Fjordman: The Decline of the English-Speaking World

Fjordman’s latest essay has been posted at The Brussels Journal. Some excerpts are below:

I will defend all Western countries but I feel especially close to Britain, which makes it all the more sad to see how humiliated this once-great nation currently is. The English language once conquered the world. Now the rest of the world is conquering the English-speaking countries. If current trends continue, people in Singapore will know English while the nation that created the English language will cease to exist. In my book Defeating Eurabia , I have a chapter about the situation in Britain. Since I’m already here I can again repeat that the book, which is available online as well in a printed version, can be republished for free online or in print and translated to other languages by anybody who wants to, as long as they do not represent a totalitarian ideology. I actively encourage people to do so.

It used to be said that trends that start in California today will be evident in the rest of the United States tomorrow. If this remains true, I guess that means that the United States will soon be a Third World entity. I see no reason to expect that this decline will stop under the administration of President Obama, who has for a generation been a member of an organization of anti-white Marxists dedicated to hating the majority population of the country. This only happens in white majority Western countries, since white people have been publicly demonized for so long that many of them believe that they deserve this kind of abuse.

Contrary to the absurd claims about “Eurocentrism,” Europeans are traditionally the least ethnocentric people on the planet, which is why we invented sciences such as archaeology because only we possessed the scholarly objectivity to do so. So we are the least ethnocentric peoples on Earth, yet the only ones constantly attacked for ethnocentrism.

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I could add that I don’t gloat over the plight of the United States. As indicated in my essay Barack Hussein Obama and the Triumph of Marxism , I was apparently one of few Europeans who didn’t support the election of Obama. I’m tired of seeing Europeans gloat over the fact that the USA is sinking, just as I am tired of seeing some Americans gloat over Europe’s decline. The entire Western world is currently in decline, not just in relative terms as a percentage of the global population or economy, but in real terms as functioning societies.

That being said, although all Western countries without exception are sinking under the weight of Third World mass immigration and in the process becoming a part of the Third World, they are not sinking equally fast. With the exception of France, Belgium and possibly the Netherlands and Sweden, the English-speaking world is leading the disintegration of the West, ideologically and demographically. The entire West is sick, but the Anglosphere is sicker than most. The English-speaking countries still have the most dynamic military traditions of the West, but that counts for little as long as they are used for promoting global Multiculturalism rather than for protecting the home country.

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4 thoughts on “Fjordman: The Decline of the English-Speaking World

  1. If your fail to teach your kids the necessity of self-defense and rational and instinctual methods for survival, first, and if you do not emphasize the positive strengths of your culture, you will lose out to any other group that still understands this core truth.

    Muslims do not denigrate their own sick culture.

    It has the health of a malign predator or growing tumor.

    The “immune system” of the West has been compromised by the multiculti fallacy.

    Unless this conceptual disease is reversed, the illness will succumb to the aggressive infection of imperialistic Islam.

  2. I am of the opinion that the US may split into socialist and conservative halves. The Democrats hard push for socialism is causing a lot of states to draft state legislation to try to regain their 9th and 10th Amendment sovereignty.

    Sovereignty Movement

  3. Here is my problem with Fjordman. He pushes the idea that “evil people” or bad ideas that somehow just magically appear out of the ether made the West sick.


    It was the demographic shifts of women. Women are mostly single, most of their lives. That explains PC, it explains the “duty to die” and the replacement of natives by “harder” Alpha, and non-White men.

    If you were a young woman, and could explain, it would make sense. You’re hot, you would like the most dominant man around, there’s no reason to compromise with stable but boring guys, and non-White guys are much preferable in every way to boring ordinary white guys who hassle you ever day and block the Alphas from approaching you. Why oh why won’t they just DIE? From a young woman’s perspective, it makes sense.

    It’s the “New Girl Order” to quote Kay Hymnowitz, with lots of “fabulous” shopping, “exciting” knowledge jobs in marketing or something, and no icky ordinary straight guys. Instead truly “fabulous” gay guys, a few dominant Alpha dreams, and lots of hip, happening non-Whites and non-Europeans.

  4. In reality the islamic Alpha boys are even weaker – totally dependent on the “no non-sense” prophet.

    The women might defeat them totally by demanding them mockingly to produce some Alpha brains.

    Alpha muslims would be hugging each other and crying like kids.

    At that point the reemerging Alpha whites would just have to order their potential womanfolk “do not pity them”.

    On the other hand the muslim Alpha man could be dessacrated by female compassion declaration. The insuing violence could prove the women wrong…

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