We’ll Just Take the Cute Ones, Thanks

Everyone knows what happens to a litter of puppies at the animal shelter: the cute, friendly, affectionate, and robust pups are adopted first, and the ugly, ill-looking, strange, and bad-tempered ones are left behind. If they never find a willing owner, they eventually have to be put down.

That’s the situation the United States finds itself in vis-à-vis the prisoners being held at the Guantánamo naval base in Cuba. President Obama has declared that, by golly, he will definitely close down the notorious sinkhole of depravity and torture! But now he faces the problem of what to do with all those puppies, so he’s asked the Europeans to help.

The problem is that there aren’t very many cute puppies left, and the Europeans say they will only take cute puppies — that is, prisoners who aren’t a security risk.

Now, think for a minute: why would any prisoner still be at Gitmo if he weren’t a security risk? Do the Euro-snots really believe that we are keeping those poor innocent multicultural fellows there just for the pleasure of waterboarding them?

According to AKI:

EU: Parliament Calls for Ex-Guantanamo Detainees to be Resettled

Strasbourg, 4 Feb. (AKI) — The European parliament has endorsed President Barack Obama’s decision to close the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and called on member states to accept detainees for resettlement.

Last week European Union foreign ministers said they wanted to help on humanitarian grounds, but would not respond until the US could show that the prisoners were not a security risk.

The European parliament on Wednesday adopted a resolution welcoming Obama’s decision to close the prison within a year saying that the US bore the prime responsibility for the future of the detainees held there. [emphasis added]

In other words: “They’re your puppies. You deal with them.”

And those puppies have been cruelly, cruelly treated at the Gitmo Pound:
– – – – – – – –

“The inmates have been denied their fundamental human rights, notably the right of fair trial, and have been subjected to harsh interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, which amount to torture and cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment,” the resolution noted.

What should be done with these poor creatures?

“Those who are not to be charged and cannot be repatriated — (due to the) real risk of torture or persecution in his home country — should be given the opportunity to be admitted to the United States and afforded redress.”

Hmm. What does “redress” mean? Presumably it means that we should buy each of them a house and a car and pay them a stipend and find them a job, all to make up for the cruel racist Islamophobic treatment they have been subjected to at the hands of our sadistic military.

But the EU still may accept some of the refugees. Presumably those lucky ones will become “asylum-seekers”, and be accorded all the benefits that asylum-seekers enjoy in most European countries:

However the parliament called on member states to “be prepared” to accept Guantanamo inmates. The resolution was endorsed with 542 in favour, 55 against and 51 abstentions.

“MEPs also call on the member states, should the United States administration so request, to cooperate in finding solutions, to be prepared to accept Guantanamo inmates in the EU,” it said.

“Member states have a duty of loyal cooperation to consult each other on possible repercussions on public security throughout the EU,” the resolution said.


Many of the prisoners have been held for years without trial and the US wants to try about 80 of the prisoners on terrorism charges.

Fifty other Guantanamo detainees have been cleared of charges but cannot be returned to their home countries as there are fears they could be persecuted there.

I’d be willing to bet that very few Guantánamo guests will end up in Europe. Most of them will probably be shipped discreetly to various correctional institutions in the United States, presumably within congressional districts whose representatives owe the Messiah a favor.

Obama doesn’t want a Willie Horton moment in the midst of his re-election campaign. Watch for those poor abused Al Qaeda puppies to disappear quietly into the bowels of the American criminal justice system, with very little attention paid by a compliant MSM.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

19 thoughts on “We’ll Just Take the Cute Ones, Thanks

  1. I have just heard these news on the radio. I’m European and I’m furious at the crazyiness of our leaders. Do they really want to get any of these guys into Europe? When did those Muslims became more important for them than the security of their own people? It’s such a crazy World we are living in!

  2. First of all, great article and thank you. Secondly, a year is a ways off yet. My money is on a series of extensions to the closure due to ‘new information’ or increased risk. My guess is, Guantanamo will not close one day earlier than Bush would have closed it.

  3. I guess in retrospect it was a mistake to ever bring those people there. Many of them are on the ‘wanted’ list of their respective government, and would appropriately have been handed over to them.

    Guantanamo became a huge distraction from what we set out to do and to achieve. Didn’t work well.

  4. “Do the Euro-snots really believe that we are keeping those poor innocent multicultural fellows there just for the pleasure of waterboarding them?”

    I thought it was so. At least it was what our governors implied, both Nationanally and at the E.U.

    However I’ve read articles claiming that Portugal “is eager to work with the Obama administration” and that it is “one of the most vocal countries” about recieving the detainees.

    Let’s see what happens.

  5. Unfortunately my country Al-Swedistan will be more than happy to welcome those ugly puppies and one of those parlamentarians who addressed this idea to start with is Birgitta Ohlsson from Fp (the liberals) and she looks like this. She is also one of the many traitors that approved the snoop-law last summer.


  6. Drop them in Mekka – it is a holy place – they can make hajj or not?
    The rest is the beauty of inshalla.

    (An inner matter of muslim states/sharia justice/lot of scholars).

  7. @Afonso

    While my comment was a bit tongue in cheek, I’m one of the ones that believe that none of these terrorists should have ever made it out of the country they were captured in. They don’t wear a uniform and they aren’t in a national army and they’re not civilians.

    No, I don’t believe we should take them out back and shoot them, but I do believe that we put ourselves in this position when we brought them to Gitmo.

  8. Euro-snots

    It’s fine to criticise Europeans and European leaders if you want to, but please, leave the schoolyard name-calling for another day…

  9. Craig —

    Too bad, buddy. In the four and a half years I’ve been blogging here, I’ve taken my share of nasty anti-American insults from Europeans. I’ve paid my dues, so I’m entitled to a bit of anti-European invective from time to time.

    Besides — everybody who reads GoV regularly knows that I’m not anti-European. I’ve met enough regular European people in the last few years to know that I have no problem with them. Some of my best friends are Europeans!

    My insults are directed solely at the elites, especially in the EU. The politicians, the academics, the leaders, the movers and shakers, the self-appointed moralizers who insult Americans as easily as breathing.

    A pox on ’em!

  10. Ah ah, snots…
    I went to check it out in a dictionary… snots… bourriers… macacos… eh eh

    Bron, please feel also free to insult the average Europeans, the ones responsible for the elites govern throughout Europe.
    And remember that when Europeans – media or average people – speak of America they also target the average Joe…

    nice then. I *have* to be neutral on this. America has all the right in the world to do what you please to the people who have worked to destroy your country. Remember 9/11.

  11. Afonso,

    Bron, please feel also free to insult the average Europeans, the ones responsible for the elites govern throughout Europe.

    The Baron has already said that he doesn’t have an interest in insulting average Europeans — just the snot that dribbles out of one’s nose like Barroso.

  12. These men at Gitmo are terrorists who are not protected under the Geneva Convention in any shape or form. Their trials should continue and when they are found guilty, they should be strung up at Gitmo until their bones are picked clean. These terrorists do not even know the meaning of the word mercy and have not extended mercy to another living soul – finish them off…..people, quit being so soft. You do the crime, you swing, sweet chariot.

  13. The elites certainly deserves to get insulted. Before internet I was pretty prejudiced against americans as well. Something that changed fast when I got the opportunity to chat to some in online games at first and then in various chatrooms on Yahoo and Msn. Of course they still control MSM which is the main reason they managed to brainwash us into thinking americans are bad or stupid or whatever.

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