Choosing One’s Enemies

Ah, Geert, you picked the wrong group of Semites to insult. If only you’d recommended gassing the Jews instead of banning the Koran, you could have got off with a slap on the wrist and a chump-change fine.

According to NIS News:

Chanting “Gas the Jews”: 30 Hours of Community Service

UTRECHT, 07/02/09 – A court in Utrecht convicted two men on Friday for chanting the slogan ‘Gas the Jews’ (Joden aan het gas).

The 30-year-old Ibrahim I. was sentenced to 30 hours of community service plus a suspended three-week prison sentence. The 25-year-old Mohamed B. was fined 400 euros.

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Both men attended a demonstration in Utrecht on 15 January. Policemen in civilian clothing saw them join in the chanting of ‘Hamas, Hamas! Gas the Jews!’. The court called the slogan “unnecessarily hurtful and offensive for an entire population group”.

Mohamed B. claimed that he regretted joining in the chant. Ibrahim I., who denied the charge, was one of the leading figures involved in stirring up the demonstration. Ibrahim I. was convicted repeatedly in the past for insulting policemen.

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5 thoughts on “Choosing One’s Enemies

  1. I would sentence him to chanting 30 hours “gas Ibrahim I.” and then deporting him.

    Note this is soft ethnic cleansing and it works.

    Let them engage in self-cleansing only.

  2. The 30-year-old Ibrahim I. was sentenced to 30 hours of community service plus a suspended three-week prison sentence.

    Far be it from the ever-sensitive Dutch to have Ibrahim’s community service rendered at a communal pig farm or something appropriately punitive.

    Anyone betting that a similar sentence of community service awaits Geert Wilders?


  3. The most interesting thing will be if Geert gets anything remotely resembling a trial at all. Ever see the Chicago 8 conspiracy trial? Chances are they will never give him the opportunity to make his case. They will claim its a separate issue and railroad him. There is no way they can let him be found not guilty based on the accuracy of his claims. Truth, will neither be allowed as a defense and will be prevented from entering the court room as irrelevant.

  4. Well Vlad – I certainly hope you are incorrect. I happen to believe that the judicial system of the Netherlands will be put on trial rather than Mr. Wilders if his representation is good.
    I hope for an outcome like that in Canada for Mr’s Steyn and Levant.
    There is no reasonable theory for convicting Mr. Wilders.
    The world is watching and that ain’t good for the judges,heh!

  5. Poor judges – they will be judged.
    Let us start some charitable blog describing mockingly their trouble.

    There could be a cartoon of a judge trapped in the mouse trap with broken spine.

    The islamic cat telling him: “good job”.

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