Update on Wilders: Translations from the Dutch

Our Flemish correspondent VH just sent these translations. First, from Algemeen Dagblad:

Wilders denied access to Great Britain

Geert Wilders is denied access to Britain by the British government. Wilders was invited by a British parliamentarian to show the film Fitna.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen has expressed his displeasure with his British colleague Miliband. “Whether this is possible, is a decision of the House of Lords, but for another EU country to deny access to a Dutch parliamentarian is very unfortunate,” said Verhagen.

Verhagen made the news known via the Twitter micro blog service. On Twitter one could read that Verhagen had “called Mr. Miliband to express his dissatisfaction with the decision by London to deny Wilders access to the United Kingdom.”

And from DePers:
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Wilders will go to London anyway

PVV leader Geert Wilders is planning this Thursday to just go to Great Britain. He finds it “unimaginable” that the country refuses him access. “This is a sort of cowardice that exceeds all,” Wilders said Tuesday.

“I think I will go. We will see whether they will arrest me. I still have to think about it, but this is about freedom of expression. I’m actually invited by a Member of Parliament. This is really incredible and disproportionate,” said the Parliamentary member.

11 thoughts on “Update on Wilders: Translations from the Dutch

  1. No mention on the BBC – so no mention is likely in the rest of the media here either. They tend to toe the line on these things. Our media is so very parochial these days.

    It might make the news if he gets arrested. Otherwise, there won’t be a mention of it, which is daft. We’re talking about something completely unprecedented here. Wars have started over less.

  2. Welcome to the United British Emirates. I think Mr.Wilders is very smart to risk arrest as the media will HAVE to cover it. At least one would think. Just a thought. If they did actually arrest him he would have to be isolated. Can you imagine him in general population with all the Muslims? Yikes!

  3. When I read this, I was actually ashamed to be British. It’s been close before, but no piece of news has ever made me realise quite like this just what dire straits we are in.

    Yesterday it was widely reported that a Somali illegal immigrant, arrested with a false passport and facing deportation, was suing the Home Office for £100,000+ because his detention is ‘illegal’.

    If Wilders is arrested at Heathrow, proving we have immigration laws when we feel like it, may he sue the government under the Human Rights Act. That’s one pay out I’d be happy for my taxes to fund, but it should never have come to this.

  4. The dhimmitude of the chattering classes in Britain appears to be complete. Muslims are untouchable even when caught breaking the law while law-abiding European citizens are persona non grata for criticizing said Muslims.

    Long before the colonists have the numbers, while they are still a minority, they dictate their terms, all of which are met. I don’t think any people in the history of mankind has co-operated in their own takeover to such an extent, not even the French collaborators with the invading Nazis.

    Sometimes I think I’m reading fiction or dreaming that it has come to this so quickly, but the nightmare never ends.

  5. This is like the Soviet Union playing out itself once again. Media in line, most citizens unaware and trusting their government, and by implication assuming that Wilders is somehow evil, enemy of the working class or whatever.

    If the government doesn’t turn around on this, it needs to be flushed to the sewer.

  6. Henrik,
    how did you measure the degree of trust in sov. union?

    The “trust” was generated by KGB officers sneeking everywhere?

    In those days you distrusted and disappeared. Simple.

    This is much worse, no Gulag threat!

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