating indirectly old Mo or they would set him free stating indirectly anybody can claim that nonsense incl. Mohammad Mohammad Domesticus Linée and get full protection.

  5. It looks like the Europian social-democracy should be defined as a soft totalitarism that paves road to the hard-core totalitarism of islam because of innate self-destruction traits and blinding political correctness

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