“It’s Almost Like Virgin Sacrifice”

This is a very disturbing video report about the systematic training of Palestinian children to be suicide-martyrs for the purpose of killing Jews.

Most of the aid that flows into “Palestine” is used for arms and military, equipment and the “education” of the children is focused totally on the destruction of Israel.

Parts of the report are in English, with French subtitles. During the Arabic-language sections the viewer will have to rely on the French (which is fairly easy to read):

At several points the Australian woman was so upset that it was hard to understand her, and I needed the French subtitles to determine exactly what she was saying.

Hat tip: IFPS.

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10 thoughts on ““It’s Almost Like Virgin Sacrifice”

  1. Islam is a vile, evil, death cult founded by Satan. To even consider a “moderate” Muslim to be somehow worthy of respect is a grave error of one’s mind and spirit. There can be no accommodation with such evil.

  2. Makes me want to send another pizza to the IDF.
    Get in a conversation with Menachem, the person the responds to your contribution. Find out what pizzaIDF does for the troops.
    I have seen so many videos like this that I am sick with it.

  3. I liked the last Jewish girl. She knows what happens.

    You can’t blame the Palestinians for being Palestinians…
    And it is not that disturbing when one understands that Palestinians are muslims and this is total war, more than that, holly war for muslims, especially Palestinians.

    Israel has to chose what territories it wants and get muslim free, multicultural free. I doubt they will do that.

  4. Barack Obama at National Prayer Breakfast on Feb 5th said: “There is no religion whose central tenet is hate. There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being.”

  5. It is not a “total war”. I have no problems to see or imagine how it could be a “total business” – and not so much just with the hiding supermarket of allah.

    Palestine is an industry.

    The money flows fine. OK?
    You are allowed to impress those who have hold of the money.

    You invest the money from Iran, Syria (not yours) during some “tragedy” and after you divert money to your pockets (EU,US, Iran, Syria etc.).

  6. Czechmade, as the Jewish girl said, the Palestinians don’t want Israelis there and will not stop untill they have Jews turned Dhimis or worse. To me, that is total war. It is more war than business. I cannot imagine Palestinians stop hating Jews.

  7. ….the Palestinians…some are simply loosing and cannot find propre words…when they find them, they do not say them in public…

    so who are “the Palestinians”…?

    lift the pressure and threats for one year, then we can discuss “the Palestinians”.

  8. Currently Palestinian Arabs make up 20% of the Population in Israel. Polls have shown that in vast majorities they like being in Israel and do not want to become citizens of Palestine.

    From all appearances the attitudinal difference between Israeli Palestinians and the terrorists comes down to hatred of the Jews, and a rejection of anything other than Muslim control of the holy land.

    The Arabs living in Israel would most likely be considered apostates by the Hamas-aligned Palestinians you see in this video. The only thing these Palestinians care about is turning their kids into smart-bombs so that they can someday enact genocide on the Jews and claim control over the dirt that the Al Aqsa mosque sits on.

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